1 Letter from paradise

a girl wakes up from the window looks out the window it was 4 in the morning feels the presence of a different energy, gets up and goes to the window sees smoke and smells gasoline. he comes out of the room and calls his parents, his father tells him that this is not normal and he goes out in the yard and sees that there is so much smoke everywhere that no house can be seen and he hears a low noise as if coming from afar. Monica, the girl and her parents go to the kitchen worried because Monica's brother was not at home, he had gone to a friend last night. They waited until what was announced there was no signal for their phones. They turned on the TV and saw in the news that some states had collapsed and collapsed, it was a machine as big as the whole surface of the earth vertically and was moving from place to place. They were terrified and started calling their son he had no signal. As the machine came towards them at every moment of danger, the law had nothing to do, the machine did not know where everything came from was very mysterious. It seemed that life would start from the beginning. My brother came home but it was too late because the machine had just arrived at our place, no one was doing anything, the machine came and started to collapse everything we tried to escape until we had power but once I got tired and it all ended, it was an anxiety for us and for everyone, and so life in the world ended I do not know if life in the world began or if it was someone driving the machine, but it was an end I had never imagined.