1 System

"Where am I? Am I in a dream? Why everything looks green?"

Azim looked around the place and quite shocked by this. He was supposed to sleep on his bed, thus this felt like a dream to him.


[Please select your profession]

'Huh?! What's this? Profession? Never heard this word before. Did I really slack in my class before this?'

A screen appeared in front of his face. Unfortunately, he was lost on what to do.

[Do you want to randomly generate a profession?]

[Yes / No]

Azim selected 'Yes' without a second thought. The screen brighter up a little and seconds later a word filled the space.

[Please select your profession]


[Please select your main sport.]

'Profession means athlete? Well, whatever. The only sport I know is football.'

"Football. I choose football."

[Please select your main sport.]


[Generating Player Stats]

Player Stats

Name: Abdul Azim

Age: 9 years old

Profession: Football Player

Position: -

Offensive Awareness: 2%

Ball Control: 7%

Dribbling: 6%

Low Pass: 9%

Lofted Pass: 2%

Finishing: 4%

Set Piece Tacking: 1%

Curl: 2%

Header: 4%

Defensive Awareness: 6%

Interception: 3%

Balance: 4%

Physical Contact: 6%

Stamina: 5%

Kicking Power: 23km/h

Speed: 5km/h

Jump: 133cm

[Generating Special Features to Player]

No Injury: No injury protects Player from getting injured.

Trajectory: Trajectory guides Player of the next ball's and player's movement.

Map: Map enables Player to see other players' positions on the field.

Training: Training enable Player to have football training and matches in a virtual training ground.

[Generating Football Plan for Player]

[Planning Success]

[Initiating Player Registration]

[Registration Complete]

[Ejecting Player]


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