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Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!


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The concept seems good so I will leave this review. You confirming that there will be a harem has made me really happy. Many novels like this tries to not have a harem yet writes the female characters in a way that you will want more than one girl to get togheter with the Mc and it always makes me really mad. Also you saying that the romance will start hundreds of chapters into the novel makes me hopeful that it will be at least over 500 chapters. I personally hope for over 1000 chapters but I can't really demand it from the author when I myself can't even write a story with a hundred chapters.

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So far so good. It needs further development to fully unearth the potential of this novel. The starting of this story makes it easier to get people hooked on. I hope this story doesn’t disappoint us much. The updating stability is crazy good. Keep up author san. Good job.


Reveal spoiler


Author here to give himself a shameless review. What can you except from this novel? A good background 7 to 14 chapters a week. Excellent Writing Quality. Even if there are mistakes, they won't be eye catching. Slow paced story development at some part & fast paced at others depends mostly on the rhythm of the story. Characters with actual personality


oh no. you stepped on a bee.... amber disapproved.. [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


So far the story is very promising. Updates are frequent. No noticeable amounts of misspellings. The story so far is good, however, I wish the MC would have some more redeeming qualities but it seems like he wasn't much before he transmigrated.


Very good. Excellent story so far. liking it very much. My only dissatisfaction with this is We need more chapter[img=update][img=update][img=update]


40 chapters of telling backstory is bad, and the fact that it isnt even about mc killed it even more


This is a great story, I appreciate an MC who has nuance. He isn't naive but also not mindlessly psychotic. I hope the story he doesn't get to strong to be interesting.


it was good character development 😍and world building 😊 i can take my eyes from it🔥 story explanation is good from both point view☺️ i still have doubt will Roy became friends with real novel hero or because hero himself


Don’t drop, don’t drop. I already want to see how far Roy and his maid who’s name I forgot will go. My question is can someone fuse with more than one Soul Share or something.


Author I’ll be genuine with you it’s your story and it’s up to you how to write it but sometimes listen to your readers a bit after all you are writing for people to read. Ok now for my critique on this why are we almost at chapter 500 before he even awakens? First of all your update speed is maddening and slow and it seems like we need to wait for ages for it and then the story seems fast yet slow at the same time fast in the sense a lot has happened a lot of info fights lore and background but slow in the sense that it’s update is bad and the this guy is just reaching the capital at chapter 500 its really frustrating after all someone like me spent several months waiting for chapters if i did that with other novels I’ll have a lot but with yours I barely got up to 100 chaps honestly wish you would work on your update speed and not drag out some stuff too much I thought after waiting for months and saving up to 100 chapters he’ll awaken but he just about to start trial 1 smh. And not like I don’ appreciate the op abilities he has gotten along the way and the fights but I still feel like you could’ve cut up anywhere from 80-100 chaps of excess info and story dragging and the story would be good still or even better


I don’t like when main characters can fight above their realm. It doesn’t make sense and ruins the power system if the world, at most they can win against a stronger opponent through tricks but In a normal one on one battle it’s stupid. Also moving to other realms is more interesting


Romance? harem? (anything over 1 fml)h7hyvrc6bije82jd73jd82jd83nd82md8yrjsjsbabdjkcjdbshsjsjxncoduwvwmwosuchdndsohebekdofjjk2wl goshusing discursive Faison


it's a solid novel, but I got a few problems with it: 1) the amount of filler chapters that explain the world and characters (I know they are important information, but it could be implemented in a better way) 2) I felt that some events in the early chapter are kinda forced like how did he adapt so well in the beginning and what did he decided to do after discovering he is in a novel. furthermore, this problem becomes more apparent with the maid.


You sir have written something that has gotten my attetion and intrest. I love this story, but I wish Roy would steal from the so called main character. He should be more greedy. Yes.


The story is good so far. Although the evil stepmother seems to be an unreasonable psycho, the progression is good. But the level up healing stuff the MC was talking about seems too unrealistic even with a system, it feels like it undermines the rest of the story and could just be poor armor, to me at least. Otherwise I like the story so far.


I'm on chapter 258 and the MC hasn't awakened or made it to the capital yet. He doesn't even seem like he's remotely close to reaching the capital. It's like the author has forgotten what the MC's goal is and is just bogging him down with side quests.


the updates are getting slower again and the anticipation is killing me please release more chapters soon[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


It is a good book as nd there isn't much else to say. ..................................................................................