It was a peaceful spring night in the majestic Imperial city of Dragonland empire. Markets were bustling with activity and occasional sellers shouts could be heard. On the west side of the city stood the Wang manor. The whole manor was decorated lavishly because today was the birthday of Wang Chong the eldest son of Minister Wang. He was a powerful official and many powerful and influential nobles were invited to his birthday.

Hey, look at him! a young girl shyly pointed at a youth at the corner and asked her friend "Hey do you know him"?

"Who?" the other girl asked and when her eyes fell on the youth she was mesmerized for a moment and gradually her looks changed to that of pity.

"He is the youngest son of General Wang Zhong and grandson of Minister Wang. You better stay away from him." the second girl replied she didn't say more and pulled her curious friend to a place where the food was placed.

At the corner sat 12-year beautiful youth his eyes closed, his name was Wang Li his beauty was so exceptional that even female beauties would pale in comparison to him. But it was a pity that he was forever meant to sit on his wheelchair. He at the age of five once dazzled the whole Dragonland empire because of his once in a ten thousand year innate talent but heavens were jealous and the age of 6 he was attacked by their family enemies. He managed to survive but with the cost of being crippled and becoming a cultivation waste. He was so heartbroken that he secluded himself in his courtyard and rarely making an appearance.

Wang li suddenly opened his eyes. he couldn't help but be confused by the scene in front of him.

"Where am I?" Wang Li quietly asked himself

He was utterly shocked by the scene infront of him. He checked his hands only to find that his hand have become much smaller and skin more tender.

Looking at the scene in front of him he suddenly realized that this was his eldest Uncle's birthday and his mother and father had nagged him to attend Uncle's birthday celebration.

" I was actually reborn?" Wang Li was deeply shocked, he remembered being surrounded and attacked by countless demon generals. He was sure that he had perished by the hands of those demons. It seems his soul has been reborn when he was 12 years old.

Wang Li looked at his surroundings and saw the familiar faces of his mother, father, siblings uncles, aunts, grandfather, and grandmother.

"They are not dead" Wang li almost choked himself. He was so happy right now that words couldn't describe it.

"Since I am back I will not let the destruction of humankind happen again. " Wang Li promised himself to save his loved ones, humankind and avenge his hatred.

"Son are you alright?" A gentle voice pulled back Wang Li from his thoughts and when Wang Li saw the person in front of him his eyes reddened.

"Mother" Wang Li called.

"Li'er what happened"? when the woman saw Wang Li eyes she anxiously asked?

Wang Li calmed himself down and said "Nothing mother I am just really happy today" Mother Wang finally made a sigh of relief "Worrying me for nothing."

When mother Wang saw his face again she was shocked because tonight her youngest son seems a bit different.

As of aware of his mother thoughts Wang Li said "Mom I am fine relax."

Finally his mother went to talk to his aunts.

Wang Li moved his wheelchair and went outside to the backside garden.

" It's really amazing I was able to return to the past but I am now a cripple and Wang Clan has enemies all around us. And we need strong cultivation techniques to defeat the demons. Sigh, but before that we have to deal with them too. In his last life no-one was aware of those people existence. Demons were thought to be slain in the war hundreds of years ago."

Just after entering the garden he heard mocking laughter of some teenage girls breaking his thought process.

"Lin Quinxue return my veil to me" a voice anxiously pleaded, when Wang Li heard this voice he felt some familiarity to it and when he went closer he saw some beautiful noble girls teasing a girl with ugly scars all over her face Wang Li recognized her in an instant she was his paternal aunt daughter Lin Luo.

"Hahahaha you want your veil, no way let the whole world see how ugly you are. You ugly trash". Lin Qianxye mocked and laughed.

When Wang Li saw the scene in front of him he was enraged he was dying to cut this Lin Qianxue to countless pieces. How dare they

play tricks with his sister. They all were looking for death.

He arrived in front of them, anger in his eyes. But the girls were so mesmerized by his handsome face they fell into a trance.

"Give back her veil" a cold voice came down from his mouth, it sent a shiver down the spines of these arrogant girls.

When the girls came back to their senses they laughed hysterically "'hahahah, look who came a crippled waste. What? Are you here to help your ugly sister? Do you even have the ability?" Qianxue said with a sneer on her face.

"Either your courage is really big or your concubine mother didn't teach you enough etiquettes. Oh well it's not her fault how can a prostitute even teach you. All she knows is seducing men and using her body." Wang Li said with mocking face.

"You bastard" Lin Qianxue shouted and rushed forward to attack him. How dare this waste insult her mother and her. It was a weight in her heart for being a concubines daughter. She didn't understand why that bitch Lin Luo was the daughter of the first wife. She was nothing but a waste. Someday she would let the whole world know how amazing she is. But before that she'll let that brat know how wrong he was to offend her.

She was a proud peak 6th stage copper rank expert and was about to break through the 7th rank. So what if her father didn't love her but she had her grandfather's and Big Uncle's backing afterall she was the genius of the Lin Clan. She was everyone's hope in the Lin Clan.

Wang Li smirked and attacked with his mental energy. Because of his past life cultivation and tribulations his mental energy was like a never-ending ocean. Before Lin Qianxue could even land a hit she was hit by his mental energy and directly fainted. When the other girls saw this scene they were scared witless. They were only at the 3rd or 4th stage.

Wang Li picked up the veil and gave it to Lin Luo and said in a gentle voice "Elder sister lets go back."

Lin Luo was so shocked after seeing the events that unfolded before her eyes tonight.

She couldn't believe her brother would be able to defeat her genius stepsister this easily, when he couldn't even cultivate. She stared dumbly at Wang Li not knowing what to say. Words didn't come out of her mouth.

" Alright brother let's go." not question her brother she pulled his wheelchair and they both went towards the mains hall leaving behind one fainted girl and many scared novel ladies.

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