51 Chapter 49. Gathering (1)

Chapter 49. Gathering (1)

"You know that I would be at a loss if I accepted such a condition, right?"

Lee Hyun asked as he glanced at Alice who was showing an expressionless face.

"I know that well."

"Then, do you really think that I would agree to this?"

He asked as he frowned.

If he really agreed to the condition, then that would mean that Alice won't be binded with a contract and she would be able to leave anytime.

That alone was something he can't accept.

Many resources would be used in the girl group project and what if after all that, Alice decided to leave at the last moment.

She can just say that she hasn't signed a contract, but it would be Lee Hyun who would be in real trouble.

"I know that what I am asking is really unfair to you and your agency. Normally, people would just leave after hearing such a condition."

"Then, why are you giving out such a condition?"

Lee Hyun asked and Alice replied with a sigh.

"You know it's not easy for me to trust someone and signing a contract means that I would be practically giving you the next few years of my life. So, I just want some assurance."

Lee Hyun stayed silent after hearing that. It was really true that signing a contract means you need to give the next few years of your life to the agency.

But it was also not like the contract was unfair.

'It's just the standard contract.'

Signing with an agency was a standard thing to do if you want to become a celebrity. You can't just hope to be treated differently just because your skills are good.

'Should I just refuse and leave?'

That was the rational thing to do at this moment, but he really wanted Alice in the girl group. The girl group he was imagining was incomplete without the groove that only Alice can bring.

That's why he was thinking hard about this.

If he really refused her, then he would need to find someone else with the same skills as her, but everyone knows that Alice's skills were the best in Hongdae.

It would be a miracle if he can find someone like her.

Moreover, there was another point that made Alice stand out more among other people.

'Uncommon features!'

Alice was a mixed beauty with uncommon beauty elements that make her stand out more than other people.

In a crowd of a hundred people, most of the people would surely glance at her. Moreover, her image and aura was of a celebrity.

It was hard to find or even develop that easily!

It was something that some people are born with and some will just develop it after surviving in the entertainment industry for years.

Alice was the former.

'Ah, I can't decide...'

Lee Hyun frowned and drank a glass of water. It was really a hard decision to make and he didn't want to regret his choice in the future.

He already had many regrets in his past life.

"You look troubled."

Suddenly, Alice, who was just staring at Lee Hyun, opened her mouth. There was some amusement in her eyes as she looked at him.

"Do you really think I won't be troubled by your condition?"

Lee Hyun answered and shook his head.

"Well, there's that, but you know I'm really surprised that you are still here. Any other person would have already left after hearing such a condition."

"I want to refuse too, but I also don't wanna regret it."

"Regret what?"

Alice tilted her head as she asked and Lee Hyun replied immediately.

"Losing you as one of the members in my girl group."


She let out a surprised voice hearing that. Alice certainly didn't expect such an answer and her face showed a rare shocked expression.

After a while, she just sighed and looked at Lee Hyun with a smile.

"You are really a strange person."

"What does that mean?"

He tilted his head and asked in confusion, but Alice didn't reply anything in response. Although it was a slight change, Lee Hyun noticed Alice's expression softening.

Like that, both of them stared at each other for a while.

Alice then again opened his mouth to speak.

"So, will you accept my condition?"

There were some expectations in her eyes when she asked that. She had a feeling that this moment can change her whole life.


Lee Hyun shook his head.

"Sorry, but I can't accept your condition."

That was the conclusion he had reached after thinking about it. Accepting her condition was really risky and he didn't want to take such a risky move at this point.

"Is that so? Well, I expected that..."

Alice was not able to stop herself from frowning when she heard Lee Hyun's answer.

She knew she was being wishful, but there was still a little hope before. Now, there was nothing but dejection in her heart.

She even wondered if she should just change her condition, but she was not willing to give Lee Hyun the next few years of her life just after a single meeting.

"I can't fulfil your condition, but we can sign a temporary contract."

As she was getting more and more disappointed, she heard Lee Hyun's voice.

Alice raised her head and stared at him.

"Temporary contract?"

"Yes, let's contract for a year. This would also be the training period of the girl group. You can decide if you want to sign an exclusive contract after that. How's that?"

Lee Hyun said all that in one breath.

He can't accept her condition, but signing a temporary contract wasn't a bad deal, especially because he would have a chance to get Alice in the girl group.

"So, what do you think? Will you sign a temporary contract?"

Lee Hyun again asked and Alice thought about it.

'It certainly doesn't look bad.'

She thought about a single question. Was she willing to give the next one year of her life? The answer she got after thinking that was...

"Yes, I'm willing to sign a temporary contract."


Lee Hyun immediately smiled hearing that.

It was hard, but at least, he was able to make Alice sign a temporary contract with him. Now, he has a year to make her sign the exclusive contract.

"I will send you the contract. So, look through it before signing it and yeah, you need to shift to the practice place and live with that other girl. I can't compromise on that."

"That's fine with me, but..."


Lee Hyun became slightly anxious hearing that. He thought Alice would have another condition, but he was thinking wrong.

"Are you sure that you would be able to convince me to sign an exclusive contract with you?"

Alice's expression suddenly became mischievous as she smiled at Lee Hyun.

'She's someone who can change her expression in an instant."

Lee Hyun thought and nodded his head.

"I think I can convince you."

"I don't think so. I'm not easy to convince."

He shook his head hearing that and a smile also appeared on his face.

"I convinced you to sign a temporary contract with me in a single meeting. Do you really think I can't convince you to sign an exclusive contract in a year?"


Alice was not able to make a comeback on that sentence.

When she thought about it, she really felt that Lee Hyun's words were not wrong. Maybe, her time in Mango Entertainment would be better than what she had thought...

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