3 Super Soldier and Going to War

Two Months Later

Steve at this moment is being given the Super Soldier Serum, while Saol was invited to watch. This was mainly thanks to Steve for pleading them to let Saol see the experiment (The experiment takes place like in the movie.). Steve stepped out of the machine with a completely different build than Saol was used to. Steve was taller with a more masculine build and gave off a different vibe compared to his scrawny self.

Saol was genuinely happy his friend was strong and survived the procedure. Getting up from his chair he went over to congratulate Steve and thank Abraham Erskine. This was short lived however as an assassin shot the Abraham Erskine and set off an explosive inside the building. Steve followed the assassin to the best of his ability running through the streets of Brooklyn and Saol not far behind. (This played out like the chase seen in the movie almost to a T, except Saol caused a little more destruction.) In the end Steve caught the assassin and tried to ask him a few questions. The only words Steve got were "Hail Hydra" as the Assassin bit down on the Cyanide pill. Saol arrived shortly after the assassin died huffing and puffing.

Saol: "I...Finally.Arrived."this was the only thing Saol said as he fell flat on his ass a second after.

Steve: "So you caught up, you slow poke."

Saol got up from the ground and asked what happened to the guy on the ground. Steve filled Saol in on what took place and waited for the police to arrive.

With this done, the public had taken notice and Brandt invited Steve to join the war. Steve looked at Saol who said "Wherever you go, I go got it.". Steve smiled at this notion, and they went home to pack whatever they needed.


What Saol and Steve didn't know was the thing Brandt had in mind was different from what they pictured. Steve had to dress up in a Red, White, and Blue outfit to entertain and keep morale up. This lasted for a while, up until Steve rescued nearly 400 prisoners, with some help from Saol. Up until now they have trained, but not really initiated in lots of combat. About 2 years have passed since freeing the soldiers, and Steve was assigned to assault a train housing Zola, with Saol as his backup followed by Barnes.

(AN: This will be the first fight scene I have written, so it might not be great.) Steve and Barnes over viewing the train, went down first. Saol went down second as backup if needed, considering they had no idea how many people were on the train. Steve and Barnes were ahead of Saol by one cart, initiating combat with a few soldiers here and there. By the time Saol caught up, Barnes was thrown out the train by a bulky man with red eyes. This man was Brooks, except his eyes and hair color have changed, making him look intimidating rather than gentle.

Saol kept his cool and went in for a quick right hook and sweep at the legs using a style named Dragon. This made his attacks powerful, while being quick enough to evade heavy attacks from an opponent. Brooks staggered back from the right hook, barely avoiding the sweep, and tried to hit Saol barely missing him by a hair. Saol wasn't good enough with Dragon to draw out more strength, as he hasn't had much time to practice the style to a certain degree. This made his attacks lack the full firepower needed to combat someone the size of Brooks. Saol went in for more attacks to be repelled and scraped by a some, that were faster than others. At one point Brooks body seemed to grow from being hit to a certain degree, and Saol felt as if he was hitting a brick wall. This went on until Steve joined in lessening the burden on Saol's Shoulders, trying to draw Brooks attention. Finally, Brooks stopped growing at about 8 feet and dealt punches that were fast and heavy knocking Saol and Steve like they were ragdolls. Steve looked at Saol and went in to trip Brooks, using all his strength toppling the giant. Saol pushed himself as much as possible to help toss Brooks off the train, making his small wounds grow to serious injury's. Steve gave one last push to make Brooks fall off the train, however Brooks went to grab Saol's leg and take him with. Steve last second barely threw his shield hitting Brooks in the head knocking him back. The last thing Saol saw was a big man fall getting smaller and smaller the further he fell.

The mission ended with Gabe Jones arresting Zola and later the group was extracted.The Interrogation of Zola revealed Johann Schmidt's plan to bomb the United States with them being powered by the tesseract. The SSR along with the Intelligence extracted from Zola led to them formulating the plan for the final attack on Hydra. This didn't take too long, but gave Steve and Saol enough time to train in case someone like Brook shows up.The month consisted of Saol practicing the Dragon style until he was 50% efficient, and started learning the basics for the Crane style. Dragon style is one of the five Styles focusing more on power, and less on speed, while the Crane style focuses on weak but accurate attacks and evasion. Saol tried switching from style to style but the delay was about 5 minutes, leaving openings in the style he was using. Steve, on the other hand, focused on a rigorous training exercise making him stronger, and slightly faster to a degree. Saol would occasionally join in which helped him improve in physique. At last the plan for the final attack on Hydra was ready, and Saol knew this wouldn't be a easy task for him and Steve to complete.


AN: Hope you enjoyed this long chapter. I started writing this a little before the Act and finished the night after I took the Test. I don't know how good the fight scene was I am still working on my writing style here and there after all. I will try to write chapters from 600 to 1000 words long, but some will be shorter.

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