1 Death?

Let me set the scene, KyLynn and Cole were blasting Haggard and Ice Cube, respectively Kyler was sleeping and Kaden was talking about night things with his new girlfriend. Kelly, our ag teacher turned to scold me, as usual, for flirting with Kyler and waking him, but he swerved off the road and we flew off the bridge into a tree! My neck snapped, at least I think it did. When I woke up KyLynn was propped against a tree speaking enough French to make a sailor blush, Kelly was asleep, Kaden was calming his girlfriend, and Kyler was gone. "Took you long enough, even KyLynn began to pray!" He joked. The atheist looked up from his shell-shocked French lessons "Oi Kyler's back!" He hollered "anything?" Kyler jovially bellered "Whole city sou'west, you were right!" "When an I wrong?" Kaden laughed "When you said and I quote 'you're less than six full on" Kaden shot KyLynn a dirty look for his serious attitude in all this. Kylynn took up a chant, something he does to relieve stress, he has autism, and caught on fire! "Feel like Anne Frank?" Kyler asked sarcastically. "Shaddup Kraut." The last word KyLynn spoke with enough venom to kill the universe three times over. We put on our jackets and headed out leaving Liz behind.