1 ~Runway Idol~

"Why is this even a problem?? Didn't we just clear all the issues with the accuser?", questioned the guy who just stormed in. He is Ji Chung Hee, the managing director of the solo idol who is recently a bit too famous in the news for things one must not do. .

'Sexual assault'

"Didn't we speak with the victim? Why is this going too far? Where's J-Son? Don't tell me he doesn't care about this situation anymore.", screamed at the young idol's manager, Kim Man Soo

" Hyung-nim, your phone is vibrating."

"I know. I know, damn it. Oh no, it's boss"

The manger left in a hurry to bring back from his dorm. Now the room was filled with many hundred sorry's that Chung Hee was telling to the company founder and the CEO.

The idol known for his sweet angelic voice was on the news, was his assault allegations by an anonymous victim. The victim had no proof, but this had stirred up Kim In Sik who goes by the stage name J-Son's life from 3 days.

"In Sik ahh, come out. Enough sleeping come out. Your issue is not put to sleep at and you are sleeping. I am taking all the things you must be hearing!!!'

J-Son aka Kim In Sik was sleeping like a baby, without considering what his allegations are all would think he is an angel who sings everyone's sadness away. With a very sweet voice he spoke while yawning. "Ahh, is it back again. Man, I shouldn't have been so free when I was younger. Now it is coming back at me again when I have changed."

"Whatever you say now, get up from your bed. The director is screaming at me.", said Man Soo dragging him off from the bed.

"No. I am not waking up."

"You are. Get ready. Cover yourself completely, don't try to stand out too much". Man Soo pushed J-Son to the bathroom.

Even with the Ugliest clothes given by Man Soo he looked like an angel descended to Earth. If only he had a good personality everything about him would be perfect.

The manager dragged him out with all his strength like dragging a dog to the bath.

Finally, the car reached the building and he had to hear a lot of complaints from Man Soo's mouth.

"Now come out, let's go meet the director", said the manger tightly holding on to his hand and pulling him out from the car.

Frustrated J-Son said "Ah, okay okay. Don't hold my hand. My, it pains so much. I will come with you.", covered with brown shaded scarf half his face.

"Now you listening. Come with me", Manager Man Soo sighed as he was also putting in too much strength in dragging.

"Haha, you thought I would come"

"Bye bye dumbo"

There he goes, even with all this news about him on air, in the net. His face had such bright energy that everyone could feel enough though half his face was covered, running like a bird which always wanted to fly in the sky.

On the other end, someone's life force was flying out of their body as the bird was flying away. This zombie like looking man seemed walking towards the elevator to face the Burning volcano up there.

"Where is he? What took you so much time to reach here? Didn't I say this was an emergency?"

With all these questions popping around Man Soo and the angry bird Chung Hee still ready to question him, it looked like Kim Man Soo was standing in a room that was meant to burn down.

"Hyung-nim. I am sorry to say. He…"

"He what, don't test my patience"

Man Soo looked so scared that he could have peed his pants. He finally blasted the bomb, shivering as he knew what is coming in future.

"He ran away"



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