1 Mission : Escape

It was an eerie night in Jankuu. The townsfolk wore long coats with hoods, and the children had warm boots and gloves to protect themselves from the cold eastern wind. Torches and street lamps were lit, but it was still unusually dark.

In the back of an alley, behind the pub, a slim figure leaned against the damp brick wall. He shifted slightly, a lone beam of moonlight sparkling in his blue eyes.

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"Listen, the King really doesn't like elves like me wondering around in his towns like no man's business." the figure whispered, looking down into a completely dark area of the alley, "But he absolutely wouldn't want to see a werewolf waltzing around either." he continued.


A low grunt came from the shadow, followed by the sound of shuffling. "I want to make a deal. I'll help us both get outta here, and travel somewhere safe. But you gotta protect me at all costs, and never betray me." he glanced back out onto the street, making sure no one was spying on them.

After what seemed like an eternity, a large man stalked out of dark and of the alley. "I'll help you." the deep voice spoke. "But you better keep that promise about gettin' me outta here." the smaller figure smirked, and held out his hand. "An elf always goes by his word." Once the handshake was made, the deal was made.

Each pulling a hood up, they kept their heads low and stalked onto the busy street. Although many villagers were rushing to get home or do their business, not many people spoke. A man on a horse trotted past. He was wearing rather expensive attire, and his mount seemed to be well taken care of.

Once the pair reached the outskirts of town, the elf stopped, and turned to his companion, looking up at him. "Almost forgot, friend. Didn't get your name." he chirped. His voice was steady yet sweet. "Daigo." the blunt reply came. "Just Daigo? Alright then. I'm Khaitu Reizo." they continued walking, and made their way to the stables.

"You know how to ride a horse, don't ya?" Khaitu asked, briefly glancing over each animal. "Fairly well. Used to ride all the time." sighed Daigo, crossing his arms. "Brilliant, coz I'm not sharing a horse with ya." Khaitu laughed, striding over to smaller mare, with dappled grey fur. "There's a big draft horse down the end." he called over his shoulder as he gently approached his selected steed.

After about half an hour of tack preparation, the two were ready to go. Mounting the horses, they quickly made their escape from the eastern town of Jankuu. The cold wind quickly blew the hoods off of both the riders, revealing two completely different faces. The elf had pale skin, a slim, smooth face, and perfect blue eyes, with luscious, flowing brown hair, reaching just past his shoulders, a golden tint from the moonlight, and the tips of his pointed ears were barely visible. Behind him, the werewolf was much older, with rough skin, chiselled features and lots of grey facial hair. He had dull brown eyes that were almost covered by his brows, which were constantly in a frown. Along with his gruff facial presentation, he had broad shoulders, and unkempt, dry skin, but it didn't seem to bother many others.

"Mission : Escape Jankuu, success. Easy enough." the elf seemed ecstatic. "But we've got mor than a long journey ahead of us. Too long to imagine."