Legend of the Suppression Panda[Dropped] Book

novel - Fantasy

Legend of the Suppression Panda[Dropped]


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In a world where beasts dominated the land, a young human man still had it all and reigned supreme. Women, money, background, talent that goes against heaven, and anything else needed, he had it. Being one of the strongest beings alive, if not the strongest, he took his sworn brother out to have the greatest adventure. All things under heaven could be said to be their plaything. But that all changed when he stumbled upon a rare artifact suppressing everything around it. The suppression so great it even suppressed life. Feeling powerless before it, they both attempted to leave. In the end, in a bid to save his own life, the sworn brother pushed the young man at the artifact. Zhu Xiaoye soon finds himself in a new world where humans dominate and beasts live in fear or slaved. With the body of a normal panda, he sets out to once again become a human and the strongest existence. Going to concentrate on one novel.