1 Oak Autumn

"Hey ma! I came back from school. It was a great day",said Oak as she entered the house. Oak hid all her pain and went to her room with a smile. Alyssa Autumn didn't have any idea what her daughter has been going through. But she was confident that Oak is a strong girl who can stand up for herself even when her mom is gone. Oak's parents never told her that Alyssa has brain tumor and she has been given a life expectancy. Everything was quiet in the Autumn house until one day Oak stumbled upon some medical documents. She couldn't stop sobbing as she read her mother's reports. It was the black day for the family. Hisa Autumn tried to put off the gloomy mood. But nothing changed for days. Everyday there were conflicts in the house. And Oak's life had become even harder. Poor Oak after a long day of girls bullying her in school came home to a sick mother. Oak already knew things were hard for Mr.Hisa to provide for the whole family. And now that her mom has a deadly disease and cannot go to work for the rest of days she has left on Earth, Oak decided to start a part time job secretly. She used to sneak out quietly and come back before 5pm. Days went by just like this. Oak decided to confront her mom seriously and asked,"Ma,How much time do you have left?". Alyssa got goosebumps all over her and sighed,"What do you think? My little Oak?". Oak became anxious and asked her mom why she posed a counter question rather than just telling her what she asked to know. Alyssa couldn't help anymore and told her, "One month". Oak whispered, "what?". "That's all i have left!", Said Mrs.Autumn. Oak started crying loudly and hugged her mom told her how much she loves her and how she won't be able to live without her mom. Alyssa tried to calm her down and told her that she'll be leaving something valuable to her that Oak will forever be grateful for. Oak started staying at home and skipped school most of the days. Three of them started sharing the days together and did all the fun stuff they always did. The month had almost ended and time had come for Alyssa to say goodbye to her family. And then in a flash she was gone. Oak tried to appear strong but in reality she was crumbling inside. Another month had passed without her mom and she remembered her mom telling her that she left something for Oak in her secret closet. Oak opened the drawer, "A novel?huh. I wonder what kind of novel it is that mom called it extremely valuable"."Oak come down here right now i have someone you need to meet!". "Okay Pa! I'm coming down". In front of her stood a young lady with strawberry blonde hair. "Um who's she father