13 chapter thirteen

Ronnie's p.o.v

I was very excited to go outside. It has been over two months since I left the house and even though I love home I really need to leave its premises. It has felt like a prison even though Dad tried to make it better. The fact that it was just the two of us in this big house sorta rubbed in the fact that I was trapped. When dad went out and left me behind I was so sure he'd find me dead or something. I excitedly ran down the stairs, mom's scolding about running were safely locked at the back of my mind. I quickly grabbed my bag and headed out. I was quickly hit by not salty fresh air. It was hot and the sun shined with vigour, blistering and forcefully heating anything it touched. Kinda felt like it was aiming to cook us all alive, but you know what they say.... drip! So, no weather focus will change my fashion choices. I was about to take another step when I saw Peter straight ahead.

"You’re thinking about your fashion choices. Aren’t you?" Peter asked as he walked up to me.

"Partially. How'd you know?"

"It's kind of obvious. You took one step outside and froze." He observed and continued. " Plus, I'm rethinking your fashion choice too. Just looking at you is making me feel all sweaty."

"I can't change. Drip all the way remember?" I reminded

Peter rebutted "With this heat you will drip sweat. Lots and lots of it." I sighed and was about to go back inside when Danny two showed up.

"Ready to go?" He grinned. I shook my head and was about to walk back into the house when Danny stopped me.

"What's up?" He asked a little concerned.

"Peter said it's too hot to wear this" I replied sadly.

"Now wait a minute, I didn't say that." Peter defended.

"Yes, he did!" I cried back.

"Peter, why can't you just let her wear this?"

"I just gave her some advice. I didn't force her to change anything. Tell him Ro."

In response I batted my eyelashes at Danny making my eyes as big as I could. This caused Peter to face palm whilst Danny laughed at both his and my reaction.

"Just go already" An irritated Peter almost shouted as he pushed us off the patio.

"I'll miss you!" I teased as we walked out.

"That makes one of us." Peter muttered loud enough for me to hear. He then looked towards Danny and spoke "I don't know how you keep up with her but you all need medals." I couldn't help but laugh knowing very well that he needed the biggest medal because it's his buttons that I've pushed the most.

We then walked towards Danny's rental. Of course, it had to be a classic car. Slick black 2019 Audi Q8, she is beautiful. Danny unlocked it and I quickly went in and made myself comfortable.

"Leather seats" I muttered mostly to myself.

"I knew you'd like it, so I made sure to pick this one." He mused.

"I'm flattered but really?"

"You know my mom so that answers that question.” Danny two pushed.

“Danny one is always so extra, I’ve always wondered why.” I wondered.

Danny smirked, “why don’t you ask her when we get there?”

I just nodded and Danny started the engine. The drive was quite short. Mostly because everything around suddenly became so fascinating. It’s a wonder how some things change in such a short time. The tree leaves were golden and everywhere. It looked so beautiful but I felt bad for whoever had to clean up after. I saw other people and kids and man did it feel awesome to wave at the neighbours and everyone who walked passed the car. Music softly played in the background and I hummed as I enjoyed the view. Danny seemed content with not having a conversation or a rap battle. I guess he understood how much I wanted to be part of the world that I’ve missed out on for slightly over two months.

Andy’s house came into view and I couldn’t stop the grin that spread itself on my lips. It was just like I left it. A green loan guarded by a short fence decorated by shrubs and flowers. Beautiful and comfortable patio littered with comfy chairs and play-sets that Hazel plays with. One could easily identify which item belonged to which person in this household. This was due to the fact that Foxy colour coded it all according to each of their colour scheme preferences. I found that adorable and convenient.

As we pulled up in the drive way I was so sure Danny would be running out with open arms ready to gobble up her son in hugs and kisses. Surprisingly that didn’t happen and I was somewhat disappointed. Daniel was unphased so I’m guessing this isn’t the first time she didn’t show.

I literally busted through the door and shouted as loud as I could that I was back. Foxy was the first to pop her head into the room to check what the ruckus was about. When she saw me, she teared up and gestured for me to go to her. I hugged her back and shed a few tears of my own.

“I missed you so much baby.” She cried.

“I missed you more mommy.” I responded.

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I don’t know how long we stayed like that but I loved every second of it. It wasn’t until I let go of her did I notice the other people in the room. Danny had Hazel on her hip whilst giving Daniel a side hug. All three of them had tears in their eyes as they looked at foxy and I.

“Anyone up for a group hug?” I suggested. They all agreed and we formed a group hug. Danny one kissed the side of my face as she told me how much I scared and worried her. She also seemed happy about how I’m still in one piece even though I still have some bandages around my head and arm. Hazel held onto me and I ended up with her on my hip as we caught up on lost times. Then it dawned on me. Where is Andy? Where is my best friend?

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