1 Ch zhi Rho {pov}

My brothers had inform me ..one hr ago that we will be going to a party ,so that's why I'm getting ready.

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"Rho,come down fast...we are already late".My big brother ....zhi yun he is not a patient man...but my second brother .. zhi lay he is opposite.He takes more time than me.

"coming brother".

"Lay come down fast or I'm leaving without you". As he said ,Lay came out from his room.

"Brother... don't you have patient for just sec".zhi yun glared Lay.

"I feel bad for your future wife big brother". I said jokingly.

"Get into the car idiots". Yun loves to call us idiots.

"By the way...whose party are we going ". I don't even know whose party I'm going.

"Luh chen...He is hosting his brother birthday"


"who". Though I had heard this chen family is the richest in Bejing...but i didn't know that they had sons .

"Yang chen..."

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