47 Chapter 45. Girl group start (3)

Chapter 45. Girl group start (3)

"Are you interested in joining an agency?"

Lee Hyun straightforwardly asked Soyun as soon as they entered a nearby restaurant. He didn't wanted to waste time on useless conversation.


Soyun nearly choked on the water she was drinking as she heard that question.

She already knew that Lee Hyun was the President of an agency. Although she had never heard of Mango Entertainment, Lee Hyun looked reliable.

"Yes, an entertainment agency. I think you would become a great rapper."

"How do you know that I used to rap?"

"I saw one of your videos and rumours about you are abundant in the underground rappers community."

It was not hard to find information about her for Kim Dongsu. He had merely asked some of the rappers in Hongdae and they have told him about Soyun.

She was more famous than he had expected.

'... Not only that, she would become the main rapper of a girl group called ATL in the future, but she looked completely different currently now.'

Lee Hyun thought as he stared at Soyun. She became flustered seeing his gaze and quickly lowered her head.

'She's really different than the 'Soyun of future'.'

She looked like a shy studious high school student currently, but after her debut, her image was of a cool tomboyish girl.

She always has short hair and her hourglass figure was enough for the guys to be crazy about her.

The main highlight of her fans was that more than half of them were females. It was a really rare thing for a girl group member to have crazy female fans at that time.

"Um, I'm sorry, but I don't have any intention of returning to rap."

Soyun said as she raised her head and blinked her eyes. Behind the glasses, Lee Hyun was easily able to see the big bright eyes of her.

"You lose interest in it?"

"T-that's not..."

Soyun fumbled with her words when he asked that.

Lee Hyun was sure that Soyun was still interested in rapping. If not, then it don't make sense for her to join a girl group in the future.

"I just can't rap currently!"

"Is there a reason?"

Lee Hyun asked and Soyun became silent. She opened and closed her mouth like she wanted to say something, but she didn't knew how.

'What's with her?'

Lee Hyun thought as he raised his eyebrow.

He wondered what was the reason that was stopping Soyun from being able to rap. He tried to get a clue by thinking about his past life and suddenly, he recalled something.

He quickly opened his mouth and asked.

"You are in your first year of high school, right?"

"Ah, yes!"

"Then, is it your parents that are stopping you from rapping?"

Soyun stopped speaking hearing that. Her eyes shook, indicating that Lee Hyun's arrow was right to the mark.

'There were rumours that she secretly took an audition for an agency because she was scared of her parents knowing.'

Lee Hyun thought back to one of the rumours about Soyun that he had heard.

It looks like the rumour was also true.

Soyun's parents didn't wanted her to become a rapper and she also didn't wanted to go against them. So, she was studying hard to get into a good university.

It would only after 5 years that Soyun would gather the courage to audition for an agency.

'It's really fortunate that I found her before that.'

Lee Hyun thought that his luck was really good. He was able to get the location of a skilful rapper who would gone on to become a rapping sensation in the future.

Now, he won't let this chance go away.

"If it's your parents, then I can talk with them?"

Lee Hyun tried to persuade her, but Soyun spoke in a raised voice.

"They won't understand!"

She quickly lowered her head after that.

"They think that rapping don't have any future and want me to become a doctor. It's also not like I'm any good..."

Soyun frowned saying that.

"You think that you aren't a good rapper?"

"Yes, I'm not..."

This time, Lee Hyun was not able to help himself from frowning.

Soyun who won many individual awards for her rap songs was saying that she was not good at rapping. It was not a good joke!

"You really underestimate yourself."


Lee Hyun continued glancing at her surprised face.

"I will be honest with you. Soyun, you are a great rapper!"


"You may believe me or not, but it's true that I think you are a great rapper and probably become one of the best after some training."

Soyun stayed silent hearing all that.

She didn't know how to reply to all that. It was the first time someone was complimenting her so much and it didn't look like a lie.

She has encountered many casting managers when she was still rapping. They all would say sweet words to entice her, but most of it would be a lie.

But it looked like Lee Hyun was saying it genuinely.

"Even if you say all that, my parents won't agree."

"Let's leave that to me. I will convince your parents."


"You don't have to give an answer currently. You can think about it for sometime. Just contact me if you change your mind."

Lee Hyun stopped talking after that.

Soyun glanced at his face and fell into thoughts. Should she agree? No, even if she wanted to agree, it was too hasty.

But she also didn't wanted to refuse.

No matter what agency, Soyun just wanted to stand on the stage and made the people cheer at her rap.

'Will I be able to fulfil my dream?'

Looking at Lee Hyun, Soyun's thoughts become more complicated.

* * *

"What did you say?"

"I'm saying that I want to have a private meeting with your President before even thinking of joining your agency."

Kim Dongsu stared at the girl in front of him with an expression of disbelief.

The girl in front of him was really pretty. Her face was Asian, but it has hints of western features too. It was like someone had mixed two beauties from Asia and Europe.

That description fits her the best.

Her name was Alice Jung. Her father was from Korea and her mother was British, giving her a exquisite beauty.

She was also the major candidate for the girl group.

"You know you can't just meet him just because you want to."

"Is that so? That means your agency don't give much importance to me."

Alice smiled with a mischievous expression like she was enjoying it.

'What should I do?'

Kim Dongsu thought, but it was hard to come to a decision quickly.

Having her meet Lee Hyun was not a hard thing. It was really easy, but Lee Hyun was still the President. He needed to have some dignity and respect.

"What happened? You can't agree to my request?"

Alice asked and Kim Dongsu hastily replied.

"N-no, it's fine."

"That's good then."

Alice clapped her hands and smiled towards him. Kim Dongsu smile faded away seeing that. The girl was clearly trying to play with him.

'We should not have tried to recruit her in the first place.'

Kim Dongsu held himself back from frowning.

Alice was notorious in the whole Hongdae for rejecting the offers of most of the top agencies in Korea.

Even Top Entertainment tried to recruit her because of her dancing skills that were top notch, but she asked to see Bae Hyunsung personally before joining

Of course, there was no way he would meet a mere trainee with his ego.

It was the same for the other top agencies.

They all refused after hearing her demands. Some small agencies Presidents even met with her, but she refused them even after that.

Because of that, Alice became really famous and notorious at the same time.

'Ah, this is giving me a headache!'

Kim Dongsu thought as he frowned.

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