1 Not your everyday R.O.B

A 30 year old virgin, that's what the man walking on the side walk was. You might think he is a pathetic existence... and you're right. The only thing he achieved in his like was the title of master figurine sculpture artist and the unsleeping one, for making lewd and pretty sure illegal loli sculptures and bingeing latest animes or light novels without sleep. And that's why this lazy sack of potatoes was just thrown out of the house by his siblings, so he could do something more than just waste his life in front of a screen eating chips.

But I guess it's true that every dog has his day since this pig was meant to have his today, so how could dogs be more unlucky than him.

Cause in front of him he was a young couple who had not noticed the truck coming their way. And as the adrenaline in his body soared in anxiety and fear he decided to do one worthy thing in his life.

And here comes the twist, he is not the protagonist of our story, the guy tongue rap**ng the girl on the street was. Where the fat sack of waste would have wasted his life like some jobless reincarnated guy so might as well see what our guy will do. ( I can't make it more obvious of who I'm shitting on.)

So as the fat monstrosity was running towards the couple, our protagonist Lucian saw him. And as a normal guy, when you see a creature like him running towards you with a look he could only describe as supreme creepy, he freaked out.

He pushed the girl behind him and kicked the fat fuck. And now he was the only one on the path of the truck and then *BAM*.



"Alright stop shouting, you have been at it for 10 fuck'in minutes."

Lucian finally stopped and took a sec to see where he was. All around him were flashy colors with dark grading. It was magical that all those colored lights were not blinding him rather felt soothing and what pooped out most was the man and the throne he was sitting on.

A handsome man with night black hair cascading on his back, rose red lips and a long smoke pipe. Dressed in magnificent black robs with silver ornaments on him adorned with a white shawl.

( I dub him ' THE GACHA GOD')

And that throne was magnificent white with the huge round halo behind the head of the throne. And if you look closely it was a huge gacha wheel on which words were constantly changing.

"Who are you?"

"Seriously you want me to go through the most cliche think on webnovles right now for you to understand whats going on. And after you wasted my time screaming like a bitch."

"Shutup, you were not the one to get killed by being smashed by a truck."

The Gacha god was stunned when he saw the human taking back to him. Him, being respected throughout the Omniverse, worshiped more than any God, was disrespected by a puny human.

He had thought of trying this reincarnating some guy from a world as the other gods were doing and some even using his gacha system on deciding the fate of this people to see what the hype was all about. And this fucker who was not even the one he was going to reincarnate came in here and talking back to him. This shit needs to be thought a lesson. So with an insidious plan he said.

"Well, even though you were not supposed to be one I had chosen, I give you a chance to transmigrate into a different world with 2 perks."

"You better." Replied Lucian thinking he was entitled for it, but the only thing he was doing was digging his grave deeper.

'This little shit...' Calming his nerves the Gacha god continued.

"So let's get the Gacha spin to see which world you'll be going."

And with that the Gacha spoon and landed on the world of Soul land 1.


"Well now you chose your 2 perks."

"Hmm... there are so many choices, what to do... hmm... hmm..." Lucian started pondering what he should choose.

" Come on man make a move on."

" Aha... I'm such a genius why do I need to cramp my brain when some one else already did that for me. I need the system and be born as the protagonist of the fanfic 'Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler'."

"Alright so now that you have chosen to take pircks, and that was not what I had set for the orgnal person. You'll have to do something for it."

"Ohh... its alright, just don't make it anhything difficult.'

"Don't worry its only benificial for you. their is this world where some being are invading. But dont worry they are not some exagurated beings with futaristic tech or wordarous martial arts. they are very primitive so it will be like pratice combat for you. So just grind their for some time and when a event that will wipe out most of them so you don't have too. You will be transfered to the soul land world."

Lucian didn't know why but felt that the smile on the God gave him chills.


"No take backs bye."

And wosh he was sent to the world of godzilla, 'Mosterverse' for the next 100,000 years until the comet hits. And if and only if he survived till after the meteroid hit the world will he be sent to the World of 'Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler'.

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