6 Primal Awakening Pt.2

AN: SHIELD is going to be a bit different. I am going to make SHIELD have a prominent role for certain events later on, not related to the main storyline.


"Do you want to join SHIELD?" Fury said in a more domineering tone after having to repeat himself. Saol and Steve had no clue what SHIELD was and asked him to give a brief explanation to which Fury simply handed them a set of papers giving them a quick idea. Saol and Steve thought about it and decided that they had nothing else to do and agreed. Saol agreed as long as Fury let him choose his suit and found a set online after some trouble. Fury agreed and when he saw what Saol chose he reluctantly agreed and had it custom made for Saol.

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A few hours late Saol equipped his new suit, and it fit perfectly, as this one was made to fit his size. When Saol arrived at the training grounds that Steve ad Fury talked about a few recruits were practicing combat techniques. Saol twitched for a second as his eyes flashed yellow, and then went back to normal. Steve came in a few minutes after Saol entered, walked over to him, and gave him a pat on the back. Saol after calming down looked at Steve and asked if he wanted to fight and see how rusty the are. Steve agreed and started stretching beside Saol, thinking back to his time in the army. Steve and Saol eventually finished stretching and walked over to the middle of the training grounds.

Saol jumped up and down hyping himself up, trying to remember his styles. Finally a countdown started going from three, down to two, then one, after which a voice saying go through the intercoms sounded throughout the room. Saol rushed Steve slowly increasing his strength the more he familiarized with his body after such a long sleep. Steve did the same thing trying to gauge Saol and get his body under control. Saol went to hit Steve in the abdomen stopping a second before the punch landed, freezing up. Steve took advantage of this and knocked Saol down to the ground, with which Saol laid unmoving. Saol's eyes went from black to yellow over and over, as his body twitched here and there.


Saol was in his mindscape looking at a figure around the same size as him, slowly growing with a green energy surrounding it. It uttered the words "kill" here and there, as it walked closer stopping a few feet from Saol. It looked at Saol for what felt like hours until it decided to send its energy towards him. Saol tried to resist the energy given to him, barely holding onto his sanity, uttering the same words the figure said over and over. Eventually, it engulfed him in a dark green energy as he lost consciousness.


Steve saw Saol getting off the floor slowly and wondered what happened to him earlier. These thoughts didn't last long as Saol yelled at the top of his lungs. His eyes were a darker shade of yellow with a slight green tint, and his body bulked up slightly. Steve looked at this thinking back to the fight with Brook, and hoped Saol wouldn't go on a rampage. Steve was unlucky as Saol looked over to him and rushed trying to punch him. Barely dodging the punch Steve yelled "I need my Shield." to Fury who was in a room above viewing the fight. Fury shouted at his men to bring Steve his shield, as fast as possible. A minute of Steve barely dodging Saol's punches saw a soldier carrying his shield. Steve took this chance to run towards him and said "Throw it!", to which the soldier did. Steve caught it just in time to intercept a punch from Saol and sled back a few feet from the force. Steve and Saol threw punches and fought for what felt like hours. Saol eventually slowed down and fell down on one knee, giving Steve the chance to throw his shield right into his face. Steve ran up just as he threw the shield and hit Saol as hard as he could in the back of the neck knocking him out.

Steve let out a few words, "I thought I was about to die.", trying to rest as much as possible. Steve knew that if Saol was able to think logically, he would have lost within two minutes. Steve got up and went to his assigned area to sleep, and wait for Saol to wake up. Within a few minutes of laying down Steve eventually fell into a deep sleep.


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