5 Chapter 3. Mango Entertainment (1)

Chapter 3. Mango Entertainment (1)

"Ah, I'm so tired…"

Kim Dongsu muttered as he took a deep breath, filled with tiredness. His work was finally over for the day.

It's been over 15 years since he was working in the entertainment industry.

He had entered Top Entertainment as a manager and he gradually got promoted and now, he was working at the position of a General manager in the planning department.

It was not a high position but it was not a low one either.

Moreover, he has made many connections in his 15 years of career and in some years, there was a chance that he would become the head of the planning department.

He would be extremely satisfied if that would happen.

He would feel that he had accomplished something in his life and his parents would feel proud of him.

Maybe, he would even be able to get a beautiful girl as his wife. Just thinking about it was enough to put a smile on his face.

But that feeling didn't continue for long.

Soon, another feeling overlapped him. It was like he was losing on something and this was not what he really wanted.

But Kim Dongsu didn't continue to think about that. He shook his head and let out those feelings from his heart.

He was on the path of success. There was no need to think about unnecessary things. It would only hinder him in the long run.

Kim Dongsu stood up from his seat and looked around his office. His office was small but it was a valuable place for him.

He was only able to get it after painstaking work.

He stretched his body to loosen up his muscles and wrap up his work. As he was able to switch off the lights and leave, he suddenly got a call.

It was from the reception desk.

-Hello, General manager Kim.

The voice of the young receptionist who he would greet everyday came out from the phone.

"Yes, what happened?"

-There is someone here to meet you.

Someone was here to meet him? Kim Dongsu wondered who it was. His relatives were living in the countryside and his friends would directly call him if they want to meet for drinks.

"Who is it?"

-His name is Lee Hyun.

"H-Hyun! Is it really Lee Hyun?"

-Yes, he's saying that his name is Lee Hyun. What should I do, General Kim? Should I send him away?

Kim Dongsu licked his lips as he pondered what he should do? The arrival of Lee Hyun was a complete surprise for him.

He hadn't expected that Lee Hyun would come to meet him here.

At the same time, he wondered why he was here?

He can only think of one reason but if that's really the case, then Lee Hyun would have just called him instead of coming here.

'It can't be! Did something happen to sister in law?'

That possibility scared him and he hurriedly told the receptionist that he was coming downstairs.


Kim Dongsu sighed as he left his office.

"General manager Kim is coming downstairs."

"Thank you."

Lee Hyun thanked the pretty receptionist.

In response, the pretty receptionist gave a sweet smile. Receptionist would always smile at everyone, especially female receptionists.

It was a part of their job and the smile the pretty receptionist was giving him was particularly sweet.

Any normal guy would be flustered upon seeing that smile but Lee Hyun got wary.

The betrayal of his wife had left a deep scar in his heart and he was wary of all women after this.

It was not like he had started to hate women or something, but it was just that he didn't want anything to do with them for the time being.

'Uncle Dongsu would be coming soon.'

Lee Hyun focused his thoughts on Kim Dongsu.

Kim Dongsu was his father's friend and they used to work together in Top Entertainment.

Of course, their positions were different. His father was a Director while Kim Dongsu was a General manager.

Still, even after that, the friendship between them was strong.

His father had also asked him to join him when he was opening his own agency and Kim Dongsu had also agreed but his father had died before that.

That's why, Kim Dongsu hadn't left his job here at Top Entertainment.

'It still looked the same.'

Lee Hyun thought as he looked around.

If he can, he didn't want to come to the building of Top Entertainment. It was a place where he had spent many years of his life.

But in the end, he had only gotten betrayed.

He was thrown away because he was useless, despite what he did for the agency.

"Lee Hyun."

As he was standing there, he heard the voice of Kim Dongsu. He turned around and saw a middle aged man with a beer belly coming towards him.

"You still look the same, Uncle Dongsu."

Lee Hyun greeted Kim Dongsu with a smile.

"Yeah but it looks like you have changed a lot. You seem more sturdy after coming back from the army."

Kim Dongsu spoke with a relaxed expression.

He had thought that something serious had happened but seeing Lee Hyun's expression, he became relaxed.

"What happened? Why are you here?"

"Ah, let's talk about it somewhere else."

Lee Hyun didn't want to talk about it in the building of Top Entertainment. It was not something that he can talk about anywhere.

That's why they decided to go to a nearby cafe.

The building of Top Entertainment was located in the Gangnam area - the most wealthy place in Seoul.

It was filled with cafes and one can even see models and celebrities walk by often.

It was just the place for the rich.

They quickly moved to a nearby cafe. The cafe was not upscale but it was a good place to talk. It was not even filled with many guests.

"What do you want to order?"

"I can order for myself."

"Haha, you are now acting like an adult. Don't worry about it and let me order."

Despite Lee Hyun's protest, Kim Jongsu didn't let him pay. Lee Hyun was his close friend's son. How can he let him pay?

'Uncle Dongsu is still the same'

Lee Hyun thought as the two cups of coffee arrived. It was an ice coffee. So, there was a lot of condensation.

"So, why do you want to see me?"

After some trivial talk, Kim Dongsu asked.

Lee Hyun thought about how he could start this conversation. He had come to meet Kim Dongsu without thinking anything as he didn't want to waste more time.

But he hasn't thought about how he will start the conversation.

Should he say, 'I want you to join my agency' or should he say, 'I need help to fulfil my father's dream'.

Lee Hyun hesitated a bit but he soon opened his mouth.

"I'm starting Mango Entertainment again."


It felt like an explosion.

Kim Dongsu's eyes widened and he looked at Lee Hyun like he was trying to figure out if he was joking or not, but his face was serious.

"What did you say?"

He placed his coffee cup down. The cream on top of the brown coffee jostled.

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