12 chapter twelve

Ronnie's POV

Do you know that feeling of content and utter fullness you feel when something good happens to you? That's the feeling I woke up with. Let me list a couple examples if I lost you. So, maybe you had a crazy dream about a food combination that you want to try but at that particular moment you can't (for various reasons). As if instinct you feel empty and incomplete cause you haven't answered that great calling. The moment you actually do it and it actually tastes amazing you feel something right? You feel something other than happiness, something way better. You feel accomplished and supreme like a businessman making great sales. Eish! Did I just think that? Ughh Dad's getting to me. Another example might help.

Let's say you were starving, and craving for something particular and somehow, miraculously the hot plate of yummy goodness finds itself in your grasp. Obviously, you'll devour it like there's no tomorrow. Now the feeling you get as you rub your stuffed belly is what I'm talking about. The smile on your face that you're oblivious to, the one bump your belly makes that you're happy about and the warmth you feel on the inside. If that's not enough to catch up then I don't know what is.

Just as happy as a person with a job feels on their day off is how happy I felt when I woke up. I felt rested relaxed and ready for all the karma that was out to get me today. As I normally do, I pushed myself off the bed and went to the chair on the other side of the room to turn off my alarms. To my surprise they were all turned off. Weird. Shrugging it off I continued my morning routine. When everything was all set, I headed down stairs for food.

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day but it is what keeps me alive. A day without breakfast is a death sentence cause there's are so many hours till lunch, I can't last that long without dropping dead. After starving the whole night due to sleep, it is important to give your stomach what it needs. As I entered the kitchen I saw Daniel and Peter helping each other with the preparations.

Peter was as usual dressed in full white whilst Daniel as usual wore all black. What caught my eye was how the black shirt clang to Daniel's chest so tightly. On me that shirt just loosely droops up to my knees with no problem. On Daniel the shirt seemed to be restricting some of his movement and you could see his muscles tense, flex and strain against the shirt. I was so taken that I didn't realise I was staring.

"Morning Ro!" Peter greeted as I gained Daniel's attention. "How'd you sleep?"

"Like a baby, thanks for asking." I answered. "How are you boys doing this morning?"

"Pretty good!" They both responded at the same time. "Jinx!" Both screamed at each other.

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"Double jinx!"

"Triple Jinx!"

"When will you two grow up" dad sighed as he walked towards us. Embarrassment clearly showed itself on the boys faces as they continued to prepare the meal.

This earned a light chuckle from me. Peter and Daniel have always been close. Daniel treated Peter like a brother and Peter visibly loved Daniel. Spending a lot of time together made them more and more alike over the years. Just by looking at how efficient they worked together was enough evidence to tell you that they had an amazing relationship. Even before meeting dad and I, Peter and Daniel had known each other. In fact, Daniel is the reason Peter is part of our huge family.

With a kiss on the forehead dad asked "How'd you sleep munchkin?"

"Like a baby" I smiled.

"That's a relief. You were starting to look more like a zombie." That earned him a punch on his shoulder. "What? I'm just being honest."

"Breakfast is ready Sir." Peter informed. Dad thanked him, took his plate and began to eat.

"Miller? Tawamposheko lelo? (Aren't you going to greet me today?)" Daniel joked in Bemba.

"The children of nowadays lack respect. Ine fye ine (me surely) Miller. Nawishiba ati tinaba bawiso? (do you know that I can be your father?)" Dad sternly retorted.

"Of course, I know that but you're my main man first." Danny responded and dad laughed.

"When did you get back dad?" I asked curious.

"Last night, but you were asleep. You looked so adorable, kwati ni ca pushi. (Like a cat)" That caused everyone in the room to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Dad asked confused.

"Pushi (cat) dad, really?" I groaned rolling my eyes. Causing everyone else to laugh even more.

"What? Cats are supper adorable on the internet." Dad defended. "So, what's funny?"

You, Mr Miller!" Daniel laughed. "The pushi thing was funny but your accent is terrible making it even more funny."

"He's trying though." Peter added.

"Despite the terrible attempt of a compliment, I'm proud of you Dad. You're getting better." I spoke with pride seeping out with every word.

If you are from where I'm from its compulsory to know Bemba or else you'll have communication breakdown. Almost everyone in Chingola knows Bemba. It's like the main mode of communication. Lots of elderly people never attended school around here, making English a little difficult for them. Don't get me wrong though, some speak fluently but the rest either aren't that bad or just don't know. It makes me happy when I find old people who want to learn to speak the white man's tongue. The smiles each of them has when they manage to say a word is just so satisfying. Despite all the good things about English, Bemba feels more natural and heavier. You never go wrong with bemba.

"Ronnie's right, you have improved Sir." Jack said as he walked into the kitchen. Jack worked at the gate and was one of the most intimidating people I had ever met. It was only when he smiled did I feel a little less intimidated.

"Thank you, Jack." Was dad's response. He then got up, kissed my forehead again and went to get ready for work.

Jack continued "I hope everyone is fine and I'm sorry for the disturbance." He looked at Peter for a brief moment then carried on with a sheepish smile. "It's just that uhm... Well... The boys asked me to get breakfast.

Peter grinned. " Just give us a few more minutes. I will personally deliver it to you. Okay?"

"Okay. I'll be leaving now." Jack walked out

"So, Where's my food!" I announced.

"Right here" Daniel placed a bowl in front of me.

"Thank you, kind Sir. " I goofed as I got a spoon to eat the porridge. Peter and Daniel quickly rushed out to give the men outside their breakfast.

Breakfast and lunch for the workers was always on the house. It was a rule my mom came up with. She believed they did too much work to just be awarded at the month end. So, she came up with feeding the workers as a much-needed payment. Peter also seemed to enjoy making meals for more than just dad and I. Sometimes we never even ate from the house, rendering his services useless to us. Therefore, this rule was very important to Peter because it made him feel like he actually had a job.

Once back Peter quickly got the remaining shares breakfast and left to hang out with the men. I decided to walk back to my room when Daniel stopped me.

"Hey" Daniel greeted as he hugged me from behind.

"Hi" I mumbled back turning to face him

"Wanna go with me to Andy's house?"

"Do you even have to ask? Obviously, I really want see the family. I've missed them so much. "

"Me too."

"You are such a momma's boy" I teased and ran to my room.

"No, I am not!" Daniel whined behind me. He is.

Since I'm going to see the most fashionable person I know, I need to look my best. So, I washed up again really quick and decided to get dressed in what I think is my best and most comfortable.

My definition of comfy was a two-piece grey loose shirt, black ripped jeans and red converse to complete the look. Just as I continued to admire myself in the mirror Daniel walked in.

"Trying to impress my mom" he teased

"Duh" I rolled my eyes and continued, "that woman is what I call completely on point. She never disappoints me, ever. How that is possible is beyond me" As I finished talking Daniel was already looking intently at me with amazement plastered all over his stupid face.

"What? Do I have something on my face" I asked whilst vigorously wiping my face getting rid of something I couldn't see or feel.

"It just that I don't see what you see, Vee. I don't know whether it's because she's my mom and I know her through and through. I just don't know, you talk about her in such an enchanting way-"

"That's because she is great" I cut in. "She's strong too. My very own wonder woman. In fact, she's way better than wonder woman."

"Such high praise. I'm beginning to wonder whether you're still the same Vee I once knew." He nagged.

"Ugh! I'll be outside." I stated as I walked away from Daniel.

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