3 Chapter 2: Family Love

  "How much longer are you guys going to keep your masks on? You all look better without them," I teased as we went into the main room.

        The main room was very large, with punching bags on one side and a T.V., with a few bean bags in front, on another. Other parts of the room were for us to do our own things. For Austin, he has a tendency to use one part as a place to laze off when it comes to training sometimes. When he does, I like to scare him, scold him, and drag him back for more intense training as a lesson. Lila and Lilu have a spot where they like to do their own things. They are twins, so they get along very well and do everything together. You can only tell them apart because Lila likes to have something in her hair. Other than that, it's impossible to figure out who's who.  Kerin has a spot where she likes to go on the computer and the internet. As for me, I like to be everywhere. Usually I like to be in high places. But other times I either practice or hang out with the others.

        Austin laughed and then said "Why thank you Riko," and took off his mask. Austin was a strong guy, but not as strong as me though. He had blond hair, hazel eyes, and skin that glows when light touches him.

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        "Does this mean you'll go on a date with me?" he asked. And there is one thing I forgot to mention. Austin has a crush on me.

        I giggled a little, then I gave him a "No".

        "What? Why not?" he complained in a sarcastic, whiny voice. The girls laughed at that, then they all took off their masks. Kerin has short ebony hair with wood brown eyes and pale skin. Lila and Lilu both have long brown hair, grass green eyes and tan skin.

        "Because I have my eyes set on someone else, who I'm going to see later on today," I told him.  

        He gave me an "are-you-serious?" look and protested, "Him again? Name one reason why you chose him. Then I'll leave you be."

        That was going to be easy. I told him, "I'll be fair and give you two reasons why." I put my finger on my chin, and thought for two seconds then said, "Ah! I know why! He doesn't laze off like you do and he keeps up with me."

        After I said those things, I looked at Austin, whose mouth was agape. The three other girls bursted out laughing. After a brief moment Kerin whooped, "She's got you there!" Then, she started snickering again.

        Austin grimaced, his face flushed red as a beet. I patted him on his shoulder then explained to him, "Hey, we all lose sometimes." He smiled a bit before I finished. "Except for you. You lose almost all the time."

        Austin decided it would be best to just let himself be the butt of the joke, and said in a pouty voice "Not funny." I joined in on the laughter.

        An hour later I was off to a place where I like to go. There lives a boy I train with. But I have also developed a slight crush on him. His name is Yashun. I've known him for a while and enjoy visiting him often to learn more skills and techniques, and see how I can take down Sensei when we spar.

        "I'll see you guys later!" I shouted out to everyone.

        "See ya," Kerin yelled back.

        "Bye Riko!" Lila and Lilu hollered.

        "Later," Austin grunted.

        "I will see you soon, my student," Sensei said in his calm voice.

Then I was off..

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