8 chapter eight

I tried to quickly cover up my frown with a smile.

"Oh, please give up the fake look stuff. I know you ain't happy to see me but as usual I'm still happy to see you." I opened my mouth to respond when my mom called.

"Andy! Who’s at the door?"

"It’s-" she cut me off and yanked the door open.

"Sisterrrrr!! I'm herrrrrreeeeeee!!!" She screamed running to were my mom was. She immediately squished my mom in her death grip occasionally lifting her. When she had enough she let go and grinned happily. My mom couldn't help but reciprocate her happiness after all, they are sisters.

"Danny! When did you get here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming? God! I missed you so much! Did you grow taller? You look amazing by the way." Mom ranted on and on.

"Duhh! I always look good honey!" She said while rolling her eyes. "Also, I got here yesterday. It's been so long sis" She pulled mom into her tight hugs again and shed a few tears of joy and so did my mom. After a few minutes of rekindling and reuniting they finally let go of each other.

"Wait a second? If Danny one is here, where is Danny two?" Mom asked.

"Oh, c'mon Foxy! What does he do every single time we come here?" Aunty Danny rolled her eyes again. " That kid is in too deep for that girl but it's like my bad luck caught up to him." She said the last part with a hint of sorrow but that didn't last long. She was soon smiling and beaming as usual.

"Oh, I can't wait to see Danny and how much he has grown."

"You will be so surprised. He's a walking skyscraper. He's even taller than me and I'm more than six feet. Btw hugging you is stressful. You're so shoorrrrrt! Grow a little please." She laughed at moms offended facial expression. "I still love you Foxy!" She yelled blowing her a kiss. Then she turned to me as if she just noticed there were other people in this room. But before she could say anything to me Summer talked.

"Hi Aunt Danny." She chirped sweetly. Danny turned a little too quickly to face her. She was about to give her an answer when she noticed something.

"Foxy! Who is this new girl? You never told me about Andy having a new friend!" She yelled even though my mom was seated right behind her. She scanned Summer from head to toe drinking her appearance. Her gaze was so intense I got uncomfortable but Summer stayed the same with her unwavering smile.

"Danny this is-"

"You're Summer, aren't you?" Summer nodded with a small smile

"How did you know?" She asked sweetly.

"Cause you look the part. Also, my nephew talks about you a whole lot and I was wondering when he would man up and ask you out. Did he even ask you? I couldn't even imagine it happening." She leaned back and laughed out loud. "Like this guy couldn't even ask a girl out to save his life!"

"Danny!" Mom cut in. "Enough." She whisper shouted.

"I never knew Andy liked me to talk about me that much" summer giggled as she turned and gave me a knowing gaze. I quickly looked away as I blushed.

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"Okay love birds get a room or something." This made Summer blush and Danny laugh. "I'm just kidding, but you guys really do need that room pronto. My sis and I have a lot of catching up to do and we don't wanna bore you or ruin your little date."

"Hold on Danny." Mom cut in "You guys need to eat first before you go upstairs. Also, where is Hazel?" Mom asked and begun to look for hazel and so did I. Firstly Danny ruined my hang out with my mom, secondly, she tells Summer about the crush I have on her and now she causes us to lose my sister. It's been barely fifteen minutes since she arrived. See why I frowned? This woman is too much.

"You're looking too hard Foxy! Relax baby, I know where she is." Danny said all so casually. Why does she have to be so loud though? Danny got up and started walking to kitchen pantry.

"Sweetie! Come out come out wherever you are! Maybe she's in her room" Danny said talking to no one in particular. Then we heard a faint no and giggles coming from the pantry. She then walked closer to the door " I thought I heard something coming from around here." She stated dumbly as she walked closer to where Hazel was hiding. I could tell Hazel was enjoys this because I could constantly hear her giggles every time Danny searched the wrong spot.

"Found you!" Danny shrieked and grabbed Hazel in her arms. Hazel squealed in delight. She loved playing this game with her favourite auntie.

"Danny! Danny! You found me!" Hazel squealed happily. " I missed you so much Danny." Danny smiled and kissed Hazel’s face multiple times telling her she loved her too. I turned to look at Summer who was also dazed by this adorable site in front of her. Looking at my mom I noticed the unshed tears in her eyes.

"Foxy you have a smart daughter. I can't believe she remembers me. Its been so long. You are so cute Hazel and I just want to give you more and more kisses." She said kissing a laughing Hazel over and over again.

"Okay, okay, Break it up! Let's eat" mom said walking to the dining table.

We all walked there and sat down. Mom served the food and we began to eat with a little bit of conversation here and there.

"Aunt Foxy, this food is delicious."

"Thank you, Summer. Just Foxy is okay " Mom said with a smile of appreciation.

"Foxy was always the better cook. I thought she'd be a chef and own restaurant and do all the things that famous chefs do." Danny ranted.

"What do you do aunt Danny?" Summer asked

"Firstly, child I am not your aunt so don't call me that"

"My apologies" Summer apologized as her smile faltered.

"No need to apologize just don't do it again. Call me Danny okay. I'm too young to be called aunt. Plus, everybody calls me Danny. We cool?"

"We're cool." Summer said sweetly and dinner continued with Danny leading the conversation.

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