Life as a Game, Cool
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Life as a Game, Cool


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What is Life as a Game, Cool

Life as a Game, Cool is a popular web novel written by the author IAmGuavaFruit, covering ADVENTURE, FANTASY, GAMEELEMENTS, ISEKAI, LITRPG, SUPERNATURAL, DUNGEON, ANTIHEROMC, OPISHMC, PROGRESSION, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 10.6K readers . The novel is being serialized to 7 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Soo… Hello? Why am I doing this? Ugh… Anyway, name’s Sethsamm, no last name. Why you ask? Well… it all started with me waking up and having this holographic RPG-like window in front of me. Sounds like one of the many mangas’ I read, funny. So I got this window, then it explains that my life is now a video game. And then shit hits the hay… Starts up a bit slow, also a bit of wish fulfillment. Of course, there will be plot since I have a dislike for stories without plot, conflict, or even MC struggles. If you want to support me, here's the link to my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/IAmGuavaFruit

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As usual, shameful author update. Written during depression and a way to cope with it, expect dark themes and plot. ;lsdjsoidspdok-oksadcxvo


Hi! This is kera, an editor of the international writing contest SWA II. I believe your book has great potential, so I invited you to join in a week ago. Please reply to me so I can discuss this with you in detail.


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