Life's too Grime
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Life's too Grime


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What is Life's too Grime

Read Life's too Grime novel written by the author Xena_Draxil on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, covering r18, lgbt, hiddengem, rape, trauma. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Can something too humiliating bring two people closer? Tristan and Jennifer were brought together by chance only to be separated by circumstances or maybe due to the irresponsible decisions made in their youth. They yearned for each other, but nothing in the universe supported their desires. They chose to go on with their lives, or maybe not? In this world of filth, what actually is the price of true love? Is it humiliation? Is it trauma? Is it eternal suffering? What does one actually need to pay in order to be loved sincerely? Read on to find out........


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Heya! The author here, reviewing their very creation. I love it maybe because I wrote it or I wrote it because I love it. I hope I'll meet people who'll love it as I do. Do comment and vote for it if you start liking my creation!


The unholy scenes have unpurified me ohh nooo! No, actually, they were great. The narrating was REALLY good. Good work for pulling such a difficult way of story telling off, Author!


frickin'great! the horror element really blends with the scenes of the novel and the sexual scenes? hohohoho... read it and I promise you will not be disappointed


This novel is a very good reading material, if you like thrillers. I hope the dog and the boy will find each other and live a happy life far from these people(?)! [img=recommend]


So I read the book first of all the grammar is very well written and secondly, all the scenes are written in such a way that you feel you are with the characters in that scene. All in all the book is a sign of grammatical genius.


An interesting read, i like how the author brought about the chemistry between the characters and using the words to create a picture so visible, surely the sexual content grabs the reader's attention as each sentence flows to the next. A beautiful read.


This novel surely does have an interesting plot with a way of telling the tale! Good work Author, keep doing your hard work!................


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