7 Untamed Wrath

In the infirmary Saol was lying unconscious attached to a drip with a weak sedative. The sedative after five hours ran out, and Saol slowly woke up to the sound of a Tv. When he looked up the Tv was on a sports channel, the sport in question was soccer. Saol was interested in the sport, but only enough to watch. Two hours went by of Saol watching soccer until he got up and stretched. Saol knew he couldn't avoid the power he held for long, so he prepared to face it head on. Laying down on the table Saol tried to fall into a deep sleep and reach the inner works of his mind. Eventually his mind faded to black and his body went into a state of hibernation.

Inside of Saol's mind there was the same black figure as last time. Unmoving it looked at him trying to understand something. Saol asked the figure "What are you?"to which it said "I am, you and you are me.". Saol was hoping for a better answer to his question, leaving him slightly perplexed and annoyed. Saol eventually tried to grab the figure, only to feel anger as it dispersed into smoke and reappear behind him. This time it felt calmer than the rage he felt before he passed. Saol tried to focus on this feeling and use it, only to lose it the moment he tried. Saol eventually got tired of trying and left his subconscious. When Saol returned, he saw Steve and Fury beside him talking, and it was only small talk. Saol jumped out of the hospital like bed and said "How's it going?". Steve said. "Good, or at least better than yesterday." and patted him on the back. Steve noticed Saol was calmer and more collected than usual, but Saol didn't notice this himself. It was like a different person, but not at the same time, making Steve befuddled. Saol noticed Steve dozing off in the middle of their conversation and said "Earth to Steve is you there?". Steve answered "Yeah, I am." after a minute more of thinking to himself. Saol said, "Alrighty then, lets go to the training room." making Steve worry about another berserk Saol, but pushed it back knowing something was different.

When Saol and Steve arrived at the training room they both went to there respective corner. Saol however blanked out for a few seconds before an aura of green light appeared around him. Saol compared to last time had his hair spiked up slightly and his eyes a blackish yellow, and gave off a calm but dangerous demeanor. The moment Fury said "GO!" Saol appeared beside Steve and punched him in the side knocking him back into the nearest wall. Saol was about to go after, but stopped in place as his aura and eyes reverted to normal. Saol noticed two things, one his power wasn't close to complete, and it only lasted for 10 seconds. Second if he held it any longer, he would have lost control of himself. The second one was only a guess and had to be proven through trial and error. Saol decided to save that for a later time and continue the spar with a bruised up Steve.

Steve POV

The moment we were about to fight Saol appeared beside me and dealt one hell of a blow to my side. Sadly the next second I hit a wall adding more to the pain I was already in. I eventually got out of the wall to see Saol had returned to normal, and we started to throw left and right hooks at specific points. Our goal in training is to leave the other unable to fight by rendering them unable to move. I tried to fight Saol for as long as I could before falling down on one knee unable to get up. It had only been two minutes but the damage he dealt from the first hit was too much, he could have probably done more than I realized. Besides that I was sorta banged up from yesterdays events making it worse for me. I looked at Saol and said "Can you help me up, I think we're done for today." to which Saol said "ok.". Twelve minutes passed as I was walking to my room with the help of an agent. When we reached the door, he opened it and helped me sit down, and left the next second. To which a doctor came in and bandaged me up, taking what felt like an hour and left. I laid down on my back and decided to sleep and hope these bruises don't take long to heal.


AN: This chapter was shorter than a few I have written. I hope you enjoyed it none the less. I am trying to type multiple chapters a day, so I can release daily but just one of these drain me. So I hope you can put up with chapters not being updated as much, until I can release daily.

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