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What is Let's have fun

Read Let's have fun novel written by the author lynerparel on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A world where death and killing are the norm. A high school student from another world will get the chance to finally let loose, in a new world of swords and magic, where might is right.

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Wassup Just left wattpad for your novel and its pretty behind in chapters compared to wattpad can you please update the chapter. ******************S_P_O_I_L_E_R_S****************** In wattpad the chapters were uploaded till the time the MC got his own private army of adventurers.


Hi there! I just want to give an honest review in order for you to improve the quality of your story :) I hope you dont find this offensive and hurtful. To be honest, I find the story of the theme is interesting and has potentials... That is a good thing because every story needs a theme. But if you ask me about the narration of the story itself, it doesn't really give a large impact on readers and the developement of the story if very fast. The reason why it doesnt give an impact, it is because of the introduction of you chapter 2... Its like youre simply giving out how the character lives and then suddenly jumps into another scene in which is something that doesnt catch you within the hook. I hope you just be patient when writing this story :) P.S. I hope you are not offended by my honesty :) I just really hope that you could improve and please dont take this negatively. P.S.S. Its good that there are small grammatical errors and keep it up! Its just the story development and the world background you need to work out :)


Pls continue to update. Its interesting and good, i think I'm not the only one wants to keep this novel going on, I love this novel and I want to support it, specially the author. That's all


i love tha concept and the writing so far but you need to keep writing/updating or people will lose interest or at least let your readers know what to expect on releases


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