10 chapter ten

"Mom's at Andy's. Why'd you ask?"

"Nothing really. I just really missed her."

"More than me?"

"Definitely more than you Daniel. That woman is a blessing."

"You can say that again" we laughed as we looked at each other with a knowing gaze. Daniel and I talked a lot more after. We talked for what felt like minutes but I knew better. We had been laying there for hours and the conversation was not yet at its climax. Three years’ worth of stories to tell each other.

"So, how's Jules? You guys going out already?" I asked curiously. "Don't you dare lie cause I know you inside out." I said whilst I poked at his abs which I never noticed before. Damn! These are definitely new and firm. Momma likeyyyy.

"Like what you see?" Daniel asks with a cocky smirk. I just looked up and gave him the most blank and uninterested look I could master at that moment whilst my insides boiled with embarrassment.

"I'm guessing that's a yes." Daniel said as he gave me a I-know-you-too-well smirk.

Daniel, Andy and I have been friends since forever. We were closer than triplets. We did everything together. We were the three musketeer's, three amigos and the three idiots all in one. The three of us were so close and our parents got even closer. We were close and even got closer over the years despite being separated. Daniel and Daniella moved to the United States a few years back and I can't lie we were all heartbroken, especially me cause Daniel is the big brother I never had and he protected me from everything and everyone. He made me feel safe and at home every time he was around. Even though we were separated, Daniel and I tried our best to keep our friendship as close. Time difference was a problem and let me not start talking about network. We have school and separate lives and all but we kept trying to make the effort and stayed close.

It been over two years since I last saw Daniel and boy did those two years’ work wonders on him. He's accent has evolved and man is he a hot Englishman. He looks so good and strong. Glowing like a God. Muscular in all the right places and-wait-wait-wait this is my bro I'm talking about... Ro don't be gross!

Just when I got even more comfortable in his arms my luck just had to run out. Grrrrrrrr

"Was that your stomach?"

"Nope!" Grrrrrrr

"Vee, I'm pretty sure that was your stomach talking" he said amused. I just face palmed myself several times in shame. Daniel just laughed and continued.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about Vee. It's just me after all." He smiled. "I'm famished as well. Let's eat something."

Daniel got off the bed and dragged me with him down stairs. I wasn't complaining though because I was both hungry and got an opportunity to view him from top to bottom properly. Damn he looked good in his plain black tee, black skinny jeans and red vans. If simple but sexy was the look he was going for then he nailed it. It wasn't long before we got down stairs and went straight to the kitchen. There we found Peter, our personal chef and my closest friend amongst the help.

Peter was a tall and slender man. He always had a smile on his face and was completely obsessed with white. Today he was dressed in a white dress shirt, white jeans and white canvas. Like how does he manage? He was super friendly but when it came to his kitchen he became a beast. A huge contrast to he's normal self. If there was one thing I am positive about Peter is that he is passionate about cooking. You can tell by the way he handles the cooking ware and food stuffs. His execution and taste are always exquisite. In all the seven years Peter worked here he never seemed to disappoint Paps and I not once, which was and is an absolute good thing because I have grown attached to him. Peter is like an uncle to me. He gives me advice and tells me great stories. I trust him with secrets and he trusts me too.

"Peter!" Daniel exclaimed as he walked towards Peter leaving me behind.

"Little Danny!" Peter returned with an embrace.

"It's been awhile. How are you?" Daniel asked as they ended their much-needed embrace.

"I'm great. Thanks for asking. From the looks of you I can tell that you're good as well. You've grown so tall." Peter stated somewhat surprised making Daniel laugh.

"I used to tell you I would grow tall but you guys thought I was just messing around." Daniel replied humorously.

"You were right all along but until you surpass my height you're still short."

"One day Peter, one day" replied Daniel with a smile. "Anyway, what's for dinner?"


"What do you mean by nothing. I want my food!" I demanded as I walked closer to where they both stood.

"Now she wants to talk to me" retorted Peter as he rolled his eyes at me.

"Don't roll your eyes at me!" I shot back.

"Don't raise your voice at me Missy!" Peter retorted. He then opened his arms wide, ready to receive me.

"I missed you Peter. Where were you?" I asked as we broke the hug.

"Just after your accident your father gave all the workers leave. He said something about it being his fault so he wanted to be there for you himself. So that's why you guys have been alone the whole time. I missed you too and I'm glad to see you all better." I couldn't help but smile. Paps did this all for me to feel closer to him. What a sweet man.

"So, when did you get back?" I asked

"Today. Though my shift will start tomorrow. I only came here because your father asked me to check up on you since you were throwing a fit and all."

"I was not throwing a fit!" I announced.

"Ground swallow me now" Daniel mocked. Without thought I smacked the back of his head which caused Peter to laugh.

"Ouuuuuuch! That really hurt" Daniel muttered in pain as he rubbed the back of his head. I just huffed and looked the other way.

"Well it was nice seeing you after such a long time Daniel. As always, it's a pleasure to see you too Ro but I have to get going. I'll be here in time for my shift tomorrow but for now I'm going to enjoy my last free day." Peter stated as he picked up his things ready to leave.

"See you tomorrow and have a good night " I told Peter as he walked out of the room. Immediately after that I rushed to the fridge to look for food.

"Nothing?" I asked mortified, to no one in particular. I then rushed to check the pantry and all other storage units for food and I surprisingly found them empty as well. Daniel saw the look of betrayal I had plastered on my face and couldn't help but ask what was wrong with me. I opened my mouth to speak when my body decided to act on its own terms and before I knew it I was running out of the house shouting Peter's name like a mad man.

"Why are you shouting? I'm right here" an annoyed Peter responded.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you left." I apologized. Embarrassment written all over my face.

"Well as you can see I'm still here. So, what's with all the noise?"

"You left without telling me where the food is."

As if on cue a car pulled over with attractive woman in the driver’s seat. Peter immediately got in the car. She smiled at Peter and waved at me.

"Hi Ronnie!" Shannon greeted from inside the car.

"Hi shan!" I replied, calling her by her nickname. "Please ask your fiancé here to tell me where he hid my food."

Shan laughed as she looked at Peter amused. "Give the child her food Peter"

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"I told you before. There is no food and I'm not cooking till tomorrow. Goodnight, I have a dinner to attend and I'm already late."

I smiled at the last part when I noticed Peter blushing a bit as Shannon smiled at him lovingly. Just one look was all it took to see that these two were madly in love with each other. I want that too. It may sound terrible but I envy them so much. If only the guy I liked could love me back just as much. Is it too much to ask?

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