1 Chapter 1

18 March, 2018

7.45 am

Seoul, South Korea

(Simlee's POV)

"Y/n, are you there? ", I opened the door and for my surprise the room was empty. "Huh! Where did she go? " I thought. "Y/n -" then I heard the sound of the shower and as I went near to the door, it flew open and I was shocked. "Yah! Why are you shouting? I was being ready for the school. ", y/n said. I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't utter a word. It's the first time when Y/n wake up early in the morning without letting anyone of us shouting and along with that she became ready for the school without showing any laziness. I went to the window to see if the sun rises from the opposite direction. "No! It's okay. -the sun is in the east then.. Yeah! Probably I am dreaming. " I pinched my cheeks and "ouch!! " "what are you doing? " y/n asked looking doubtful. I ran to her and touched her forehead worriedly "are you having any fever? ", I asked. "No but I think you have. " she said slapping my hand that was on her forehead. " seriously.. I am asking seriously. I mean this is a kind of miracle. You wake up ear-" I was cut off by her, " yeah, I have something important to do in school and that's why I woke up early and it's not any kind of miracle. " I looked at her face. There's something strange. She was blushing... Wait.. She was blushing?! " Are you sure it's the reason? Cause I don't think because of some "important" work people blush! If the work is not that "extra important " or should I say "special"? ", I looked at her and she sighed, " you know right, how much I love projects. So it's one if my favorite project that I have been waiting for -" "you know right I can read people? ", I asked crossing my hands over my chests. She sighed again and "Fine! Well I wrote a letter to him and told him if it is a yes then meet me on the school today. So -" "Him means je-" she put her hand over my mouth, "just shut your mouth and don't let anyone know about this. You know, I am very excited and nervous as well. What if he will reject me, what if I do something wrong, what if -" I cut her off and said, " what if he likes you... Genuinely. " she blushed, " I hope so. Yesterday he texted me actually and said to meet me he wants to give reply of my letter. So I think it's a yes. Oh shit - I am late. call me later when you will arrive at school, okay? And yeah don't let my parents to know about this. Tell her that I will go with Sinb. " "yeah sure. Best of luck . " "yeah love you. "

2 hours later

"Oh it's raining, I can't go to school now. I have to tell Y/n about it. " I picked up my phone to call Y/n.

On phone -

"Hello y/n, sorry but it's raining and I can't go now. Well, is you project complete? "

"it's okay. "

" you are sounding low. Is everything alright? "

"Yes it's. "

"Did he hurt you? Did he not come? "

"Not yet.. I am waiting in the park near the school. Ah it's okay. It's just 2 hours from then. Maybe he's stuck at something. "

"Call him. "

"I did but he didn't receive. Maybe he's busy. I will call you later. Bye. "

"Yeah but - hello? Y/n? "

Before I could finish she hung up the call.

2 1/2 hours later

I was watching some videos on the YT. Suddenly the bell rang. I opened the door to meet a y/n with pain on her eyes. " I think something is wrong. "- I thought. "Y/n, is everything -" " yeah it's. I am just tired. " with that she went to her room. I ran after her. "What happened? Tell me ", I asked. " He didn't come. " she said, " but it's okay. Maybe next time he will come. It's also raining today. " I went to her and asked " are you OK? " and then I saw her tears flowing down over her cheeks, one by one. "I am just hurt. I think I am overexpecting. ", she said. "It's okay! I think he's busy. Take a rest. Don't think about him much. Okay? " she nodded.

The next day

On school

We arrived at the school. Y/n is okay now. the environment of the campus is a little bit of different today. Everyone is excited. "Is there something special today? " I asked y/n. She didn't know as well. "Maybe everyone is excited to see us. ", y/n said and we both laughed. Suddenly, a girl bumped into me. " oh Natalie, is there anything special today? Why everyone is so excited? " "oh you didn't know! Well today after our 1st period, Jeon jungkook will propose a lucky girl to be his gf " As we heard it we were shocked and looked at each other's face. "Oh thank you Natalie. " I thanked her and went to our class. " I said you right? Everything is going to be well. He is gonna propose you and that's why he didn't come yesterday cause he wanted to give you a big surprise. " I told y/n. "But how do you know that it's me? There's hundreds of girls here and anyone can be his lucky girl. You can't say anything. "She replied. I sighed and said "you are really a dumb. See you told him about your feelings, right? And he told you to meet you yesterday but didn't come and now suddenly two days after your confession, he's gonna propose someone, so? " she blushed hearing my words. "Well now stop smiling and meet me after the 1st period. Best of luck. " with that we both parted for our classes.

10.00 am

The class ended and I was with y/n now, going to the school playground where Jungkook is going to propose. We arrived there and was waiting for him. "Are you sure-" "yes I am "I said cutting y/n off. She was blushing as well as was being nervous. Suddenly, a bunch of shouts from the fangirls were heard. We turned our heads to the side from where the voices came and there we saw the "BTS". Y/n tightened the hold on my hand. She was surely nervous. "It'll be fine. " I whispered to her. Then we saw jungkook coming towards us. "See I told you. " I told her and with that her smile came again on her face. He came slowly towards us and kneeled down in front of us and said, " will you be my girlfriend miss park.... SIMLEE? "

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