4 chapter four

Andy's POV

School sucks without Ronnie. We do everything together here and she makes school really interesting. If she was here right now she would probably be making me laugh a lot. Her eyes bulging out due to excitement. Her hands all over the place as she describes things. I can't help but laugh as I remember.

"Hey Andy"

That brings me back to reality. I look up from my book.

"Ha! H-h-h hey...Summer" I smile back nervously. My heart was pounding fiercely. It's so loud! Can she hear it? I'm such a nervous wreck.

Summer smiled. She had such a wonderful smile. It was soft and sweet. Her eyes were mesmerizing and beautiful. So, hypnotising the I didn't have the strength to look away. Her-

"Andy!? Are you listening to me?" Summer questioned.

"Ahhh....sorry... It’s just that ...what were you saying? I replied with a slight blush. She caught me staring!

" I was asking about Ronnie. How is she?" She asked again.

"Ronnie is fine. She will be back in school very soon." I replied.

"That's great! How are you Andy? How are you holding up?" She asked. I could see concern in her eyes. It's so sweet of her to care. Summer is the sweetheart of the school. She's so kind and caring and people love her because of that. That's why I've had a crush on her for years now.

"I'm okay. A little lonely though" I admit honestly.

"Hmmm" she looked down for a bit. I could tell she was thinking. Then she looked back at me and smiled. "I have a solution. Why don't you hang out with me for a bit? Just until Ronnie comes back."

I stood there stunned. Does she really want to hang out with a loser like me?

"Think about it. I'll see you around Andy" she waved and walked away.

"She did what!" Ronnie screamed from the other end of the line.

"You heard me the first time" I said and sighed.

"She practically asked you out" she says in a matter-of-fact tone.

"No. We're hanging out as friends. Just friends" Why does she always have to exaggerate things. "I'll talk to you when I get home". I hang up and stare out the bus window. I don't have a car yet but I'm saving up for one. I never really use the bus because Ronnie drives me to school and back. I tried to refuse but she doesn't take no for an answer.

" Mom I'm home!" Shout like I usually do when I get home.

"In the kitchen dear!" She shouts back.

I go to the kitchen and find my mom cutting the greens. She looked tired. I felt bad because I knew she was working so hard for Hazel and my sake.

I walk towards her kiss her cheek and grab the knife from her hand. "Go and rest mom. I'll finish up here."

She gave me a weak smile. "What did I do to deserve you?". She gave me a side hug then she walked away.

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I finished cooking. I cleaned up the mess I made and freshened up. Just as I walked down stairs I heard the door close and a little pink ball of cuteness ran toward me.

" Panny!" I smiled as I picked her up.

"Shhhh… Mom's asleep. " I whispered. She nodded and zipped her mouth with an invisible zip. "Are you hungry?" She nodded, "change then come and eat". I put her down and she ran to get changed.

"So, I heard that Summer talked to you today" my mom said as we were having dinner. I choked on the juice I was drinking.

"What are you talking about?" I said in between coughs.

"You know...Summer... Your crush for many years... The lov-"

"Okay, okay! I get your point." I cut her off," How did you know?" I ask

"Ronnie told me" she said as she laughed. Of course, my blubber mouth best friend.

"So, what did she talk to you about?" Mom asked

"She just asked me to hang out with her till Ronnie comes back to school" I responded

"And... what did you tell her?" She questioned

I bowed my head in shame, "I froze. I didn't tell her anything"

This made my mom laugh. I felt even more embarrassed.

"My brave little man can conquer worlds but can't talk to a girl" she said and laughed even more.

"Ronnie was right about you" she said humorously.

"What else did she tell you?" I asked with so much curiosity. What else do the two of them secretly talk about?

"The rest is girl talk. Which is none of your business" she said with a mischievous smirk.

"Whatever" I said under my breath and kept eating.

After dinner I cleaned the table, washed the dishes and dried them. Mom slept early today so it was just flamingo and I tonight. We watched a lot of cartoons until she started to fall asleep. I carried her to her room, helped her change and checked for monsters. When the coast was clear I tucked her in and stayed with her till I was sure she was asleep. Then I left her room and went straight to study.

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