1 Daring

I had met Gem during a dinner party at my father's house. He was rather nice and very good looking. His hair was black, he wore black glasses with a slightly square, slightly curved rim, that sort of resembled the ones that sponge bob wears. He was in faded blue jeans with small lines of denim sewn in horizonal pattern on the bottom that gave the pants a style statement. He carried himself in a manner of which any young, rebellious lady would fall embarrassingly for in front of her family and friends. I was a lady in waiting for his mistress to get away, not that I had a choice. I didn't ask for Gem to come into my life. I was, in such a situation that I had never imagined any day of my life would be as complex to figure my way out of. This was merely fate or a set up. Yet, there That night, at the dinner party, Gem, and his cousin Bezel along with their two dates, joined my entire family for a nice meal and entertainment, conversation, and scotch that followed. I sat at the dining room table, where I joined nine others. I sat across from Gem, having to watch the gush that was him and his mistress. Unbothered by the relationship, however disgusted by the nature of mankind. At that moment, I was not yet aware of the bond that would be developed between Gem and myself. It wasn't until after the dinner party, when we were all gathered in the living room, listening to dad tell stories of the ages. The Best of Classic Rock plays on the flat screen behind his head, but no one paid it mind, that I noticed. I think dad was going on about some time he had in the 80's. Dad always said not to take life too seriously until mid-thirties, early forties. He said life will take me seriously until then. I had not worried too much. I knew life had my ears pinched with clothes pins and there was not a way to escape from the insight, understanding, and awareness that I, and everyone around, knew I was quickly taking in with every word, every inside joke, snide comment, sexual slur, and tell-all secrets that they had been keeping tight between themselves. "Don't worry. I'm not going to say anything." I assured my dad. Dad said my attention to detail and grasp of any concept spoken about was a gift, most of my family called it normal, and the guys that hung around the house, dad's buddies, a few men I considered uncles agreed with father, "It is a gift. If your father said it be a gift, then it be a gift," they said, shaking their head. That night at the dinner party, father brought it up; my enchanting qualities, he had called them. Father went on to say more.

"My daughter is not spoken about under good light enough. She deserves recognition tonight. She organized the house and arranged meal preparations to be carried out. She even found time to call a decorator."

"I decorated it!"

"My apologies everyone, she decorated the party room all by herself." "Next time, the decorator, sweetheart." Father laughed. I gave him a look, assuring him that I agreed with the humor he so personally loved to exert.

"She has proven herself to be a very well-rounded, peacemaker." Everyone applauded. I stood beside my father smiling. My appreciation was overlooked due to its obvious timing.

"Would you fancy a glass of wine?" The Butler offered. "Thank you, Charles."

I caught a glimpse of Gem's mistress, Francesca, leaving out the patio door. I couldn't tell if she was crying, leaving the party or getting fresh air and puffing on a fag. Either way, Gem was alone. I pretended like I did not see him by the pillar, and I continued to look at the wall in front of me, and, although, I stood closer to the wall, the wall too, was in front of Gem. I wanted so badly to turn around. How else was I going to know if he was still behind me, watching me? I twirled lightly, and in high-hopes, I looked up. His light blue eyes shined. He gave me power and, respectfully, I did the same for him. I just knew that our chemistry had aligned for us to be together in the right place, and at the right time, tonight. Inhaling power, exhaling existence. I was standing across the room from him, perfectly side by side. The hardwood floor in my living room, gave the essence of romance in every light brown cedar wood panel that shined to perfection. The music playing in the background was some song we had heard before. We began to move, and with identical rhythm. Extroverted, and similar mental standpoints and mindsets that held us on our feet, as we acted out similar, one-two-steps with every move that we made while the two of us remained quiet.

Francesca walked back through the patio door. Time to cool it. Chill out. That is not who we are. In the sense of being who you are, sure; but, we were not to be seen, for our own self-reasoning, acting any way outside of our usual character is weak. Francesca caught Gem and I looking at each other.

"I dare not ever love you! That is preposterous. Your simple-minded excuses and you're sure less than a man! Francesca yelled at Gem.

"Les Whitney, I was only kidding." Gem looked at me. "I have a girlfriend."

A lump in my throat grew. I became very ill and upset. "I plead you, do not start a fuss here and now." I said to Gem.

"Yes, you must be right, but I was thinking it." Gem said.

So, make it clear, do not ever start a fuss in front my father's family less you want thrown out together, of the heir mistresses house." I replied

"I wouldn't dare cross your word in your father or heir mistresses house."

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