1 Letters for fun-Part 1 The beginning

A high school student Radik studies at the 10 th grade. He was a very silent, serious, cheerless 16 years old teenager, an only child of the family. He had already 1.78 metres height, brown eyes and hair, thick voice, athletic body. He looked older than his classmates and peers. With already 82 kilograms of weight he looked like a grown man.He always kept distance at the school with his classmates, joked very rarely,studied very vell, sometimes suprised his teachers with his answers and explanations which they never heard. He read very voraciously. Had an information about most of the scientific, political, ecomomical, world show business themes. He answered to the questions with very long explanations. One time at Geography lesson he talked about the economy of Russian Federation for full lesson time-45 minutes. But, still couldn't finish. The teacher gave him another 20 minutes-big break time. He talked for 20 minutes and still couldn't finish. This particular case was always noticed by the teacher.Nobody knew his real personality. He didn't let them to know about it. He never showed them his real character. Actually he was very self-confident teenager who didn't care about anything, but his family and future. He was a dreamer who always made plans for bigger than life things.For instance, he always pretended a speech in russian and english as a president. Besides his native language Azerbaijanian, he was fluent in both russian and english. Had conversational level of pharsi-iranian too. He learned all of these by himself. He watched a lots of thriller and action movies in russian and his russian teacher in high school was a local russian woman whom he spoke regularly and improved his speeking ability. He also was fond if english. He taljrd by himself in english for hours and in most if the times he suffered from headache at the end. He also had a very strong sexual desire, understanding for his age. He knew anathomy and psychology. He prepared for the lesson more efficently if he liked the teacher. He tried to impress the teachers with this way. He said to many of the girls in school " i love you", but he had no idea what was the meaning of the love?! He could attract almost all of them, because he had a reputation of very good student in school. He was very popular due to his knowledge. The problem was in that he always wanted to date at least one if his teachers. Doing that in the place where he lived in was very hard, almost impossible.

He lived in a rural area , in northern part of Azerbaijan, approximately 25 kilometres away from the city called Guba. It was a big village with more than 10 thousand inhabitants. The local people called the Tats. These people had come from Iran at the beginning of the third century AD. The local people called them Tats-strangers at that time.The majority of the men in this village usually went to Russian Federation in order to earn money and send to their families. A few of them were quite successful in this. These successful people were considered "fast runners" of the village. Azerbaijan was one of the 15 post Soviet Union republics and therefore, the residents of the village who went there on business purposes began to go there right after the dissolution of the USSR. It was very easy to gain the citizenship of newly independent Russian Federation. All of those " fast runners" were the citizens of Russian Federation. Their families were highly respected , their children were treated very well at school, usually their wives were the most beautiful and cultural ones. Radik's father Rahim also was the citizen of Russia. He had bachelor degree as Geographical teacher, but never pursueded his career as a teacher.Even in spite of he was one of those successful people who earned quite a lot of money, he could barely send his family money just for living. His wife, Radik's mother Mrs Nisa was a simple housewife. She didn't have any university degree. She also had serious health problems. A few years ago the head of the family -Rahim could afford the cost of medicine, but now it was a hard period for the family. Radik always remembered good, old times and missed those times. He was a very alone person by soul. He watched all of those " fast runners" and had a very string level of jealosy inside himself. That made him to read more and more day by day in order to achieve something. The wives and relatives a few of those " fast runners" were working at school as teachers. Radik wanted to sleep with them just to punish them with his own style. The problem was very big. Radik was a 16 years old teenager and those women were 35 years old at least. They had never even thought that, such a serious, silent, brilliant student like Radik would think about sleeping with them.

Radik had a very short sexual experience. He had a DVD player at his house. He always exchanged DVD films with his neighbours. Once ,one of those " fast runners" wives gave him a DVD which had to be an action movie. Radik also gave her a turkish tv soap opera as he knew she liked these types of things. When DVD played that disc, Radik saw that was a hardcore pornography. He was 12 years old at those times. He was shocked when he saw the performance in there. But, he watched it till the end. Untill that day Radik had a soft sexual encounter with one of his neighbours who was 3 years of senior of himself. He was 10 years old, she was a 13 years old tall , blond girl. The parents of the girl were always absent at the house and Radik always played with them in there. They were two sisters. Radik always took sexual advantage of elder one. Because, she was more beautiful.In spite of that Radik would never thought about the possibility of those sexual activities that he saw in that film. He took it back to that neighbour woman and said the movie was not an action , but " ill-bred" movie. Radik was a child, but he was the expression in her face after he said her about the true idendity of the film. At those times the internet was absent in the village. People still watched porn movies through DVD players.Her husband was a Russian citizen and lived in there during most of the year. Probably his husband had brought it from Russia in order to watch it with his wife. She gave the DVD disc to Radik by mistake. The woman felt a very strong shame at that moment. She was swarthy, but a pretty one ,with round booty. At the age of 13 Radik went to the local prostitute with the money that was given to him from school, because he was chosen as a winner in a local intellectual competition. He has given 1 Shirvan at thst time. The price of the prostitute was a little bit cheaper. That prostitute was almost three times of Radik's age. She performed oral sex on him even in spite of he wanted anal. He was find of booties. To him , the beatiful woman had to have a round booty. He always thought taking sexual advantage of round booty. He couldn't imagine the level of the plessure that could come from anal sex. The prostitute asked to come for the second time and promised anal to him if he would come back.Radik understood that was one of the ways to make the clients to come back one more time. But, he never went there back since then.

For a long time Radik couldn't find a way to seduce one of his teachers though he had a few favourite ones. He had a few girls older than him for ine year, but didn't have that amount of courage to start it with the teachers. He was too afraid of the humiliation. He usually invited the girls to a vacabt classroom during the big breaks and kissed, hugged, massaged them to the intimate places, but no sexual encounter happened. A new mathematics teacher has just come to their school. He was also nearly 23 years old , unmarried a local man by name Niyaz . One day Radik realised that , Niyaz has a very warm relationship with literature teacher named Saedat who was married woman. Niyaz always joked and murmered silently with Saedat during the breaks. No other student paid attention to that except Radik. He was observing them ever since Niyaz had come to school. He was almost sure that they were on familiar terms together.They kept this friendly relationship for one month. After that Niyaz began to interfere to Saedet's classes and ask her out for a minute, telling her something very joyfully. After that Radik was quite sure that they couldn't devolop an intimate relationship like this openly. Because, this was a rural area and Saedat was a married woman. Radik thought , apparantly he sends a message to another one with her. Now, Radik had to find out who was that?!