6 chapter six

Andy's P.O.V

"Then you multiply the constant throughout and divided by the denominator. Get it now?"

"Kinda, so what you're saying is you get this here put it there. Bring this baby down here and add it with my brother over there. Then get the mama bear and make her multiply with the family. Then get the uncle to divide them all. Right?" She asked, more like told me, with a huge grin.

"Wow....Ehh...yah that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm proud of you" I beamed at her. She has been making good progress with her school work. Her accident caused her to miss out on a lot of school work and it was my job as a best friend to help her catch up.

"Is there something on my face?" She asked as she touched her face.

"What?" I asked I confused.

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"Or somebody's falling for my good looks" she joked whilst punching my arm. I just shook my head at her. "Admit it I'm the most beautiful gal you've ever seen." She said whilst winking.

"Yeah right" I spat back whilst rolling my eyes. "If you're the most beautiful girl then I must be Jason Mamoa." I laughed at the sad face she made and extra pouted soft pink lips. She looked really cute and those lips .... whaaaaat am I saying.

"Your comebacks are lame and I hate you." She screamed and stomped away.

"I love you too" I chuckled. I continued to go through my notes. Out of nowhere Ronnie comes and takes my book and runs away. I run after her. "C'mon Ro! I need to study. I have an exam tomorrow." She kept laughing as she ran. She knew this place better than me so every time I came close to catching her she'd make a turn or something then she'd leave me in the dust.

"It's not funny anymore. Give me the book!" I shouted breathlessly. She's so fast and I was getting tired of this. I guess she really does deserve to be the captain of the track team. "I give up! You win! Ahhhhhhh!! I shout breathlessly whilst I drop on fresh green grass under a tree.

We had made over three laps around the house and eventually made it outside. That was a horrible idea. Ronnie's house has one of the biggest yards in the town. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath.

I turn to my side when I feel eyes on me. "Didn't your father ever tell you not to stare."

"Nope and I'm glad he didn't." She snickered.

We just laid there quietly observing how the clouds slowly chased after each other. The blue sky wasn't as blue as before, instead it had hints of orange and yellow. It looked way better here than from my balcony back home.

"Beautiful" was all I breathed out.

"Yeah. It really is amazing" Ronnie said next to me. I turned and found her already looking at me. Our eyes met each other for a brief moment before she looked away. For a split second I think I saw something in those eyes but before I could make out what it was she looked away. That's... Strange.

"Eyy... Do remember this tree?" She said making this situation less awkward.

"Now that you've mentioned it yeah. We used to play here a lot." I say with a huge smile on my face.

"Remember when I invited you to my tree house but you couldn't climb up the tree." She said whilst laughing "you were so sure that we'd fall and you kept talking about how unsafe tree houses were and how many people have died from climbing trees blah blah blah." Ronnie's laughing got louder as she kept recalling what went down that day. I looked away as I felt embarrassment wash over me. I was such a nerd those days. I still am but a least now I don't go around declaring how unsafe the world is.

"I admit I was a little too much but facts are facts." I try defending myself. Somehow this only made Ronnie laugh more. She held her stomach tighter.

"You told me the same thing that day. You are such a nerd." I said as she finally managed to stop herself from laughing.

"Wrong I'm a bloody genius whose gonna save the world!"

"You’re such a child" Ronnie said as she got up to leave.

"But you love me" I said with a goofy toothy smile. Ronnie just rolled her eyes, put her arm around my shoulders and dragged me to her house. I had to walk whilst bending the whole way because Ronnie is shorter than me.

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