1 Reborn Without Memories

A child born in Brooklyn around 1923, a few years after Steve Rogers. Minutes pass and the mother who gave birth decided to name him Saol (the Irish word for life), after which her strength gave out, and she passed on. Not a few minutes after the mother died, however the father abandoned the child and took his life, leaving the child crying in the nurse's arms.

A Few Years Later

In an ally there are four kids on the ground clutching their stomachs, as the child slightly younger than them is standing above them with little to no injury. He stares for a while with fear in his eyes, mumbling the same words "I'm sorry.". Not too far away a 20-year-old Steve Rogers watches the kid from a corner and thinks that he could use a few words of encouragement.

Steve walks toward the kid slowly, trying to make the kid comfortable rather than scared. The tall kid with long black and spiky hair notices Steve advancing bit by bit, with no intent to hurt him making him confused as to why he's not being ridiculed like others do daily. This coupled along with his abnormal strength makes him an anomaly, but this man sees him as a scared child with nowhere to go.

Steve: "Hey kid are you alright, you look depressed?"

Saol: "I am scared not just because of my strength, but I hurt people without meaning to."

Steve: "It's alright kid come with me. Let's get you cleaned up, and we will talk after."

Saol follows Steve to a big building, not to run down and follows him inside. Steve told him to take a shower and gave him a new pair of clothes to wear. Finally, the two sit down at a small round table to have quick conversation.

Steve: "Alright kid what's your name."

Saol: "It's Saol. What's yours?"

Steve: "The name is Steve Rogers. What were you doing beating those kids up in the alleyway?"

Saol: "They kept calling me a cursed child, since my parents both died after I was born and called me a monster because of my tail."

Steve: "I see, alright I made up my mind you can stay here with me, however you need to learn to control your strength alright."

Saol had never experienced this before, but felt happy that someone had seen him as something other than a monster, and decided to take him in. Saol agreed to Steve's terms and after a few minutes they ate dinner and went to sleep.

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