19 chapter nineteen

I woke up in my comfy bed, wrapped in my three favourite blankets. As usual the light was blinding yet warm and I somehow wrapped myself so hard I was stuck. The birds were chirping and the clouds were floating-wait I minute, how did I get home? Who brought me back? When was I taken? The last thing I remember was laying on Daniel’s chest. I quickly got off and did my morning routine and headed down stairs. Like every morning paps was in the kitchen making breakfast. He still had the serious look on his face as he scrambled the eggs. He then turned with a smile on his face and looked at me.

“Good morning sweetheart.” he chimed. “Grab a stool and eat with me.” I did just that and he settled down next to me.

We ate in comfortable silence until my curiosity got the best of me.

“Who brought me home?”

“I did. Though I knocked for such a long time. What happened to all of you? Were you sedated or something?” dad joked.

“Or something” I laughed. “Danny cooked dinner.”

“Oh, I see. Her delicious food has always had that effect. I always wondered what she put in it that makes you so full and tired. Once in high school I asked her to switch lunchboxes with me since she claimed to have made her lunch all by herself. I admit it was delicious and way better than my sausage and chips lunch combo. Just after sixth period I was out like a light. Your grandparents were even informed of my “unruly” behaviour.” I couldn’t contain my laughter. Danny’s food really was a tasty sedative.

“By the way, Danny will be coming over soon to take you shopping.” I was beaming with excitement. Shopping with Danny was always exciting. Her fashion taste was exquisite and I craved her approval when it came to clothing. Before paps could say more I was already running up the stairs. Shopping required comfortable clothes and shoes. Picking through clothes and shoes took time so comfy was the only way to go.

I ended up picking white sweatpants and a black loose tee. Sweatpants all the way. Those things are a blessing to mankind. Loose and airy and easy to take off when trying out clothes, perfect for shopping don’t you think? For shoes I decided to go with black cannies. My shoe collection consisted greatly of them. I had them in different colours, design and style. I found them most comfortable and convenient, that’s why I mostly wore them.

Since I had recently took a shower, I found it useless to take another one when Danny comes. I am not sure when she’ll get here so I’ll just binge something to pass the time. The Originals, popcorn, groundnuts and a tall glass of zig did the trick. I was so lost in the series and all my ships seemed to be sailing perfectly. It wasn’t till my phone chimed did I finally look away from the tv.

Dannysmall: Princess!

Ro: yellow!

Dannysmall: Sorry for leaving you hanging okay *crying*

Ro: no biggie

Dannysmall: what’s with the sass?

Ro: You’re disturbing me *sulking/angry*

Dannysmall: what you doing?

Ro: the originals bye

Dannysmall: what’s that?


Dannysmall: *rolls eyes* I was in med school so cut me some slack.

Ro: uhhh nahh! *laughs* you’re a caveman.

Dannysmall: I’ll be you’re caveman boo.

Ro: bye smallz

Dannysmall: wait! Please buy some candy for Hazel for me. She’s been bugging me all morning and I can’t take it anymore.

Ro: *laughs* Sure, anything for Hazel*smiles*

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Dannysmall: me too, right? *smooch*

Ro: BYE!

I tossed my phone to the side and continued to watch the series when I heard a car horn. Danny was already here. I don’t understand why she always uses the horn when there’s always someone guarding the gate. It wasn’t like they couldn’t see your car; our gate was made of bars. Anyway, that was Danny’s way of announcing her arrival. It took her almost thirty minutes to get to the house. This was mainly due to the fact that she decided to go around greeting everyone who worked here. They weren’t many workers working here; probably about ten or so. Three workers in the house (one chef and two cleaners), one gardener and one landscaper, two guards, a watchman and a gateman. You’ve met Peter the chef and Jack the guard already, so two out of ten. Some workers such as the cleaners and landscaper only came when needed hence the scarcity.

“Georgie! Ohhhh Georgie! Guess who’s heeeeeeerrrrrrre!” Danny screamed her way in. I admit I flinched and I’m sure the neighbours did too. She made it to the living room and found me settled on the couch already looking her way. She gave me a brief smile and kissed my forehead before she asked,

“Where is your father? I thought my screaming was enough to make him run to me.” she asked laughing at the end.

“Well I’m sure the neighbours are now well informed of your arrival.” This made Danny playfully whack me before she went back to screaming for paps.

“I’m here! Here!” Paps answered as he ran down the stairs. So much for mom’s warnings against running on the staircase.

“Finally!” Danny visibly relaxed, “Where were you?”

“Taking a shower” Paps replied out of breath. Danny smiled at him for a bit before she began to laugh at the sight of him. Paps hair and neck still had soap foam. He wore his shirt inside out and forgot to zip his fly. Danny pointed out all of this to my dad and he just looked helplessly beyond embarrassed as he zipped up.

“I am sorry you had to see that.” He said mostly to me whilst Danny kept laughing at him. It wasn’t long till the thing happened. The thing was more like a reaction that happened when my paps and Danny met each other. It was like halves that were separated were finally put together after such a long time. The feeling of completeness and content followed them and warmth filled the room. From the way I saw it, it felt like the world stopped in this one moment. Nothing else mattered to them except each other. The discarded everyone else in the room for only they mattered. The huge smile and the teary eyes of my paps always made me get emotional too. Danny’s small smile and kind eyes made her look like a totally different person. She looked more reserved, shy and quiet which was far from how we knew her.

They both had such an effect on each other. At first it scared me. How can two people have such an effect on each other? Later on, I realised that this was something scared and rare. A true bond between soul mates. Paps tried to convince me otherwise but I know that this, this is love. After the smiles, tears would follow. Truckloads of tears as they continued to stare and act like there was a glass separating them. This was always amusing. They would look so hopeless as though they were stuck to the ground and if they moved the other would instantly die. They would unconsciously reach out to each other then fall back. I grabbed my phone, took a picture and sent it to the family group. My phoned chimed almost instantly as I got responses.

Mamafoxy: why are they so dramatic? *rolls eyes*

Dannysmall: leave them alone *laughs*

Andy : Are they fighting yet? lol

Just like that they fight began. Danny kept asking why my paps didn’t text her that Saturday night when she asked him to. Paps was asking her why she didn’t pick up thirty minutes after she asked him to text. Ahhh! They were like old teenagers and it was annoying to both watch and hear. I couldn’t barge in even if I wanted to because they both got very nasty to anyone who tried. So, it was either I walk away without getting their attention or just sitting through this. I picked the latter and instead entertained myself with my phone.

Ro: they are arguing *rolls eyes*

Mamafoxy: I bet it’s about why the other changed their cologne *laughs*

Andy: That was last time’s argument. I’m sure it’s about why the other updated their insta without telling the other *laughs*

Dannysmall: no and no. It’s about why George didn’t text my mom at the time she asked him to.

Ro: Ding! Ding! Ding! A point to all of you. They are arguing about all those things *laughs*

Mamafoxy: hahahahahahahahahaha

Andy: *face palms*

Indeed, they were all right. I heard my dad inform Danny of why he uses Nivea and not Masculine. He was justifying why he decided to smile while facing away from the light and not towards it in his latest insta update. I, on the other hand, got a little concerned as to why they kept oversharing their hygiene and confidence levels with each other. It wasn’t long till out of the blue Danny dived into my paps’ arms and they were hugging like crazy. I, as the acting paparazzi, took my job really seriously.

Dannysmall: the hugging part is my favourite. They always look so happy! *hearts*

Mamafoxy: Point! They are like two perfect cake slices *hearts*

Ro: Awwww I can’t relate…. I just see my dad and a beautiful Danny.

Andy : Does anyone else suddenly crave cake? I want cake that preferably looks nothing like those two.

Ro: lol. Later *wave*

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