12 Chapter 012 | Meeting Don Vito

New York.

Italian Territory.

The atmosphere was blocked by a knock in the door, the important people in the room were staring at the door.

"Come In!"

Muttered a man with a gun in his hand, they both went to ask who is knocking at the door.


"It has been a long time, Peter, how was your trip?"

Said the guards, as a smile appeared on their faces, as they welcomed the two into the Don's room.

The atmosphere immediately becomes lively and warm, the Italian Mafia isn't the same without Peter, so Lex is interested about how important is Peter in their hearts.

"Hello, Finn, I see you are still working as a doorman."

Muttered Peter with a small smile on his face, he walks pass Finn going towards the leader of the Organization, Don Vito.

Lex walked from behind and stands side by side with Peter, as Lex is giving off a dangerous aura, even Vito is impressed by this boy's momentum.

"Hello, Peter!"

Said Vito as he saw Peter kneel down and kiss his hand, a warm smile appeared on Vito's face as he gestured Peter to rise.

Vito look towards Lex with a glint in his eyes, and said…

"Who is he Peter, is he your relative?"


"Don Vito, he is my nephew, Lex Luthor, I took him in when my brother were in a car accident, so he just finished his education."

Lied Peter with a slight nervous look in his eyes, fooling Vito is hard to come by, because he can easily figure out if someone is lying.

"Hello, Don Vito, a pleasure to make acquaintance to you, my uncle has told me so much about you, and that I should learn from you."

Said Lex, he puts on a smile that, he has worked hard on, amplified by his charm and wit, he is further impressing the Don.

"Likewise, Peter, I like your nephew already, I know he will be a good seedling for the organization in the future, I am willing to bet my life on it."

Smiled Vito, he is analyzing Lex to see if he has some potential, because it is too embarrassing to have kindness, but no balls in this business.

"Now that your back Peter, I have a mission for you, a group of thugs are making trouble on one of our businesses, I want him delt with."

Peter saw Vito with his serious eyes, his eyes also became serious and he leaves with his "nephew" to confront the group of thugs.

Vito watching them leave, gestured one of his lackeys to investigate Lex Luthor, because Peter never told him about his nephew.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hell's Kitchen.

New York.

At nightfall, crackheads are smoking and snorting cocaine, homeless people on the streets asking for money and kids selling drugs.

A group of mysterious men with a serious look on their face walked with dignity towards the center of Hell's Kitchen.

They see a group of small timers harassing a poor fellow, Vito has been working hard to build the trust of the people within him, so seeing it wash away, because of petty thieves are a no-go.

"Hold it up there, you must be those small timers, that has been a thorn in the Don's ass for the past few months."

The small timers looked angrily at the leader of the group and started pulling their guns out, some of them directly rushed towards them with momentum.





Gunshots were fired in Hell's Kitchen, this happens every time, that is why Hell's Kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in all of New York.

A war is going on for the Country, so the police or military wouldn't really care if their was a shoot-out, the police are corrupt, so they are protecting both Organizations.

"Lex show us what you can do, a group of people are running towards you, prove to us that you can handle this."

Lex waited for the thugs to get closer, before grabbing one of them by the hand and instantly breaking it, shattering the bone through the skin in the process.



Blood trickled down from the thug's wrist, Lex then punch the thug in the face knocking out all of his teeth in the process.




Lex bested the thugs in close combat, the entire scene is red, Lex has decimated those poor thugs, without mercy nor emotions in his eyes.

Ever since transmigrating here, Lex's personality has been changing, he is becoming more greedy and narcissistic, it is to the point where he can't even express human emotions other than intimidation.

"Lex you did a good job, your a natural-born fighter just like your uncle, so come here, I have a surprise for you."

Lex walked towards the leader of the group and saw a gun that is handed to him, Lex immediately held the gun and slowly turnt around.

"To solidify yourself, as a true member, you need to shoot him the head sit this gun, your uncle Peter done it, now it is your turn."

Lex looked at the injured thug without pity in his eyes, and he slowly cocked back the trigger and fired on release.




The thug's body dropped down on the streets, red, hot blood is oozing from his head, his eyes are dimmed and now hollowed.

"You did a good job, you got it in you kid, now it is time to report back to the Don, he will surely be impressed with your results."

The group walked back towards their vehicles, without noticing a kid is standing there with tears in his eyes, a faint light appeared on his palms.


He passes out from crying too much, of course none of the members notices this so they got back into their vehicles and left the crime scene.

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