4 Pure Rage

The last day of preparation arrived and Saol dressed in his new attire that had a blue body suit that covered his upper torso with a blue gi overtop and orange pants. It was light and allowed for flexible movements, which fit his fighting style quite well. Steve and Saol both got stronger by a decent margin, making the fight with Brooks seem easy.

Saol: "Are you ready Steve?"

Steve: "Yep, I am ready to put Hydra down once and for all."

Saol: "Take it easy. We have no idea how strong the may have gotten in a month. For all we know Brooks may have easily survived that fall and trained to put us in the dirt."

Saol and Steve both thought about Brooks being stronger than last time, at they shuddered slightly. This didn't last long as they changed the topic and prepared to be sent out.

Steve and Saol could be seen on motorcycles heading towards the font gate. The closer the two got more hydra soldier would pop up, causing them more problems. Saol said he would deal with it and told Steve to go on he will catch up.

Saol got off his bike ready to brawl with everything he had, slightly stretching his muscles. All the hydra soldiers looked at him confused as to why he was stretching, but tossed it aside and prepared to fight. Saol the moment he finished his quick light stretch, used the Crane style to quickly appear behind for soldiers and put his fist in their back. When the soldiers fell over Saol quickly maneuvered around to another group to put them down. Saol wasn't proficient in the Crane style yet, as he started to get exhausted moving so fast. As the last soldier fell, he sat down for a minute to rest, after which he got up and ran towards Steve's location. When Saol arrived, he found Steve fighting Brook, losing more ground every second. Saol knew that Brook might be on another level and knew that if he didn't go all out they would lose. Saol changed to the Dragon style and helped Steve out here and their until his style was ready.

Saol looked at Brookes and charged him while Steve stood his ground blocking hit after hit. Saol threw a punch at Brooks stomach, which Brook grabbed and pulled towards him decking Saol. Brook threw Saol to the side and ran towards Steve trying to throw him off the edge of the platform. Steve barely rolls to the side and doges the punch, only to be hit right in his side the next second. Brook grabs Steve and throws him into the closet wall, pummeling over and over with a flurry of punches. Saol at this moment viewed the fight trying to get up, while gritting his teeth. The more Steve got hit the angrier he got, until his eyes flashed a slight yellow. Saol eventually stood up, his eyes yellow and a slight green aura surrounding him. Saol roared at the top of his lungs, rushed right up to Brook and punched him in the abdomen leaving a imprint of his knuckles on his stomach. Brook felt the injury healed slightly, but it only healed the imprint, not the damage dealt. Saol keep punching Brook, getting faster with each punch, only leaving a second of breathing room. Eventually, Brook slumped over, not dead but in critical condition.

Saol's rage slowly dissipated, as he went to pick up Steve. Picking up Steve they rushed to catch Red Skull, and boarded the Valkyrie that he was on. Steve and Red Skull fought each other. Saol tried to help but their was little room to actually try. Red Skull was teleported away by the tesseract, and Steve had to steer the Valkyrie into the ice to prevent it from reaching the United States. Saol just watched their decent into the ice, thinking "well shit."

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