Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon
novel - Contemporary Romance

Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Emperor Song

Ongoing · 2M Views

What is Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon is a popular web novel written by the author Emperor Song, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 203 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 173 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The number one socialite, Song Ci, marries the worst handicapped man, Han Zhan! Everyone laughs at Song Ci for being blind and leaving the rich and handsome second son of the Chuan Dong Group to marry a handicapped nobody. Only she knows that soon, this person will become the richest man in Wangdong City. ...Song Ci has been reborn to the summer when she was 22. Her sister who was killed by her adoptive father in her last life is still alive, the man who let her down is madly pursuing her, and the man who is out of reach for the entire Wangdong City is still a nobody. In this life, Song Ci will tear the scum with her hands, protect her family, and marry the most beautiful love! One day, a good friend asks Song Ci, "How do you feel after the wedding, how is Brother Han? Is he considerate or not?" Song Ci: "Everything else is good; it's just a little too big." Han Zhan, who is eavesdropping is delighted, only to hear his wife grumble. "It's said that every three years is a generation gap. I'm three generations from him. It's so difficult to communicate with him. He doesn't use emoji when chatting…" Infuriated, Han Zhan wears an aggrieved look resembling an emoji. After marrying the older man, Han Zhan, Song Ci drinks rejuvenating tea, wears thermal pants, puts on stockings, and lives a life of no worries.

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Finally, a male character that is not 100% perfect, overbearing yes. this is rare 😄 strong FM character. this is a good book 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


so far so good and I really want to know the raw link if anyone know it? Raw Linkkkkk 🥰🥰💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 Can drop it down here, please? 💓💓💓




This is novel is a little cliche though it has its unique twists. FL was reborn at the age of 22 after she graduated and she worked hard to change her destiny. Once you go over the chapters you will see that the dates are very recent. The novel is still ongoing at 403th chapter. Hope this one will be picked. If you want to request raw links or talk about the novels join my discord channel: https://discord.gg/CYHe8hQz


Love love love this story so far. The fl is shameless and flirty while ml learns to just go with her and teases her as well 🥰❤️ I love how she opened up and told him and her best friend about being reborned and how scared she is about losing her sister and dying herself. The story line keeps getting better and better, the step mom isnt a scheming lady but a lovely innocent one. The step sister seems to have become vicious due to her health and Im sure the step father influenced that behavior so its interesting to see when shell become vicious in her new life. Im hooked and want more, the last chapter was so heart warming leaving you wanting more 😩😭 I really hope it gets picked up soon💕❤️


Not a typical reincarnation/revenge story although it does have its cliques. What separates it from most novels in its genre is definitely how the author expands and develops both plot/characters. I love how all characters are given depth rather than being 2D or flat. The storyline keeps getting better and better, as we learn more about the antagonists and their motives/reasons for what they do. Other characters are by no means foolish which definitely makes this novel more enjoyable to read. The vulnerability and imperfections of our main characters make it even more enchanting. Although our female lead is strong in truth, she isn't perfect and isn't OP but strives to move on to protect her loved ones. The male lead though seemly domineering in the synopsis is truly one of the most surprising characters in this novel because yes he is rich and handsome but the shocking fact was his disability which isn't the typical male lead characterization. So far, there haven't been any misunderstandings but the maturity displayed by the male lead gives more hope that if there is one it will be resolved quickly. The chemistry between our main characters is amazing and I can't wait to see how the plot continues to thicken.


I'm going to be mad if this doesn't make it pass the selections. The ML and FL talk things out, the adoptive mother is sweet, the adoptive father and sister are not so sweet- but it's written in a way where they feel real/more human. FL's bestie is cute and I love their interactions.


finally a realistic ML and a relationship that progresses naturally, no insta-love, r@pe pregnancy or unnecessary face-slapping, just a reasonable FL who wants to live happily and a reasonable ML who knows how to express himself.


So far this is a fun read. This is a reincarnation story with a strong FL. Yes, some things might be a bit cliche, but it’s still unique. I haven’t read a story yet where the FL wants to be a pilot:) The FL doesn’t have any cheats, just her knowledge of the future. When she meets the ML, he is not that impressed. I hope the author makes him work hard for the FL.


This story is interesting The FL is reborn and ready for revenge ML is an eccentric but good person Their interaction with each other is really funny .looking forward to reading more I hope this story is selected .All the best


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awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome


I just love how they talk to each other and are full of understanding and considerate. They act like adults and so there are less missunderstandings. FL and ML are also both really funny and awkward its not love at first sight.


This is really good it's one of the good story I have read in web novel so far. Hoping to read further with the same effect. It's story line and plot is good. Thank you for this novel author😍🥰


First time I use so many coins in one novel! 💰 Love this novel so much I can't read the MTL translation so as to not miss any juicy bits.💖 💎I find myself skipping some parts bc of repetition from the author's part, but the story moves along well. Recommended for those that like Romcoms. This is a new novel, so I've only seen it's already over 400 chapters.


I WANT MORE! I recommend this story. the first 60 ch did it for me. I love the FL, so raw. A complex caracter. The ML also receives kudos for being a real man and to not being perfect. Give me more so I can judge better. hahahah


so far ..i love this novel and really hope it can be picked ...the plot is good and satisfying .love the lead characters too..there are so much loves, humor, sadness, determination, dream, hope, cruelty, revenge, hatred...some characters can be confused ..mostly the story showed us more about there are evils in kindness which i think we can find these.kind of people in reality. but it's hard to find a good man like the Male Lead..😪 so sad....🤭🤭overall..it is recommended to the readers who love to have the pampering n doting ML.


This book is the real gem. There's no cliche backstabbers like usual book. As far as I read, this is really lightweight book but full of feels. You will cry seeing how strong FL are, how she fight to save her sister, how she fake herself just to survive. FL is brilliant, she know what to do, who she need to believe and who to seek help for. I just love her. ML? He rich like others ML but he's not perfect. He's kind. I love how he treat the FL and how he trust the her. The last trial chapter is superb that I believe this book deserve better. I honestly want this book to be choosen. I AM WILING TO PAY FOR THE EXPENSIVE UNLOCK CHAPTER 😂. . . . Overall, this book is great. I love it. Simple but it was able to moved me. I love the way FL flirt ML but ML will flirt the FL back. So yeahhh 🌼 ehet.


Very refreshing plot. It’s different from the monotonous plots. nice way of depicting the relation between the ML and FL . Neither of them are perfect ( diff From typical stories where ML and FL are unbelieveably unrivaled) and the way they embrace each other’s flaw is heartwarming. FL is true to ML. Hope this story gets picked and the author keeps the storyline like this where FL and ML’s growth is shown efficiently. Rather, than wasting time on useless dramas , the author has beautifully written these 60 chapters where the StorY is mostly on FL and ML instead of usEless drama. good work author . keep it up🎶👌


xD read the book, choose the book it's awesome ,😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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