Let the Music Say I Do Book

novel - LGBT+

Let the Music Say I Do

J.D. Walker

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Jared Page and Joey Seever have a complicated relationship. They’re ex-lovers and former band members who still play together musically on occasion. Whenever Joey needs someone to fill in for a gig, Jared is the one he calls, despite their past history and the fact that Joey hadn’t wanted to take their relationship to the next level -- marriage -- and then cheated on him. Jared still has feelings for Joey even after all these years, though he’s become bitter and resentful.<br><br>The next time Jared fills in for a gig, he finds out that Joey has slept with a band member named Grady. Worse, Joey messed things up by cheating on Grady just like he had with Jared. In the fallout that follows, Jared says and does some things he instantly regrets.<br><br>He knows their friendship is worth saving, and he wants another chance at Joey’s heart, too. But there are things in Joey’s past that keep him running from commitment. Can they mend their relationship? Will Jared be able to convince Joey that love is nothing to fear, and marriage is just music to which to say, “I Do?”