Legendary Evolution
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Legendary Evolution


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Who am I? Hmm... The question almost everyone asking in my entire life... Since the change in my body becomes visible. I know for the longest time I already change and I'm not the same as before, but should I say I reform? transform? reshape? But for All I Know, I’m not human, either a person, but emotions are the ones that only left and did not change. And again many people, demons, and God themselves ask who am I? Who am I, really? Hmm.. Yes, I remember. I’m someone that everyone looks up too. I exist or did not, I'm the creator itself and I’m the one that people calls ‘GOD’, 'CELESTIAL', 'DEITY', but I'm usually known as 'Gott'. So, since you're here, want to hear an interesting story? Interesting story of a 15yrs old kid with the most fearful talent and born with the blood of the most powerful god 'The Creator' himself and becomes a future ‘GOD’ that’s everyone fear, respect, awe, and love. now let’s start at the beginning of the 'Age of Destruction” when the world collapses, change, mutate, also “EVOLVE"

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Man i loved it 😆 i watt Know if u want talk with me via discord so i can help u with the history my Discorda is DropOut#0971 and i cant explain 8 billion to 900 million you go vê fantastic


Hi :3 author here <3 I started my own novel, I‘m quite new to this so sorry :D and also I want to let you know that I'm not that great at English and I'm also not that great when it comes to grammar.. yeah I know I'm a fudging moron :P but I just want to create novel and share what world I can create, I have many ideas how can I progress this story smoothly.. you can criticize me if you want, point out the wrong word, help me the grammar that will help me a lot tnx, let me say it again English is not my first language so sorry I'm not that good and also not good at the grammar so bear with me hehe xd


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