17 chapter seventeen

Ronnie’s P.O.V

Andy and his big mouth. Why the hell did he have to bring that up now? I couldn’t face Daniel after that. I could already feel his disappointment from where I was. Veronica Miller you’re such an idiot! I’m pretty sure he feels left out or even worse. The awkward silence intensified and Andy’s slurps made it even more annoying. It wasn’t until the waiter came to ask if we needed anything did I jump at the opportunity to leave.

The walk to the car ride was quiet. No one talked to each other and it was getting on my nerves. The ride wasn’t as pleasant either, the music played but no one was joyous enough to jam. The silence was eating me up and I started to feel anxious. What was Daniel thinking? Does he hate me? What am I saying, Daniel can’t hate me? Does he feel betrayed instead? We promised not to lie to each other and I did. Does he suspect me of hiding even more things? Does he know something about my secrets? Does-

“Guys, I am going to get Summer. Don’t kill yourselves okay?” Andy joked as he disappeared into Summer’s high wall fenced yard. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t realise where we were. I turned to Daniel who was now seating next to me so that Summer could seat next to Andy. He just stared out the window. Looking down at his hands I noticed he kept clenching and unclenching them. He usually did that when he was mad.

Like a reflex I quickly grabbed Daniel’s hand and looked the other way. I could feel his questioning gaze at the back of my head. He seemed to look at me for some time and I was starting to feel hot. It wasn’t until he caressed my arm did I turn completely red and sweaty. Daniel must have noticed this because he started to laugh at me. I took back my sweaty hand and wiped it against my jeans.

“What happened princess? Why did you let go of my hand?” he teased.

“Shut up!” I rolled my eyes and blushed even more.

“What, too shy to even look at me?” he taunted. I just pouted at him and looked back out the window. Soon enough Andy was back hand in hand with Summer. They looked so happy as they kept stealing glances at each other. It kinda stung. I was the only one who was supposed to make him smile like that. What am I doing? He’s in love with Summer and not with me. He is not in love with me…

“Hey. He’s a fool for not choosing you.” I looked at Daniel with shock. How did you-

“How did I know? Well it’s kinda obvious since you gawk at him every chance you can.” He laughed whilst I glared at him. Andy and Summer finally got to the car and found me hitting a very cocky Daniel.

“You guys really are trying to kill each other.” Summer said amused as she got into the passenger’s seat. Once settled Andy started the engine and we were off.

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“Vee is the fighter and I’m the victim.” Daniel accused making Summer laugh whilst Andy and I shook our heads.

“Okay, so Summer this is Daniel. Daniel this is Summer.” Andy introduced.

“Nice to meet you Summer. I’ve heard so many things about you.”

“Good things I hope.” Summer chirped happily. Her smile was so sparkly and cute I couldn’t help but get envious. My smile was crooked and not sparkly. She wore a beautiful short mustard floral summer dress with spaghetti straps and I white tee underneath. No matter how much I wanted to condemn her thigh short dress I couldn’t, she looked so good and so did her legs.

“She does look good, doesn’t she?” Daniel whispered in my ear. “But I know for a fact that you also look good in anything you wear.” That just made me feel ashamed and a little sad.

“Ronnie?” Summer called bringing me back to reality.

“Yah?” I asked.

“I was saying that I’m really glad to see you in good health. I prayed for you and made it a prayer request at church. I’m sorry for not doing more, If I could I would.” She’s making it even harder to hate her. How can someone be so considerate and sweet?

“Thank you for doing that. I assure you that you did more than enough already. Also thank you for taking care of this bumpkin when I was down.” Summer gave me a heart-warming smile and I couldn’t help but crookedly smile back.

“Home at last!” I shouted as I ran into the house. Daniel, Andy and Summer walked behind me. The moment I reached the porch Hazel was already running towards us. She first ran into my arms and hugged me really tight. She then ran to Daniel and Andy and did the same. Lastly, she walked to Summer and asked a question who’s answer I was not ready to hear.

“Are you Andy’s girlfriend?” Hazel asked innocently. Little did she know that I forgot to breathe. Before Summer could say anything, Danny walked out calling Hazel’s name.

“There you are.” She breathed relieved, “Oh, you’re back. Hi Summer, you look nice today. More flowers I see.”

“Uhm, thanks Danny. You look really nice too.” Danny was wearing a white boob tube crop top with butterfly embroidery and cute khaki shorts. She really did show off her long endless legs and damn were they a sight to see.

“I know sweetie. I always look gorgeous.” Danny smiled. “If we’re done here let us go in. Dinner is ready so wash up and come to the table. I hope you didn’t spoil your appetites and welcome to the family Summer!” Danny shouted as she rushed to the kitchen.

My quick wash up consisted of me taking off my shoes and socks and diving on the couch. Summer gracefully followed me and sat on the chair next to me. I assumed the boys went to shower. When growing up, Danny had this rule which required us to look clean and smart when we sat for dinner. Henceforth, it is embedded in Daniel’s mind to always take a shower before dinner. As for Andy, he just wanted to be clean for Summer. I on the other hand just felt lazy.

“Veronica Miller go and take a shower! I can smell you from here and you stink!” Danny announced and I could hear Hazel laugh in response. I just rolled my eyes and started to get up when I heard a light chuckle coming from Summer’s direction. She was trying really hard to keep it in but was failing horribly.

“Not you too.” I sighed dramatically causing her to let it out. Summer’s laugh was adorable. It reminded me of a baby’s laughter. I smiled at her and excused myself. Just as I was about to leave Danny poked her head into the living area.

“Summer, care to help me with a few things while these idiots get ready?”

“Sure.” Summer said sweetly and headed towards Danny’s direction.

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