7 chapter seven

Andy's POV

Ro:): awake?

Andy: yah. Wassup?

Ro:): can't sleep again :( ...too many monsters in my room.

Andy: OMG! Goodnight ;)

Ro:): that's it? Really?

Andy: what do you expect me to do at 2 in the morning? o.O

Ro:): idk? Oh, here is an idea SaVe mE!!!!

Andy:): uhhmm no thanks. Sleep sweet ;)

Ro:): Goodnight my sweets :x

It has been about 4 weeks since Summer and I started hanging out together. I'd be lying if I said I was miserable. I've been having a good time with her. In fact I've been having the best time. She is amazing in every way. She's not only smart, thoughtful, sweet and extremely good looking but she's also goofy geeky and weird in her own little sweet self-way. What more could a guy ask for. Like, she's got it all and more, and obviously my crush on her just doubled, no tripled! no quadrupled! - you get the point. She's so perfect for me. Mentally wipes invisible tear.

Today is kind of a big day for me since I really want to ask her out. Is it too soon? Am I moving fast? Maybe I should wait a little more. After all patience is a virtue. Ha! I've been wanting to go out with her since fourth grade and here I am talking about patience. I'll just ask her at lunch. The moment I see her I'll ask her. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I ghat this.

"Andy! Over here!" I heard Summer shout above the cafeteria noise. As I spotted her and walked up to her she gave me her signature smile and I felt the mushy mushy feeling I felt every time I she smiled at me. Damn I am such a sucker for this gal.

"Hellooooo? Earth to Andy?" She said whilst waving her hand in front of my face forcing me to snap out of it.

"Oh uhm, hi Summer" I greeted with embarrassment. Sometimes I wonder why she's still here. I'm so clumsy, weird and awkward and I know she's seen that obviously, but why does she still stay? My thoughts were interrupted as Summer started to speak.

"So, what's up?" She said in a cheery tone.

This is the opportunity Andy, ask her out. "Summer?"


"Do you, you know? Wanna hang out with me? Like we already hang out and all but I was hoping we could hang out preferably outside school. What do you say?" Being nervous is an understatement. I was sweating so much that my shirt began to stick to my body. Gross, I know.

Summer was quiet for a while and so I looked up from the table and looked at her. She thought for a while before she beamed with a huge yes. I let out a breath I had no idea I was holding.

"Btw" she continued. "I'm sorry for last night. It's just that I really needed to talk to someone and you’re the only one that I could think of. You must have thought I was being weird right? Calling you around two in the morning."

"No no. It's not like that. I wasn't even busy around that time and most of my friends were sleeping." I said with a little bit of guilt. I'm sure Ronnie must have figured out that I was talking to someone else after I ghosted her.

"Great! Now that that's settled let us eat please. I am starving!"

As usual lunch was exciting and interesting. Summer told her stories and I tried to tell mine. Keyword tried. I've been a nervous wreck around her but it seems like she's adjusted to me. While I'm slowly but surely adjusting to her. As awesome as lunch was it always seemed to end so soon, just when the stories were getting spicier. It would always end with me giving out a loud irritated sigh and Summer's cute giggles as she would say same time tomorrow.

As if tradition or routine Summer would pick the trash and throw it whilst I'd push in the chairs. I'd then walk her to class and run to mine after. It just felt right and normal to do this. Like we'd been doing it for years. I couldn't help but give her a toothy grin when she mentioned coming over to my place after school. It's safe to say I was in too deep.

After school I rushed home so I could whip up something before Summer arrives. I was so relieved when she told me something came up and she couldn't make it straight after school. So instead we made it a dinner date. Not a date date more like a hang out that two friends go on. The moment I got home I was in complete and utter shock. Of all days for my mom to have intense cleaning she chose today. The house was a huge mess. Things were all over the place and there was utter and total chaos. How original. Note the sarcasm.

"Mom!" I whined.

"Is that you Andy?" She asked as she came down stairs. "What's wrong with your voice?"

"Summer is coming over later today."

"Really!" She said with excitement. Then she suddenly changed and asked with disappointment "Andy, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I wasn't sure what she'd say, so I didn't want to get my hopes up and get you all excited for nothing." I said with a sad smile. It would have been really embarrassing to get my nosy mom all excited then get rejected.

She smiled sadly then with lots of conviction she said " we have no time to waste. This place must be immaculate!"

"How will we finish it in time. We're just the two of us."

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"Don't you worry about that, I know just who to call" she said with a proud smile. "In the meantime, let's begin."

Mom and I worked as fast as we could. Halfway through the work Hazel came and began to help. Apparently, she was the help on the way. I did notice that we became twice as fast with her around, mostly because mom promised flamingo extra dessert. Once we were done I rushed to take a shower and mom did the finishing touches.

When I walked back down stairs I found my mom cooking and it had an amazing aroma. Just then I received a text from Summer telling me she was outside. I quickly told my mom and rushed to the door. She was wearing a short, white, flared dress with blue embroidery at the hem of her dress. She tied her hair up and wore blue sandals to finish the look.

"Wow! You look amazing."

"Thanks. You don't look too bad yourself." She replied.

I allowed her in and briefly showed her around before I took her to the kitchen were my mom was. I introduced them and my mom seemed to love her. Conversation flowed easily and Summer's humour was greatly appreciated. My flamingo joined in too and asked Summer lots of questions. We were having a blast until the doorbell went off. Mom gave me a questioning look and I just shrugged. Who could it be?

"I'll get it." I said as I rushed to the door. The moment in saw who it was my face dropped.


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