Let Me Make You a Star
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Let Me Make You a Star


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What is Let Me Make You a Star

Let Me Make You a Star is a popular web novel written by the author Killerbee, covering SHOWBIZ, YANDERE, MODERN, MALE PROTAGONIST, MUSIC, BETRAYAL, K-POP, ACTING, BEAUTIFUL-FEMALE-LEAD, SPIRITYAWARD, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 1.7M readers with an average rating of 4.59/5 and 88 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 124 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Lee Hyun, the man once known as the 'Midas of music'. He got thrown out of his agency and his wife betrayed him. He lost everything and there was no hope left for him, but life gave him another chance to redeem himself. He found himself in 2010. The time when the entertainment industry has just started to get popular all over the world. With his knowledge of the future and his composing skills, Lee Hyun decided to make a mark in the entertainment industry. This time, he would become the 'God of Entertainment'. * * * *This novel is based in Korea. So, the names of the characters would be in Korean. If you like K-pop, then you would like this novel. If you can, please share it. Join the server: https://discord.gg/F9xfJWv Contact me on discord: Killerbee#4748 Note: This novel is also posted on scribble hub and Royal road. Release schedule: 2-3 chapters per day

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Your author here to give a review. I will just write the bad and good parts of the novel. I hope it would be helpful to you. The good parts: 1. If you are interested in K-pop and dramas, then you would like this novel. It tells the inner workings of the entertainment industry. 2. Music: Music will be a big part of this novel and the MC is a composer. 3. Idols: We all watch idols on stage, but not many people know how tough it is to become an idol. The MC would make boy groups, girl groups etc. 4. Celebrities: As its a showbiz Novel, there would be lots of celebrities. 5. Yandere: There would be one yandere heroine. I think many people would like that. The bad points: 1. Plot holes: Every novel has that. It's not surprising for this one to have plot holes. 2. Slow pace: The pace of this novel would be slow in the beginning as its a slice of life Novel. 3. No action: This novel don't have action or fantasy. Many readers search for them in novels. So, it can be a let down. I can't think of more, but if anyone finds one, you can write it down. Anyway, please give this novel a read. I think both male and female readers would enjoy this.


Expecting to be dropped. Story is good, since this genre is his forte. But let me remind you, dont invest too much. Save your coin or fast pass, wait till 500 chptr. Stockpiling first, since my heart still felt hurt when you decided to drop other novel. I know dont judge a person by his pass mistake. But you know, he can do it before, so it mean he can do it again. Good luck and please finish what you have started.


It's a great novel which encompasses the Korean industry. I'm excited about the yandere as it's in the tags. Thank you author for writing such a great novel.


I liked how the author paced the story. This is the one thing that is hard to see in the many stories here in Webnovels. Things are flowing smoothly and the events shift properly. it's not all over the place unlike some of the stories I had read. The narration and dialogues used was not forced and it gave life to the characters. I look forward to seeing more of this wonderful novel. More power to the Author.


Author is back with a bang after "Top Star" I am more familiar with k-pop and Korean drama. So, I feel more attached to the story, Top Star was more of a Chinese based but that was a killer and I hope more from this one. Like Top Star, this one is slow to medium-paced but you would never feel bored or uninterested, rather it's the opposite, you will feel like you want to read more of this. I am very much looking forward to where this will go, I know it's still in the starting stage but it has infinite potential. As it's medium-paced, MC has a lot of room for character growth, and the best thing the author does here is that he is giving every side character a backstory with emotions and it makes the characters three dimensional. World background is nothing different from the Korean industry but you will love it if you like showbiz novels. There is stability in updates and I hope the author continues it. Writing quality is as good as the Author's previous books. Story development is still in its initial stages but so far, it's good and better than any of his previous novels. Often times, when you start a book with a similar theme as the previous one, you would find a lot of similarities and it would feel like you are just ripping off the same one with different characters but this one is completely different from "Top Star" (only showbiz theme is similar) I have only two concerns regarding the story 1. Please don't drop this like the last one(at least get to 300 chapters) 2. No harem please(maybe 2 love interests but not more)


Cannot give 5 star. Because i know author have a bad habit in delaying the chapter release. Not just this one but many author. Just keep it up an do your best. Dont drop it like the top star. My mood for reading a novel dropped so much. Because some of novel really2 bad to read. And some good novel dropped. Some of it become bad. Author just do your best


I'm finding this book really hard to get into as the premise of it all is so sht. The whole reason for everything is basically he didn't complete his father's dream so he felt guilty af, resulting in a slump, his mother was disappointed in the mc for not following his father's dream resulting in them distancing themselves. He goes back and decides to complete his father's dream instead and goes from there. It is repeatedly mentioned how bad it was because he didn't follow his father's dream. To me, this is so sht and just rly hard to get into. As the mc did nothing wrong, he just made rly bad business decisions and surrounding himself with the wrong ppl. He followed his dream and now this is made out that it was the wrong thing to do and that he should have just followed his father's dream instead. You shouldn't force your child to do what you want... let him have his own dreams. Now, this whole story is about him completing his father's dream and correcting his mistake of following his own dream instead. This is just such a bad way to build the foundation of your story on and is rly hard for me to immerse myself as I dunno, it's just bad thinking.


I really love this book. Keep updating. Please. Thank you for writing this book. I was looking for a new book to read and I came across yours. Is well wirtten. Keep up the good work!👍😆


The author has grown since his previous work Top Star which can be seen in this book. The build-up and pace of the story are nice and it has the yandere tag. I am also an author of the book- Transferred to the Monster World you can give it a try .


Let me describe this book in 1 word. Perfection. I am hooked to this book. Although this is usually not the genre I read this book as managed to captivate me in a way many others have. looking forward to future updated!!! <3


Hello, I'm Tisha, Wow, you really got a good deal of ratings, I mean WOW***.......


I wanna see how this story goes. Like I loved it soooooooooooo much. I'm a fan. A fucking goddamn fan. the story is so immersive, never has some other story been able to grab so much of my undivided attention, except a few.


Reveal spoiler


Pretty good story. The grammar is decent. The story has potential and I love showbiz novels, you should give it a try. 140 characters !i!i!


Liking the MC so far, brutal "friends" he has haha. Writing quality is continuing to improve, and the story is very promising. Logical plot, hateable antagonists, and a great story, great job, author!


Hi, I'm never a fan of male leads but this book got me hooked up. I binge-read all of the chaps in a single go. The way things flow to make it look like it happened for real. And the way Lee Hyun thinks and the way he makes a decision after his reincarnation is very good. The way the story flow is steady and calm. It's not hurried or forced. It's very good. Simply, it's a book about a guy who is trying to make the right choices after making the wrong choices in his past incarnation. If anybody is contemplating whether to read this or not. I advise u too read it. Hope author does well in the future.


Wonderful story telling and from a reader who has read the previous book Top star this one has much better scope and story. The characters are well described with a clear world background. A well written start The only problem is a bit of lack of emotions conveyed. But this gets better over time so no problem


Reveal spoiler


At the moment, there’s only 11 chapters, so I can’t say much. The author’s writing has good grammar, the story is easy to follow, and there’s a clear goal for the MC. However, I feel that the MC’s emotions should be more developed; more descriptions and insights on what he’s thinking and feeling, especially since his experiences in just the first three chapters are really life-changing (being fired, cheated on, and going back in time). I don’t feel a particular connection with the MC, but I think there’s a lot of potential with the current plot and showbiz idea. I look forward to reading! Thanks and good luck to the author <3


The Author's writing style is unique and I love the way the novel is being narrated. The flow from Lee Hyun's thoughts to the scene is very fluid that I couldn't stop reading. The novel is presented in a neat way, and I never experienced being confused due to its clarity. The story unfolds in a stable rate, and I commend the choice of the Author to use Third Person POV. The POV chosen spiced up my reading experience making it a lot more interesting. The novel is set in modern day Korea focusing on the Music Industry. So far it seems big enough to be explored, especially from the eyes of a start-up Entertainment Agency owner who was once a top music composer. The characters are fun to read about, and I'm looking forward to the future that Lee Hyun and his yet-to-be-found comrades will shape. ✨ I'm excited to read more! ✨ Kudos to the Author! 🥂 Keep it up, and more power Author Bee! 👏👏👏


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