Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith
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Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith


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What is Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith

Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith is a popular web novel written by the author beddedOtaku, covering SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, ACTION, ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, COMEDY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 4.9M readers with an average rating of 4.64/5 and 229 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 574 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


COMPLETED If you enjoy my work you can support me on my Patreon page and get access to chapters quicker: https://www.patreon.com/beddedOtaku One time donations: https://paypal.me/beddedOtaku An orphaned boy with dreams of making it big through being a blacksmith is given a once in a lifetime chance to succeed when he's taken in by an odd pair - Eggor and Ella. While former teaches him the arts of craft, the latter teaches him the mysticism of cultivation, granting him two paths to tread in this life. He slowly makes his way up from being a nobody in the middle of nowhere to being someone who can change the fabric of the whole world! Glossary (incomplete; updated once in a while): https://www.patreon.com/posts/glossary-23250721


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I now read till chapter 100, so the ending of the first book. Before reading this I already thought I found a few of the better novels and thought these absolute cliche cultivation novels absolutely disgusting. But compared to this, the majority of them cannot even be called something to read. Even if I just read about 100 novels and 1000 books in my life, far from knowing everything I would like, I can say for sure that this novel is in the upper 0.5%. In some novels, 100 chapters feel like eternity, simply because they are tedious and some people say "The story gets good from 200 onwards". Well, that just means that these 200 chapter are bad. In some other novels, 100 chapter feels like nothing because the story is good, easy to read and has hundreds of chapters anyway. But in this novel, these 100 chapters included story development, character development and especially FEELINGS others could only try to get across. Do your best, author. I won't say your best is enough, cause you know that humans never have enough, but your best - is the best.


Came for a op blacksmithing story, got punched in the feels multiple times. And not only do I not regret it I want more of it. Keep up the good work author


I legitimately believe the author has never spoken to a real person in his entire 13 years of life. Juvenile and shallow story. Again, the readers of this site amazes me with their ability to read trash like this


Long story short, this novel is a hidden gem. It completely overturns the normal cultivation plotline, and instead forges its own path. One without young masters, grumpy elders who kill for no reason, and plain mcs. The good parts of this novel are: 1. A good mc 2. Side characters that arent 2d pieces of cardboard 3. Plot twists arent obvious 4. Good humor, and i mean i laughed at stuff, not corny jokes 5. Proggression, characters change and grow 6. BLACKSMITHING ISNT A PLOT TOOL! 7. The story can actually make you tear up Now the bad 1. Still has some cliches used, and not in a good way 2. Around chapter 50 or so the foreshadowing and info dumps become almost unbearable for a couple chapters. Almost like some mystery poem. 3. Sometimes the story moves from one place to another too quickly, can be confusing. 4. Not all the shameless jokes land 5. A couple grammar issues, mainly just a slight annoyance 6. Reading this may cause an existential crises. 7. Could make you cry But my favorite part is that this novel is one with a message. I wont say what it is in fear of ruining it (and the fact that i may have missed a part of it and the novel is far from finished) but just understand that the message it has to tell is quite beautiful in its own way.


Absolutly incredible novel even if it is only 2 chapters long so far. Its on of the funniest and more interesting novels I've read in a long while keep up the great work! Hoping for more chapters soon!


Writing Quality: If in the translation of google was legal, then it is decent ... but excessively detailed and divinizes the protagonist from the first evolution. Stability of Updates: I did not follow up Story Development: good, until introducing the emperor system, which completely changes the protagonist and turns him into an incredible man who, despite saying that the challenges are very difficult, he completes without any preparation and soon after receiving the challenge (and the author loses inspiration and he wins by luck and in a way surprises ... he only kills the helpers (with super venom darts) before fighting directly with the patriarch and killing him with a surprise attack done in front of him, disregarding the ability to divert or to feel the energy accumulated in the weapon), which as a reward receives a low art divine bid that automatically gives him the knowledge of "" "" "" basic "" "" "" "" "" of how to use a spear and soon after a personage faces hundreds of levels greater than him and is superior to her in one aspect of the spear) Character Design: legal some things the author forces for the progress of the work but nothing much, not to be clear by the absurd and illogical talent that the protagonist has him being a mortal, orphan and undernourished, and the author's failed attempt to give depth and the protagonist retelling past deeds and repeatedly emphasizing that he has an incredible will (which only appears when it is convenient) even though we already know this from the beginning (the author is also lazy to think about the powers of the spirits and presents only what the protagonist will want and makes the protagonist seem dumb and ***** for not looking at the other options available) World Background: fuse rpg with wuxia in an interesting way, exaggerate in some things is not bad, just tiring to read and another fucking protagonist who does "difficult" things easily, receives a lot of the system and so on, I even think that if you read the first chapters (up to 2 evolution, that of space, and skip 30-40 chapters you will be able to understand what happened up there without any difficulties).


A True Gem in the Ocean of Original Novels in webnovel Highly underrated. Really explores the intricacies of human relationships Slightly depresses me but very real. Has good amount of Humour as well I Highly Recommend One of the best Original Novels (my Opinion)


I dont know whats funny about mocking your savior, mc lack of politeness and of course brain. I dont know what the english is but its like the author too pushy about the joke.


A ROYAL ROAD VETERAN ENTERED THE STAGE Sadly, this novel is buried under the trash of many original novels here. So, what can you expect from this novel? Action ✅ Adventure ✅ Fantasy ✅ Character Development ✅ And much more. Seriously your time won't be wasted if you read this.


The Characters in this one are just AMAZING. MC started out an arrogant little nobody that got on my nerves at first but i stuck with it for the blacksmith cultivation in the title.(love that ****) A few more chapters in and I was introduced to relationships, personalities, and eventually what the standard cultivation universe would have on ones very existence. 11/10 would rethink my meaning for existence again.


I thoroughly enjoyed first 25 of so chapters, but then it was like, chapter backstory, chapter foreshadowing, half chapter content, half chapter world building/world backstory, 2 chapter contentish filler, 1 chapter foreshadowing, 2 chapter debating meaning of life, and it just wasn't enjoyable, I don't want to have to re-read a chapter just to understand the basic concept of what they say, I don't care if I have to re read for understanding, but I want to at least grasp the concept after reading a whole chapter about it, it felt like the author was trying too hard to be mysterious, I feel that if the author wrote a book without cultivation and levels, that focused on deepness, the part that caused me to drop the book could have been good, but I feel it just didn't fit well with the beginning of the book, where the story profession of 1 chapter happens over 4 with a bunch of enigmatic chats in between, also please don't ***** at me to read more because "it gets better eventually", because that can be said for the majority of things, and I don't have an infinite amount of time, so I'd rather spend it doing things I enjoy


Reveal spoiler


The story is amazing but the updates need to speed up so that we as readers don’t get frustrated with the waiting so please get more people on to translating it so we can get more updates faster


I really liked this book. The characters are quirky and funny, but also they are can be realistic when it needs to be. Lino has matured and developed as a person, mentally and physically. But also I’m some ways he stayed the same.


Don't get me wrong, the writing is great but the story itself has a few problems, the main being that the author can't seem to decide what he really wants this story to be. The synopsis suggests that the main focus in the story would be the mc's path toward becoming a grandmaster blacksmith while also walking the path of cultivation and going out and making a name for himself. And that's how things play out... right up until about chapter 7 or 8 where the plot suddenly goes 10 to a million out of nowhere. The mc sets off on his first journey, so now you're thinking to yourself, aight maybe some world building here, a little training and character development there and perhaps he'll take some time to practice and gain experience in blacksmithing to further his abilities. Nope, forget all that noise! The mc barely took 2 steps into his very first outing before he was immediately ****-whipped right into the center of the main plot of the story. One minute our literally level 20 mc is setting off to become a pokemon master and out of nowhere Pallet town suddenly gets lambasted with a crap tonne of level 70+ legendary pokemon and our mc is right in the thick of it, somehow fighting them all off with 2 rattatas, a pidgey and a charmander. It's like the author quickly ran out of patience and threw pacing out the window so he can finally get to show off his writing skills and now we're being constantly bombarded with endless convoluted conspiracies, psychological explorations and foreshadowing. The whole idea of the mc having a dual occupation of blacksmith/cultivator seems to have fallen completely on the afterburner. As of chapter 60 the mc has crafted a grand total of 3 proper items + 3 throwaway items and he barely uses any of them, opting instead to use items crafted by other blacksmiths. He doesn't even have to actually cultivate since the author made it so that his level naturally increases and he can gain experience through killing. And that leads me to my final complaint, the author tries to merge cultivation with game elements but fails horribly at it. The concept of levels and stats, such as attack and defense, is presented in numerical values but none of it actually matters except for the special effects of equipment and even those are hardly ever relevant in actual combat. Even with his inspection ability the mc can't actually see the stats of those who aren't even that much higher than him in level or even that of their equipment and the stats of those lower leveled than him are literally never mentioned, so what's even the point of stats existing in the first place? At the end of the day all that happens is that the mc fights and defeats those stronger than him through plot armor, a godly cultivation method and superior equipment that he didn't even forge himself. All in all it feels like the author figure out what type of story he wanted to write only after he was already invested in a certain plot and decided to just slowly morph the story into what it is now while leaving all the ideas he was already running with to slowly fade away in the background. It would have been better if the author had left the demon invasion plot for later on and spent more time fleshing out the various ideas and systems he introduced into the story at least until they actually made sense while also allowing the mc to actually grow in strength somewhat so that he can face his enemies without having to rely on plot armor.


HahahahahA I am stilling laughing and I just started reading your novel, still on chapter. If you can construct words like this then i am sure you deserve a full-blown 5 star.


This novel is probably the greatest hidden gem here in webnovel. It s a bit hard to describe it withouhgt getting confused so just think of it as a wuxia/fantasy/realistic kinda novel. There may be things along the first 100 chps that may putt you off but don t stop reading because this story is very very very filosophical, insightfull and even romantic, I've seen here some of the greatest sayings and reasonings and there are so many that may make you reavaluate yourself. To top it all this novel as an amazing amount of sass, comedy and seriousness all wovened together making it realy live up to What is an EMPYREAN. Sword of Chaos, The 0th Form, Born From Nothingness


Easily one of best novels I read.... The development of characters, the dialogue and the plot all are deep and interesting. More importantly as well, even though the story is good, the author still freely give his works as of Mar 2020. Thank you.


Even though I have not read this I can tell it is a great work and also a good binge, just like my MOST LOVED NOVEL (swallowed star) can't wait to read this and see if it can stand its ground with these good ratings.


Fantastic story. Have been captivated the while time. Character development and backstory for each new character has been fantastic. Overall depth leaves nothing to be desired.


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