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"You know life ain't fair, how come I live in this shithole starving and trying to survive while you live in a big house as if you were Michael Jackson and you come around here trying to be 'one of the homies?' How fucking dare you? You have everything and your doing your best so that you can have nothing. Your a fucking joke mate! Your a disgrace to your parents and your family." Day after day I live in a shithole like this. Some days I starve, some days I feel cold and some days I have my tears as dinner. But no longer! I won't stand for it! I won't stand for this inequality any longer! I will rise above you and get whatever I want with my own teo hands. A giant house, a luxurious sports car, a super model girlfriend and so much money that it warms me up at night when I sleep in my bed. (P.S This book is going to have some dark themes such as rape, drugs, school shootings and major racism. DO NOT READ IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT)


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