Welcome the electric berserker

Mikoto Misaka opened her eyes. All around her were trees and bushes. Animals that she had never seen before scampered through the undergrowth. As Mikoto lay on soft earth she wondered two things: where was she, and was she dreaming?

Two months later:

The hooded girl walked through Magnolia Town. As she strolled down the cobbled street, townsfolk left and right were talking.-"Did you hear?"- "Yeah Fairy Tail did it again."- " I hear that Salamander guy took out an entire band of bandits". -"Yeah but the entire town was taken out too...." The girl approached a man." Excuse me sir, do you know where I can find Fairy Tail's guild hall?" The man gave her directions, than looked at her curiously. "Newcomer right? Did you come to post a job request?"

The girl stayed silent for a bit before responding " I was thinking of joining the guild..." The mans face suddenly lit up. "A new recruit? Why didn't you say so? I'm Macao, I happen to be a Fairy Tail wizard myself. Just follow me." Mikoto followed the man through the streets. Despite her joining a wizard guild, Mikoto in fact was not a wizard, she was an esper.

Espers were exceptional humans who had developed their brain to the point where they had unique psychic abilities. In another world Mikoto had lived in Academy city, a place devoted to the study of espers. But this wasn't Academy City. This wasn't even the same Earth she knew. She was a human of science stuck in a world of magic and she didn't even know why.

After two months of wandering the small country of Fiore, tales of a wizard girl with a hot temper and tendency to shock her opponents with a zillion volts began to sprout up. It was a while before Mikoto realized that those stories were about her. At first she was confused. Her, a wizard? Than she realized that because of the lack of espers in this world it was only natural to mistaken her abilities for magic. She than had another realization: she had no money and no way to support herself. So here she was following an old white mustached wizard down the street to a large castle like building.

The front entrance of the building had a banner with an emblem resembling a prancing fairy. The emblem of Fairy Tail. Mikoto paused before the door way. What would a wizards guild be like? "Well go right in". Macao said. Mikoto entered to find absolute chaos. It was as if everyone had decided to get angry at each other all at once. People where tossing tables over, shooting magic at each other, and two of them were getting into an all out fist fight. "Shut up you stripping lunatic." Shouted one of the fist fighters. This pink haired individual, for those of you who are not familiar with the world of wizards, was named Natsu Dragneel. A boy particularly skilled in the use of fire dragon slayer magic. The one he happened to be fighting was Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard who, well.....has an unfortunate habit of....taking off his clothes. Gray who happened to be wearing nothing but black boxers at the moment, shouted back. " Why don't you smell yourself and take a shower you fire breathing skunk!?" Suddenly Gray got in a huge punch at Natsu's face. Natsu sailed a few meters before finally crashing into Mikoto. Mikotos hood and cloak fell off to reveal a well worn middle school uniform (no money meant the same clothes everyday, something Mikoto hated like chickenpox).

Mikoto lay on the floor slightly dazed. That's strange, she thought. What's this weight on my chest? She looked up to find Natsu face down in her chest. Natsu looked up with his chin still on her uncomfortable area. "Eh? Who the heck are you?" Mikotos fist clenched up. Literal electrical sparks began to fly from her brow. "You...." Mikoto growled. Natsu, still oblivious to the danger merely responded with, "huh?" Mikoto began to glow with electrical energy. " You.....PERVERT!!!!!" Mikoto kicked Natsu off and blasted him with a powerful electrical blast from her hand. Natsu flew through several rows of tables before finally flying into a bar. He lay there charred and twitching like a roasted bug. "Wh-what?" Natsu cried out weakly. Mikoto got up and rounded on Gray who looked like he was trying to blend in with the scenery. "You! Your not getting off EITHER!!" With that final syllable Mikoto blasted another lightning bolt at Gray, who flew all the way into another table, which was unfortunately holding several mugs of hot coffee.

The guild went completely silent. Everyone stopped piling on top of each other and stared at Mikoto. Mikoto ignored the lot. "Does anyone know where I can find the guild master?" Macao asked as if trying to ignore the situation himself. " This young lady wants to join wants to join the guild." Gray got up charred and covered in hot coffee. "T-this girl? But she's scarier than Erza." Natsu merely lay in the same spot and muttered the same thing as before. "Wh-what?" A beautiful white haired woman walked over. "Hi I'm Mirajane, it's nice to have you in our guild." The woman said cheerfully. She looked at Macao. "The master is out right now, but I can take it from here, we have been receiving so many members lately master actually put me in charge of recruitment." Macao nodded. "Say new member, I didn't get your name." Mikoto, still a little steamed about the recent commotion muttered, "I'm Mikoto, Mikoto Misaka.

Meanwhile, while Mikoto was still introducing herself, a small blue cat with white wings and a green pack on its back flew from a perch on the second floor to Natsu. Happy landed next to Natsu's charred body. "You really have a way with the ladies Natsu," said Happy cheerfully. Natsu merely whimpered his previous phrase. "Wh-what?"

The First Job

"So your the electric beserker? Its nice to meet you!"

MIkoto was sitting at the bar table in the guild with girl named Lucy Heartfilia. Though they had only just met, Mikoto was actually really starting to like her.

"its nice to meet you too, but can you not call me that?" Mikoto said.

"Why not?" Mirijane walked past the two girls with a tray in hand looking ever cheerful as usual. "The Electric Beserker. It makes you sound intimidating."

"Thats just it." Mikoto muttered. "I dont want to be intimidating, I just want to be me."

"Well that sounds great too." Lucy said. "But its going to be kind of difficult not to have a ridiculous title. You see one month into this guild and people already assumed I defeated an entire dark guild with just my thumb."2

"Whaaa?! Dont tell me that my reputation is going to be something ridiculous and over the top too!" Mikoto could just imagine it, The Electric Beserker, the girl that would fry you if so much as breathed in front of her. Now that was an image she did not want to build. Even if there were a few people who tended to piss her off... a lot.

"Trust me." Lucy said with a knowing grin. " In this guild, anything is possible. But dont worry about that now, what are you going to do for your first job?"

Mikoto looked at the request board. She had been in the guild for a total of three days, but so far none of the jobs looked like something she could do. Deciphering a magic book? forget it. Advertise a restaurant for wizards? Not in those uniforms provided. But Mikoto couldnt hold off forever, she still didnt have a place to sleep (she was currently using a park bench), and she desperately wanted a change of clothes.

"Tell you what." said Lucy. "Why dont you come on a job with me and Natsu? Gray and Erza are coming too, the reward is pretty large so I think it will be all right."

Natsu, who was just walking by suddenly sputtered like a baloon with its air being let out. "Wait...if she is coming...then we have Erza with us.....AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Im surrounded by monsters!"

Happy flew by on his magic wings. "Aye, and if we include Lucy, that means we got Fairy Tail's 3 biggest monsters."

"Hey!" Lucy shouted. "Firstly cat, Im no monster. And second!! Who are you calling big!?

"Weeeeeellll..." Happy gave Lucy a sly look. " You could lose a few pounds....."

"HAPPY!!" Lucy began to furiously chase the flying blue cat. "Im tired of all the WEIGHT JOKES!!"

"Umm.. guys, I appreciate the offer," Mikoto said. "But are you sure I wont slow you down, me being sort of a newbie and all?"

Natsu gave Mikoto a huge grin. "Are you kidding me? With another monster like you on our team, we'll be unstoppable! Im all fired up just thinking about it!"

"Can you please stop calling me a monster?" Mikoto said. "But thanks, I guess I dont have anything else to do....."

"HEY FLAME BREATH!!" Gray had just entered the room (and he was fully clothed....for now). "Care to explain who ate my donut just now?"

Natsu glared at Gray. "And what would I know about a stinking donut ya walking ice pop?"

"Oh I don't know." Gray growled. "Maybe you and that bottomless stomach of yours ate it."

"And what if I did?"

"We'll did ya!?"

"Ya stripping Perv! I don't have to prove anything to you!!!"

"Oh yeah!? Ya pink haired lunatic!"

Natsu's fists became engulfed in flames and Gray moved his fist on top of his hand like he was playing rock paper scizors while a cold chill began to emanate from his palm. But just before they were about to fight, a red haired woman in armor with a sword at her side walked up to the them and grabbed Natsu and Gray by the ears.

"Fighting again?" Said Erza Scarlet as she pulled painfully on their ear lobes.

Natsu and Gray both began to sweat.

"N-no Ma'am! No fighting here!"

"Y-yep, we're just hanging around like old buds would! Hehehehehehe!"

For those of you who don't know. Erza Scarlet is known throughout Fiore as Fairy Tail's toughest female wizard. She is also said to be the only one that's able to keep Natsu and Gray in line.....At least until Mikoto arrived. For the moment Erza let go of Gray and Natsu's ears, Gray tripped over a fallen utensil and promptly fell face first....into Mikoto's chest. Gray frantically got up, but it was too late.

"Ya.....freaking.....PERV!!" Mikoto growled as sparks began radiating off her bangs.

"Aw crap." Gray whimpered. "The Electric Beserker."

"DONT CALL ME THAT!!" Mikoto yelled as lightning rained down on Gray Fullbuster.

3 hours later, Lucy, Natsu, Gray(who was covered in electrical burns), Happy, Erza, and Mikoto were riding a carriage down to a place called Ellis Town, which was supposed to be near an area full of jagged cliffs. Erza was explaining the job while Natsu, who had a severe case of motion sickness, was lying on the floor of the carriage clutching his stomach pathetically.

"Is he always like this?" Mikoto whispered to Lucy.

"Yeah, but only on forms of transportation."

"Uhhhh.....that's actually kind of sad."

Natsu started whimpering. "W-why? W-why didn't we bring Wendy with us too? She could of helped me with her.... ULP. "

Mikoto drew her legs in just in case Natsu decided to spill one all over the carriage. Erza who had been talking about the job merely continued on like nothing happened.

"So in conclusion, we are to get rid of all the bandits in the area. By riding around in this carriage, I'm sure we will draw them out eventually.

"Well we better draw them out soon." Said Gray. "Because I think ol' flame breath is just about ready to snuff it."

"Sh-shut up Gray." Natsu wheezed.

"So what do we do when the bandits find us?" Mikoto asked.

"Easy." Happy said with a mischievous gleam in his eye. "Because I have the perfect plan!"

"I hate this plan." Mikoto said trying to keep the sparks from jumping out of her hair. She and Lucy were driving the carriage wearing nothing but bikini bathing suits.

"Welcome to my world." Lucy moaned. "Why do we let Happy make the plans?"

"When this job is done." Mikoto growled. "I'll treat him to my special Railgun move."

Suddenly the bushes nearby rustled, and out jumped about 30 to 40 bandits, all of them were armed with knives and swords and dressed in differing assortments of ragged clothing.

"Give us whatever is in your carriage!" They yelled. "Otherwise we'll gut ya like fish!"

"Alright." Happy whispered from inside the carriage. "Operation sexy distraction is a go."

Lucy went with her best pouty look. "Hi~ are you sure you boys don't want to hang with me first."

Mikoto on the other hand, just shrugged. "Yeah, whatever."

The bandits took one look at Lucy. "Hey boss, that blonde girl is weird. What should we do?"

"Ignore her, she's got nothing on that smaller chic. WOOHOOOOOOO!!"

And with that, the bandits all surrounded Mikoto while Lucy just sat there going. "Eh?"

"Hey there girl, your hot!!"

"Will you go out to dinner with me!?"

"Don't go out with him, he's a bandit. I'm a real model citizen!"

"MARRY ME!!!!"

As Mikoto continued to be crowded by her new 'fans', sparks started jumping out of her hair more and more until finally...

"GET AWAY YOU PERVERTS!!!!" A huge lighting bolt that could be seen from miles away flashed in the sky.

Erza and the others leaped out of the carriage. Erza raised her sword and shouted "We have you now villains, surrender and we shall-!!.....eh?

All the bandits lay in a smoking heap around Misaka Mikoto while Lucy just watched in shock. Erza walked over to Mikoto as if in a daze then bowed down on her knees.

"Spectacular! Never have I seen forty bandits beaten in just 1.5 seconds! I am in awe of your raw talent!"

Erza walked over and slammed a very bewildered Mikoto's head against her armored torso. "You have proven yourself to be a skilled warrior, I am proud of you, however, in order for this plan to succeed we forced both you and Lucy to dress so skimpily. Here, you may strike me for my penance!!"

Mikoto however, merely muttered. "Can I have my clothes back?"

Hydra Head Rising

In a dark cave all the way on the southern beach of Fiore , there dwelled what was probably the most secretive guild in all of the small country. Their reputation wasn't big. But that was alright. The guild never had an eye for fame. Their main strength wasn't in how famous they were, but how well they hid their strength, it allowed them to carry out their operations without interference from other guilds. This guild was called Hydra Head. This guild had a dark secret however, it was a secret kept even from it's guild members. It was the fact that Hydra Head's guild master was not actually a wizard. He was an esper. This man was known as Black Whisper. He had long forgotten his real name and he had no doubt that the world from whence he came had long since forgotten him. Back in that world, back in that city of science known as Academy City, Black Whisper had been one of the first level 5 espers to exist in that city over 20 years ago. His ability was the power to create portals to other locations. He could concentrate and instantly conjure up a worm hole to any location, that had been when he was level 5. However, he wanted more. Level 5 wasn't enough, he wanted level 6, the level no esper had ever reached. But in his quest for god like power he treaded too far. In an overboard experiment, he had created a wormhole to another dimension, the dimension on which he now dwelled. He had been trying to recreate the experiment ever since. However, never had he had any success until some months ago. He, for just a brief moment, had opened a portal back to his world. The result had been that he had accidentally brought back someone from that world, by sending someone through the portal, the result had been that it closed....permanently. Now he was convinced that the only way to reopen the portal, was to erase that person's existence. Black Whisper sat on a large wooden throne under a large magic light at the very back of the cave. From the shadows, his second in command, Zvesda emerged. He had wild black hair and shredded black robes. he looked up at the hooded and cloaked form of Black Whisper.


"You may speak."

"We have news of our quarry." Zvesda continued. "After tracking her, we have concluded that she has joined one of the guilds up north."

"Which one?"

"Fairy Tail my master."

Black Whisper stirred beneath his hood. So the girl had managed to join a wizards guild, that meant she had to be an esper, that was the only explanation. But to think she would choose Markorav's brood of all places. This was going to be interesting.

"Go, bring Gravix and Aqualas with you. Capture the girl.

"And if Fairy Tail resists.....?"

"Then crush them....crush them all."

Miles away in Magnolia town Mikoto, Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy were walking back to the guild.

"You must strike me!" Erza was saying. "My honor demands it!"

"R-really, I don't think that's necessary." Said Mikoto.

Earlier, on the train ride back, Natsu and Gray had started fighting again. It would have turned into a full blown fire and ice hurricane had it not been for Natsu's motion sickness. Erza had felt that in order to stop the bickering and Natu's suffering, that it was best to knock Natsu out cold. So she gave Natsu a sharp elbow jab in the stomach, which thanks to Erza's monster strength, had caused Natsu to throw up all over Mikoto. Lucy had lent Mikoto a spare black shirt and blue shorts, but that hadn't stopped Erza from fervently requiring that Mikoto hit her for penance.

"Really, it's not a big deal!" Mikoto said. "That outfit was dirty anyways, honest!"

"But I must repay you somehow!" Said Erza. "I would be honored get you anything you need!!"

Meanwhile Natsu and Gray had started another fight behind Erza and Mikoto's back.

"You take that back you flaming freak!!"

"Why should I Lemon Pop!?"

"Because I'm pretty sure that if I were a flavored ice pop I would be blue berry!!!!"

"Well too bad sour lemons!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Lucy just sighed. "Really, of all the things you guys have ever argued about, this is the dumbest."

"Aye," said Happy nodding. "Natsu, you need to have more dignity in what you argue about."

Mikoto's eyes suddenly glinted dangerously. "Dignity.....? You made me get harassed by perverted bandits, and you talk to me about dignity...?"

"A-aye?" Happy suddenly looked a little scared.

Mikoto took out a small silver coin and rested it on her thumb. "Happy? Have you ever heard of a railgun?"


"It's where I can shoot projectiles at high speed using electromagnetic propulsion. I thought I would give you a demonstration....."

Happy suddenly flew off. Mikoto ran after him furiously .

"Hey!! Come back here!!!"

"No!! I'm too cute to die!!!

"Yeah!!? Well Gekota is way cuter then you!!!"

"I don't even know who that is!!!!"

Lucy watched Mikoto chase after Happy. "Honestly, just when I thought this guild wasn't going to get any crazier." Lucy smiled. "Yep, you'll fit right in."

5 hours later, the sun had set over Fiore, Mikoto and Lucy watched as Markorav and Mirajane locked up the guild hall for the day.

"So," said Lucy. "What did you think about your first job?"

"Well it was something else, I'll say that." However Mikoto couldn't stop the smile on her face. She had to admit, it had been at least a little bit fun.

"So, do you live in this area? We could walk home together."

"Uhhhh....." Mikoto paused wondering if she should say something. "I kinda don't actually live anywhere yet."

"Eh!? Then where have you been sleeping these past few days!?" Lucy exclaimed

Mikoto looked down and muttered something about park benches.

Lucy gave Mikoto a nod. "Well that won't do, come on, let's go!"

"Huh? Where?"

"My place silly, I have a spare mattress somewhere!" Lucy said winking.3

"Eh!? You don't have to-."

"Don't worry about it, it's what friends are for."

A little later, Mikoto and Lucy were in Lucy's house.

"And this is my room." Lucy said as she opened the door. "It's a little cluttered at the moment but it's- NATSU WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!???"

Sure enough Natsu Dragneel was lying fast asleep on Lucy's bed with Happy snoozing soundly at his side.

"Honestly, why does he keep doing this!?" Lucy exclaimed as she shook Natsu awake.

"Eh? Lucy hi!" Natsu said the moment he woke up.

"Natsu get out of my bed!!"

"But it's so comfy!!"

"I know how to get him out." Mikoto said.

Sparks began to jump out of her bangs. Mikoto walked over to Natsu slowly. "Hey Natsu, are you feeling comfortable?"

Natsu grinned. "Yep! Sorry, but there isn't much room left."

"Oh," Mikoto said. "Don't worry about that, I think I know how to solve that problem."

Those looking at Lucy's house from the outside that night would have sworn they saw blue flashes of electricity coming from the topmost window.

Actually, as it so happened, there was someone watching the house. In the canal that ran next to the home a strange blue haired man was slowly rising out of the water....almost as if he had come from nothing. Aqualas, master of water god slayer magic watched the moon in silence.

"The world....." He murmured. "I must have the world...".

First Rule of Combat: Divide and Conquer

Mikoto opened her eyes. As usual, when she woke up, she half expected to be in her old dorm back in Academy City. But of course, she wasnt in Academy City, this was Magnolia town. Mikoto sat up from the mass of blankets that covered Lucy's spare mattress and rubbed her eyes. Sun light was streaming through the windows. Lucy was still in bed snoozing soundly. Mikoto looked around the room, she was wearing a pair of spare pajamas that Lucy had provided for her. (She had picked these ones particularly because of the mini frog patterns all over it, it reminded her of Gekota which was a cute frog character she really liked.) Mikoto stretched then got out of the bed, put on some slippers and walked down stairs. Mikoto never was much of a cook, but she figured the least she could do was to make Lucy some breakfast for all the kindness she had shown. So Mikoto walked over to where she knew the kitchen was. Thats when she heard it... it was the sound of chewing and the refrigirator being opened. Mikoto moved slowly over to the kitchen door, from the pocket of her frog patterned pants she brought out the same small coin she had threatened Happy with. If there was someone breaking in so early in the morning then they were going to really get it now. She peeked into the kitchen....to find Natsu and Happy raiding the fridge.

"I dont believe this!!!" MIkoto shouted as Natsu and Happy continued to eat everything in sight.

"Oh, hey there Sparky, how's it going?" Natsu said as Happy began prowling the cupboard saying something about fish.

"So is this what you guys do every day?" Mikoto exclaimed. "Break into Lucy's home, eat all her food, then sleep on her bed?"

"Aye!" Happy said cheerfully. "Then Lucy comes into the room and yells at us to get out. Its a routine that fits into all our life styles."

"Yeah, but it looks like Lucy is late to the party." Natsu said. "Oh, I know! Hey Mikoto, maybe you can play substitute Lucy for now. Can you yell at us to get out and stuff?


"Hmmmmm." Natsu scratched his chin. "Good, but Lucy never adds in the zapping part, why don't we try that again?"

"Natsu..." Mikoto began as sparks began shooting out of her bangs. "Im going to give you till the count of 3 to get out, or I'm going to....."

"No, thats still not it," Happy said. "Oh, I've got it Natsu!"

"What is it Happy?"

"Why dont we dress her in some of Lucy's clothes, it will add to the whole Lucy atmosphere."

"Happy, that's brilliant!!"

Natsu and Happy began to close in on Mikoto with mischevious glints in their eyes. Mikoto started backing off a little unnerved.

"Uhhhh.... what are you guys doing...guys?"

A little later, Mikoto found herself in one of Lucy's outfits, which was a black top with a white mini coat and blue skirt.11

"Now that's just like a Lucy!" Natsu said cheerfully.

"Aye." said Happy. "She may be on the small size in the chest area, but she's a Lucy substitute alright. Now she can yell at us to get out just like Lucy does."

MIkoto was absolutely red in the face with anger. Instead of sparks, this time, bright arcs of miniature lightning bolts were travelling through her hair and jumping out. "You guys are absolute idiots." she growled. "Alright, you want me to play along? Well then..."

"GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!" Mikoto stomped the ground with her right foot. humungous sparks travelled along the hardwood floor and jumped into Natsu and Happy causing Natsu's hair to get a pink afro look, and Happy to look extremely poofy. Both Natsu and Happy fell to the ground.

"No...I dont think...she did it.....quite like that." Natsu weakly said as he lay twitching on the ground.

Three hours later, Natsu, Happy, Lucy, and Mikoto, were on their way to the guild hall. Lucy had decided to let Mikoto keep the outfit because of the fact that Mikoto still lacked the money to buy more clothing. Right now Lucy was busy scolding Natsu and Happy.

"Its your own fault that you guys decided to break into my house while I had a guest staying over. What did you expect was going to happen? Did you think you guys were going to have lolli pops and just laugh around?" Lucy said shaking her head.

"Actually we were expecting to have some fish and laugh around." said Happy.

"Aw, come on Lucy." said Natsu. We're all friends here."

"Friends dont forcibly dress people into other people's clothes."

"Yeah they do. Erza has to forcibly dress Gray all the time, that stripping pervert."

Mikoto sighed. "There isn't a single normal person in this guild is there?"

They suddenly came to the guild hall where they found an unusual scene. The guild hall was packed to the point where people were lined up all the way outside the door.

"Whats going on?" Lucy said. "Ive never seen the guild this packed!"

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" Natsu shouted. "Lets check it out!!"

Natsu began shoving his way through the crowd of people and into the guild with Mikoto, Lucy, and Happy following close behind. As they shoved their way through, Mikoto recognized some of the stronger guild members were also here, such as Gajeel, and Erza for instance. She even thought she saw the rumored second strongest S class wizard Laxus in the crowd. Whatever was going on, it was pretty big. Natsu and the others finally made it up to the front of the guild where Markorav was in a heated discussion with Iron Rock Jura. For those of you who don't know him, Jura is the strongest wizard from another guild known as Lamia Scale. Jura is also a member of the 10 Wizard Saints, an elite group in Fiore of which Markorav is a part. At the moment it seemed like Jura and Markorav were having a panicked discussion.

"Hey, what's going on with Gramps?" Natsu asked.

MIrijane came up to them with a worried expression on her face. "Im not exactly sure on the details myself, but it seems that Gildarts has been...captured."

Everyone but a confused looking Mikoto got thunderstruck expressions.

"Gildarts!? Captured!? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!" Natsu yelled. "No way anyone can capture him!!! This has to be some sort of stupid joke!!!"

"Im sorry for being the ignorant one here." Mikoto said. "But whose Gildarts?"

"Gildarts is Fairy Tail's strongest S class wizard." Lucy explained. "He's the only one to ever take on special missions known as hundred year missions (missions that havent been completed in a hundred years). He isnt seen very often because he's usually on missions that take 3 years at least."

"So a guy that powerful was captured?" Mikoto said feeling bewildered. "Who could do something like that?"

"Juvia heard that it was a new dark guild that just came out of hiding." said a blue haired girl with a furry blue coat and black fur hat. " Juvia is certain that the guild's name is called Hydra Head."

"Ive never heard of them." Lucy said. "What place are they in the Baram Alliance?"

Juvia shook her head. "Juvia heard that this guild is seperate from the Baram Alliance. Juvia has also heard that they attacked several other dark guilds and even wiped out around 50 of the ones under Tartarus and the former Oracion Seis."

"These guys sound crazy." said Mikoto. "Wouldn't they be stronger if they joined the Baram Alliance? Why go creating enemies of the very guys who would help you?" (The Baram alliance is an connected alliance between all sorts of dark guilds, the current ruling guild in the alliance is a guild called Tartarus. Two other guilds used to rule along with Tarturus, one was called the Oracion Seis, the other was known as Grimoire Heart.)

"No one knows why," Mirajane said. "Nobody even knows what their ultimate goal is, all we know is that they have been looking for someone."

"Well I dont care about any of that!!" Natsu growled, his fists were now engulfed in intense flames. "Im going to find the guys who got Gildarts and I'm going to burn them to a crisp until they tell me where he is!"

Natsu suddenly grabbed Mikoto and Lucy by the wrists and started dragging them back to the entrance of the guild with Happy hovering close behind.

"Natsu?" Lucy looked a little stunned. "What are you doing?"

"We're going to find those stupid Hydra Head guys!!"

"And you want me along?!" said Mikoto feeling a little surprised.

Natsu gave Mikoto a wide grin. "Of course, you're pretty strong right? Plus I have the feeling that a strong person like you would want to see what these guys are all about."

Mikoto didnt know how Natsu had managed to read her so easily after only knowing her for about a total of several days, but she didnt care. Because Natsu was right about one thing....the 3rd most powerful esper in Academy City, the one known as Railgun, always dug a challenge.

Mikoto grinned, sparks jumped out of her bangs. "Fine, but if we stop this half way through, I'll put a spark straight up your spine!"

"Don't you worry about that!" Natsu said. "Because I dont ever plan on stopping!!"

Just outside Magnolia town in a dense forrest. The hulking masked armored form of Gravix stood waiting next to a river, the water suddenly turned completely black. Aqualas rose out of the black water like a mirage.

"Took you long enough." Gravix said. "Ive been waiting so long I think I've developed my own orbit." sure enough, twigs, leaves, and rocks were rotating around him like small moons."

"The time has come.....she has taken the bait....the world will be ours." said Aqualas.

"Will you stop talking about owning the world already?" Gravix said. "For petes sake we dont even know what the hell our master wants with this girl. I dont think the world is going to be dominated anytime soon, that's more up Zeref's alley."

"The world....the world....."

"Aw, whatever, lets just move already."

Gravix looked down in the direction of Magnolia town where he knew the guild Fairy Tail resided. "First rule of combat Markorav old pal....Divide and conquer."

Gravity and Black Water

"I know where I'm going!"

"Are you sure about that?"

Natsu and Lucy were arguing over a map. On the map there were a list of possible locations in which Gildarts was last spotted. Not really wanting to join in on any arguements Mikoto just shouldered her pack silently and followed Natsu and Lucy with Happy sitting on her head.

"Is there any particular reason why you're sitting on my head?" Mikoto asked.

"I can't help it." Happy said. "Your hair is just so soft and confortable. How did you do it?"

Mikoto shrugged. "I just used some of that conditioner that Lucy had.

"But Lucy's hair is nowhere as soft as yours."

Mikoto just sighed and kept on walking. She looked around the area they were walking in. Supposedly this forest was the last place Gildarts was spotted in. It was an ancient forest known simply as the Trees of Life. It had taken a 3 day train ride to get to this forest. After going in for the first time, Mikoto admitted that something definitely felt unnaturally alive about the sky scraper sized trees that surrounded her. It was only thanks to Natsu and Lucy's constant arguing over directions that she wasn't totally freaked out by the surrounding atmosphere. Every once and a while, they would come across an ancient statue standing among the trees covered in moss, the ruby eyes on the statues were unnaturally alive looking as well.

"What kind of freaky job would Gildarts be doing in a place like this?" Mikoto asked.

Happy just shrugged. "All we know is the location he was doing the job in, supposedly he was supposed to meet the client somewhere near here."

Suddenly Lucy stopped walking.

"Eh?" Natsu stopped too. "What's wrong Lucy?"

Lucy looked around the forest. "Anybody feel like we're being watched?"

Mikoto felt it too, It was as if her hairs were standing on end, or maybe that was just the static that tended to crop up around her when she was stressed. The feeling of being watched suddenly turned to instincual survival when she saw one of the statues flying through the air at them at high speeds.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Mikoto concentrated her electric powers, focusing her ability over electromagnetism on all the iron particles in the ground. Immediately a wave of black iron sand came out of the ground and formed a barrier between the statue and Natsu and Lucy. The high speed vibrations from the iron sand immediately obliterated the statue like a paper shredder.

"WOOAAAHH!!" shouted Natsu. "Thats COOL!!"

"Natsu focus!" Lucy shouted.

Suddenly a loud laugh was heard coming from above them. Mikoto looked up to see a man standing on tree branch above them. The man wore large medievel armor and a horned helmet. The mask he wore over his face was shaped like a fanged lion. Gravix looked down at the Fairy Tail members and shook his head.

"Hmmmmm....I cant seem to tell if these are the ones.....let me check!" Gravix brought out a strange wooden badge, on it was a rough wooden cut out of the Fairy Tail emblem. Immediately Mikoto felt a burning sensation on her right shoulder blade, the area where her Fairy Tail tattoo was, proof of her guild membership. She wasnt the only one feeling the strange sensation. Natsu had clutched the tattoo on his right shoulder while Lucy was clutching her hand. Happy seemed to be having a serious case of the back rubs. Immediately the wood cut out badge glowed and the burning sensation stopped. Gravix put the badge back in a tool belt on his waist.

"Well that's one issue solved." said Gravix casually. "Now to the hard part..... Now can someone tell me which one among you is a wizard who uses thunder magic?"

"Why do you need to know that!?" Lucy said suspiciously.

"Well its not an issue of you needing to know why." Said Gravix. "It's more of an issue that you should do what we say, or feel the wrath of our dark guild Hydra Head."

Gravix pointed to an emblem on the right chest plate of his armor. The emblem displayed the image of a three headed snake coiled around similar to a Oriboris pattern.

"You're one of the guys who took Gildarts?" Natsu growled.

"Well actually-" Gravix began.

But before Gravix could finish his sentence, Natsu's feet ignited like booster rockets and he blasted at Gravix like a ballistic missile, his fist ignited with a powerful flame.

"Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon!!" Natsu shouted as he got ready to punch Gravix with his flaming fist. But before he could make contact, Natsu suddenly stopped in mid air and began rotating extremely fast around Gravix like a crazy moon.

"Whaaaaaaahhhhhh!!" Natsu shouted as he started to look green in the face from motion sickness.

"Yeesh." Said Gravix shaking his head. "You didnt let me finish. I was trying to say that I wasnt involved in that particular incident. To be honest, I think it was our master who did the whole capture Gildarts thing. Sent him off to places unknown with one of those portals of his. Heck I have no idea about the whole thing accept what the boss said. That it was all just bait to lure out a certain electric wizard."

"Let go of Natsu you freak!" Happy shouted.

Gravix laughed. "All in due time....in the mean time, what can you do about it? My magic deals primarily in control over gravity, that means any attacks that requires physical power is useless. That means the only one among you who can take me is the electric wizard."

Gravix scanned over Lucy and Mikoto. "Hmmmm, it seems that girl over there only uses some kind of metal manipulation magic, which means that its probably you!!"

Gravix thrust out his hand and Lucy was sent flying off the ground screaming as she was suddenly pinned to a tree. But in his concentration on Lucy he forgot to pay attention to Natsu, though he was motion sick, The moment he saw Lucy being cornered, he summoned up what magic he could.

"Roar of the Fire Dragon!!" Natsu suddenly fired and intense blast of flame at Gravix from his mouth, and thanks to the fact that he was rotating around Gravix at high speeds, it soon became a flaming tornado. Gravix yelled with surprise and used his gravity magic to fling Natsu into another tree. But the damage was done. Lucy was released from being pinned to the tree giving her time to take a golden key out of her pocket. Lucy waved the key which began to glow.

"Open! gate of the Golden Bull!! Taurus!!" The key glowed with a bright golden light and a muscular cow man with a giant axe appeared.

"Dont you worry Lucy my hot queen!!!" Shouted Taurus. "I'll take down this man till he begs for mercy!! MOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Taurus leaped at Gravix swinging his Axe down in a deadly arc.

"Don't underestimate me!!" Gravix thrust out his hand and Taurus was sent flying into the ground, creating a massive crater.

Taurus tried to get up but couldnt, Gravix laughed. "Im currently using gravity to increase your weight over 10000 times, you should be thankful that your weight wont crush you right now."

Gravix's tone suddenly sounded serious. "Now, I'm pretty sure Aqualas told me that one of you girls was an electric wizard, one of you is a metal wizard, the other is a celestial wizard. Could we have messed up I wonder?"

Mikoto gave Gravix a grin, her eyes had an angry look to them. "Man for a guy who talks like he's so smart, you sure are close minded."


Mikoto was suddenly surrounded by electric energy, arcs of lightning began travelling down her legs and arms. "If you would stop and think, you would have realized that anyone who manipulates electricity could probably also manipulate magnetism, so I could probably do stuff with metal.....like this!!"

Mikoto took out the small coin and flicked it at Gravix. When she flicked the coin, there was a sudden burst of sparks, and the coin flew foward like a meteor in an orange streak, leaving a sonic boom in its wake. Gravix shifted his head out of the way slightly just in time to avoid the coin streaking past, though the coin didnt make contact, the energy created from the coin's velocity scraped a deep gash in the shoulder plate of his armor. Behind Gravix, a giant burning gaping hole was left in a neighboring tree.

"Oh!" Said Happy as he flew up into the air. "So that's a railgun!"

Gravix looked at the gash in his armor. Mikoto couldnt tell what his reaction must have been under that mask, but she could feel a cold chill coming from somewhere, as if she had just made a very grave mistake.

"Aqualas." Said Gravix quietly. "We found her."

Suddenly a ginormous black tidal wave crashed through the forest from behind Mikoto. Happy flew to Mikoto and picked her up, despite Happy's small size, he was easily able to grab Mikoto by the back and fly up with her.

"WHAAAA?!" Mikoto shouted from the unexpected change in altitude. "Happy!? Where's Natsu and Lucy!?"

"We're alright!" Natsu waved from a tree branch where he and Lucy were supporting an unconcious Taurus (Taurus immediately disappeared on the spot with a wave of Lucy's key).

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Shouted Gravix. "If only you could say the same for that girl and her cat friend!"

The blue haired Aqualas rose out of the black flood that now covered the forest floor. He pointed his finger upward at where Happy and Mikoto were hovering.

"Divine Hammer of The Water God."

A huge hammer made completely of black water rose out of the flood and flew at Happy and Mikoto. Mikoto pointed a finger at the water hammer and attempted to blast apart with a thing spear of lightning, but it merely created a small wisp of vapor on the black water. Natsu leaped from his perch on the tree branch. Both his fists turned into flames and he merged the flames together and threw a ginormous fire ball at Aqualas.

"Great Flame of the Fire Dragon!!"

The fire ball was stopped by a sudden sheild of black water that came out of the flood in a giant arc sort of like how a solar flare comes out of the surface of the sun. But in the process of shielding himself, Aqualas was too distracted to notice Happy and Mikoto flying around the water hammer. Mikoto put both her hands in a gesture as if she was holding the air, a powerful ball of electricity was created in her hands and she threw it at Aqualas. Too late, Aqualas threw up a water wall, the wall was too thin and was blasted apart in a burst of sparks. Aqualas was thrown back and he fell and sank into his own water.

Natsu landed on another tree branch and began laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHA TAKE THAT YOU BLUE HAIRED FREAK!!!"

But Gravix just snorted. "If you think that's all it takes to take down Aqualas then you are sadly mistaken."

A voice whispered through the wind as if it came from the water itself. "Divine Punishment of the Water God"

The entire flood suddenly merged together into a ginormous humanoid figure hundreds of meters tall, and then as soon as the giant water figure had come, he exploded, and giant waves of water crashed into Natsu, Lucy, Mikoto, and Happy. In a burst of bubbles, Mikoto sailed through the dark abyss of black liquid. Before she lost conciousness, all Mikoto could think about was that nobody back in Academy City would believe any of this.

Fairies in The Hydra's Den

"They did WHAT!?"

Erza Scarlet was speaking with the guild master Markarov. She had just been told that Natsu, Lucy, Mikoto, and Happy had gone off on their own to find Hydra Head. The incident had started out slow at first. Some thought that Natsu and Lucy had taken the new rookie on a job as a way of getting used to things. They then noticed that none of the jobs on the jobs board had been taken by any one of Natu's team. That had led to an investigation of their wereabouts which had then led to them finding out about Natsu's wild excursion into the forest known as The Trees of Life.

"That Natsu, always going off where he doesn't belong!" Erza growled.

"Well I'm not exactly surprised." Markarov said crossing his arms. "This sounds exactly like the kind of thing Natsu would do."

"But going after that kind of dark guild?!" Erza exclaimed. "And dragging Mikoto along with him, regardless of her skill she is still a rookie!"

Markarov sighed. "It seems like I have no choice. Would you please go bring them back?"

"Of course master!" said Erza. "But there is a slight chance I might run into Hydra Head along the way, and if they were indeed able to capture Gildarts...."

"Yes, I suppose that would complicate things." said Markorav scratching his chin. "Well then I suppose you can take Gray and Wendy with you as well. And I might send Gajeel and Laxus to investigate other areas they might have gone, you can look in the Trees of Life."

"Yes, of course."

Erza walked back to the entrance of the guild where Gray and Wendy were waiting. Wendy Marvel was a small young girl with blue hair. Wendy was Fairy Tail's Sky Dragon Slayer, being very proficient in wind and healing magic. Her partner (and Happy's crush) was a white winged cat in a small dress named Charle who at the moment was scolding Wendy.

"I really don't see why you have to go, this Hydra Head sounds way too dangerous."

"But I really want to help, plus I really want to meat this Misaka person....."

Charle sighed. "I really think it would be better if you met her after they came back-"

"Don't worry about it Charle." said Gray. "We'll be here to watch her after all. Plus we're going to need her healing magic from when Erza beats the snot out of Natsu, then we're going to need it again after Gramps punishes all 4 them for going after Hydra Head."

"Oh, but Gray." said Wendy as she made to point something out. "Master never specifically said that no one could go after Hydra Head before Natsu and the others left. So they wouldnt be punished would they?"

Gray shrugged. "Whatever, Erza is still going to beat the snot out of Natsu."

Mikoto woke up in what appeared to be a giant cage. The cage was bumping around as if they were in the back of a carriage, which of course they were. She appeared to be wrapped in what looked like some seriously strong white rope. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy were rolling around in the cage next to her apparently in similar situations.

"I'm gonna get out of here ya bastards!!" Natsu was shouting. "And when I do you're going to be dead meat ya hear me!!??"

Lucy just rolled around with the bumps in carriage moaning about how this wasn't her day. Happy in the meantime was still out cold moaning about fish in his sleep.

Mikoto struggled against her bonds.

"It's no use." said Lucy. "This rope negates magic, all our abilities are useless."

Magic was useless huh? That reminded Mikoto of her friend Touma back in Academy City, who had the power in his right hand to negate any and all supernatural powers. But this rope wasnt Imagine Breaker, there was still the slight possibility that the rope didn't negate psychic abilities. She could use her electricity to burn the ropes. But if she used her abilities now, her secret would be out. How would the others react if they found out that she wasn't in fact a wizard? Would they kick her out of the guild? That seemed like the sensible move. But she didn't want to leave Fairy Tail, she had only been in the guild a short while but it had become a sort of home for her.

Mikoto shook herself. Now wasn't the time to let her selfish desires take over. The fact remained that if Mikoto didn't do something there was a chance that her fellow guild members might get killed.

"Listen, Lucy." Mikoto said bracing herself. "I can use my abilities to get us out of this."

"What? But the rope negates magic." Lucy said as if unsure Mikoto had heard her previously.

"Look....the thing is.....Im not really a wizard." There, she said it.

"Not a wizard? Thats ridiculous, Ive seen you do magic tons of times!"

Mikoto closed her eyes as she tried to figure out the best way to say this. "That stuff wasn't magic. Yes its a special ability I have, but it isnt magic. Its a really long story.....I'll tell you once we're out of this."

Mikoto's bangs sparked and a steady thin stream of lighting began burning through the ropes until finnally Mikoto freed herself. Natsu and Lucy looked at her dumbfounded as Mikoto began to undo their bonds.

"Whoa!! Mikoto how did you do that!?" Natsu exclaimed.

"Shhh, Natsu. Do you want them to hear us?" Lucy said.

After about 10 minutes, Mikoto finally managed to undo all the ropes.

"Alright," said Lucy, "here's the plan. We quietly sneak out and-"

Natsu rammed a firery fist through the bars and made his way to the front where he did an Iron Fist of The Fire Dragon on the driver who happened to be Gravix. Gravix's giant armored body fell to the ground unconscious while the giant snorting hog pulling the carriage stopped in his tracks.

"Does anyone ever listen to me?" Lucy moaned.

Natsu laughed. "That's what happens when you mess with Fairy Tail, Mr. Chrome Dome!!"

Mikoto sighed. "He's just going to come after us when he wakes up."

Natsu suddenly had a look of inspiration. He picked up the white ropes with a sinister gleam in his eyes. Moments later Gravix was sitting next to the tree stump tied up in his own magic negating rope. Lucy sat down on the grass as Natsu drew on Gravix's helmet with a marker.

"So, you said you were going to explain everything....."

"Right...." Mikoto took a deep breath and told Natsu and Lucy everything, (Natsu was now busy drawing pictures of himself fighting gorrilas on the unconscious Happy's back but he was still listening.) Mikoto explained everything, about Academy City, espers, and how all of this and her were from a different world. By the end of her explanation Lucy had her mouth wide open and Natsu had managed to give Gravix a fantastic handlebar mustache and unibrow and had covered Happy with tons of pictures of himself fighting gorrilas and badly drawn Gray Fullbusters.1

"Whoa!!" said Lucy in wonder. "That's even more amazing then Edolas. People who can develop special abilities without magic? Thats incredible!"

"So anyone can become an esper?" Natsu said. "I could give Happy the ability to levitate me, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

"First of all, Happy can carry people and fly, so that's pointless." said Mikoto. "Second, not everyone can be espers, there are some people who can't develop any abilities and they're called level 0s. They have no hidden abilities what so ever." (unless you count the strange case of Touma Kamijou that is).15

"So do you have any idea how you ended up in our world?" Lucy asked.

"I wish." Mikoto said. Then Mikoto voiced a concern she had since she began her explanation. "This means I'm out of the guild right?'


"I'm not a wizard....this is a wizard's guild.....so...."

"Are you kidding me!?" Natsu gave Mikoto a large grin. "Listen up! Once a Fairy Tail member, Always a Fairy Tail member! Plus it's not like there's a guild for espers are there?.....Seriously are there? Because that would be seriously cool!!"

Lucy smiled as well. "Mikoto, there are plenty of people who work at Fairy Tail who arent wizards, plus its not our magic that make us who we are-"

"It's the fish!" Happy had woken up. "The fish makes us who we are!! Eh? why are there gorrilas on my fur?"

"Actually I was going to say that we're all a big family."

"But the fish is a big contributer right? Plus you musnt forget your fearless leader...ME!"

Mikoto couldn't help it, she started laughing. It was a relief to know that she wasn't out of job (she was not going back to wearing the same clothing everyday). But most of all it was nice to know that there was someone who cared about her even in this world where she was almost a complete stranger.

"Huh?" Said Happy. "What's so funny?"

Natsu stifled a laugh as he looked at all the drawings he made on Happy's body. "I think I know."

"Everybody focus!" said Lucy. "We need to figure out what Hydra Head was after trying to lure us here."

"Well they said they were after an electric wizard." said Natsu thinking. "But Mikoto is an esper....I've got nothing."

Mikoto did a face palm. "They obviously did'nt know that I wasn't a wizard..."

"Oh....wait I'm still confused."

"So why would they be after you?" Lucy asked. "Did you meet any dark guilds before we came to Fairy Tail?"

"I never had any skirmishes except for a lot of stupid bandits and a perverted stripper from Lamia Scale...I think his name was Lyon."

"Well there is only one way to find out why they're after you." said Natsu as he walked over to Gravix's unconscious form.


Gravix woke up. "Huh? What the heck is happening?"

Natsu grabbed Gravix and began violently shaking him and hitting him against the tree. "WHY ARE YOU AFTER MIKOTO!? WHY ARE YOU AFTER MIKOTO!!? WHY ARE YOU AFTER MIKOTO!!?"

"Natsu let him breathe, you're just going to knock him out again!" Lucy said as she and Mikoto frantically tried to hold Natsu back.

"Aye!" said Happy. "Try to calm down, then ask him where we can find some fish."

They finally managed to get Natsu to stop his sensless means of interrogation after about minutes.

"So, why are you after MIkoto?" asked Lucy.

"I'm not telling you anything." Said Gravix. "Because once Aqualas figures out I'm not on schedule, It'll only be a matter of time before he finds us. And you havn't gone up against Zvesda yet."

"Oh really....." Mikoto stepped closer to Gravix as sparks began jumping from her bangs. "Because I can't guarantee you'll still be alive by then."

Natsu and Happy immediately got up and hid behind a nearby rock.

"I'd do it, she's crazy!" Natsu shouted from behind the rock.

Gravix shook his helmeted (and now unibrowed and mustached) head. "Look kid, I couldn't tell ya if I wanted to. Our master Black Whisper doesn't tell us anything."

"Black Whisper? Wait...I heard that name before." Mikoto said.

"You have?"

Mikoto thought hard. "It could be coincidence but...that's the name of the first ever level 5 esper in Academy City."

Lucy frowned. "Thats a strange name to call anyone."

"That's just an esper name they give to level 5s to describe their signature traits....like I'm called the Railgun."

Mikoto and Lucy furrowed their brows thinking...Was this coincidence?

Natsu raised his hand. "Hey.....does anyone have anything to eat?"

And where the heck were they going to find some food?

The Dragon Within

"Lucy!! I'm hungry!!" Happy complained as he clung on to Mikoto's leg with a forlorn expression on his cat face.

"We'll eat when we find food!" said Lucy for what must had been the hundreth time. "SO STOP COMPLAINING!!!"

MIkoto rubbed her stomach sadly. They had been wandering the forest for about 6 hours, the sun had almost set and all four of team Natsu had stomachs which were rumbling like earthquakes. Oh what Mikoto would have given for an ice cream sundae, or even just a nice instant ramen. But the only edible things out here were tree bark and grass. And right now the bark on those trees were looking quite tasty.

Mikoto shook her head. "No...I am not an animal. I WILL NOT EAT BARK!!!"

"Eh?" Natsu looked at Mikoto. "What about ardvaarks?"

Mikoto went pink, she hadn't realized she had said everything out loud. "Eh, its nothing....its just that.....well....." Mikoto's stomach suddenly gave out a large roar.

"Idiots." Gravix said, he was being carried arround like a backpack by Natsu.

"Hey!" said Mikoto as an arc of electricity jumped of her forehead. "We can do without the attitude!"

"Yes ma'am." said Gravix meekly (3 hours ago he called Mikoto a little girl which hadnt ended well for him).


"Well you better get used to feeling empty in the belly area," said Gravix. "Because like I said before, its impossible to get back to our guild headquarters without going through this forest."

"Why are you helping us?" Lucy asked suspiciously. "You said before that you would never tell us anything, but now you're leading us to your headquarters."

"Well my mission was to bring that electric wizard back alive. I don't see how this way is any different. prepare yourself fools, Black Whisper's abilities are of a type you have never seen before-."

"Let me guess," said Mikoto. "Black Whisper has the ability to manipulate portals that can instantly send you to any place in the globe he chooses."

"H-how did you know that!?"

"It's an esper ability called Teleportal. Its an ability that only one esper in history has ever gotten, a level 5 who disappeared from Academy City about 20 years ago." said Mikoto. "And you just helped me confirm that it was him. Thanks."

"You think yourself so smart girl." said Gravix harshly. "But though you think you know him, you know nothing of his vast magic power!"

"Wow magic power? " Mikoto said shaking her head. "You really weren't listening during my little speach 6 ours back right?"

"I think he was unconscious." Said Happy weakly. "Fish....fisssshhhh..."

"Happy why are you clinging on to my leg?"

"Your skin is so soft, how do you do it?"

"I just used the moisturizer Lucy gave me."

"But Lucy's skin is nowhere near as soft as yours!"

"Why do I feel like we've had this conversation before?"

Suddenly Natsu pointed out into the distance. "Hey look!! It's a town!"

Sure enough, a little ways ahead was what looked like a cluster of wooden buildings in the middle of the forest. Lucy looked at the map with a confused expression on her face.

"That's strange." said Lucy. "There is absolutely nothing here about a settlement in the forest." Lucy looked at Gravix.

"I am just as confused as you are regarding this." said Gravix. "But there is something different about the gravitons in the area. I'm certain that area is not sa-"

Before Gravix could explain further, Natsu ran off towards the town with Gravix still tied to his back shouting. "FOOD FINALLY, FOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!"

"YOU BLITHERING IDIOT" Gravix yelled as he was dragged off to the mysterious area with Natsu.

"Natsu wait!" Lucy shouted. But Natsu didn't listen, instead he ran right through the town gates. Lucy and Mikoto looked at each other, then they ran after Natsu. MIkoto stopped at the front gate. The sign overhead said 'City of Dragons'. However, the town didn't look anything like a city, it was very small, plus the buildings were made out of the trees themselves. That meant that the buildings were literally growing out of the neighboring trees. In the center of the town was a stone spring with a statue of a dragon in the middle. The spring was dry, the stone statue itself was covered in moss. The barely legible word engraving at the base of the spring said Thundaarixx, Lord of The Sparking Skies. Natsu was staring up at the statue with a serious expression on his face.

"So a dragon was here huh.....?" Natsu said softly.

"What's got Natsu in a twist?" Mikoto asked Lucy.

"When Natsu was little, he was an lonely orphan until a dragon named Igneel found him. The dragon raised Natsu as his own and even taught him dragon slayer magic." said Lucy. "One day, Igneel just flew off and never came back, the same went for every other dragon in the world including an assortment of dragons who also raised dragon slayers. Natsu has been searching for Igneel ever since...."

Mikoto looked up at the statue. Dragons huh? It seemed unreal that a giant magical flying lizard actually existed. What was even more unreal though was the fact that there were actually people who had been raised by these dragons. However what was most unusual for Mikoto at the moment was how strangely alive that dragon statue looked.

"Mikoto....it has your eyes." Said Happy pointing at the statue's head.


"Happy is right." Said Lucy looking weirded out. "Look."

Mikoto narrowed her eyes and looked at Thundaarixx's eyes. Surprisingly, the eyes of the statue were the only thing on the statue that were completely free from being worn by the elements. And of all the freaky things she had ever seen in both Academy City and Fiore ( and she had seen a lot of freaky stuff in both) nothing could have prepared her for this. The eyes were perfectly colored painted and shaped in the exact likeness of Mikoto's eyes. Of course that could have been coincidence, but the statue was giving off a strange aura that seemed to scream out that this definitely wasn't coincidence. Mikoto tried to look away from the statue, but for some reason the eyes were holding her, she couldn't look away....it felt like an intense magnet. Mikoto immediately started to go dizzy, her knees buckled, and still she didn't look away.

"Mikoto? Mikoto!?" Lucy began supporting Mikoto as she began to collapse. "What's going on? Are you okay!? MIKOTO!!??"

Mikoto tried to speak but couldn't...the statue's eyes were glowing....glowing like the strange thunder in her heart...in her heart.......in her heart......

"Natsu help me!! There's something wrong with Mikoto!!" Lucy yelled as Mikoto collapsed in her arms with her eyes still fixed on the face of Thundaarixx.

Natsu ran over to Mikoto and looked at her. She was as pale as snow. Mikoto in the mean time was still looking at that statue....the statue that seemed to grow alive.....and roar for her heart to come closer.....closer.....closer.........closer.

The statue roared. Mikoto's vision went black.

Mikoto was surrounded by thunder clouds. several hundreds feet below her, Mikoto could make out the sky line of Academy City. She sank lower through the buildings till she found her way to a deserted district of the high tech city. She touched the ground and looked around. She was surrounded by metal shipping containers. She knew this place, something huge had happened here, something that had affected her greatly. Suddenly she saw a boy thrown to the ground not far away, dust suddenly smoked the entire area. The boy had spiky black hair. It was Touma Kamijou, and walking towards him with his snow white hair, red eyes, and demon like expression was Academy City's most powerful esper. The one who controlled any and all vectors. The number 1 level 5.....Accelerator. Mikoto knew she had seen this scene before....but her brain was too foggy to remember anything in this strange dream. Touma was saying something to Accelerator, something which Accelerator seemed to cruelly laugh at. Finally the sound came into focus and she heard Accelerator speak.

"Oh my, it seems like there was flour in that last container I destroyed. You know I've heard about a certain dangerous thing called dust explosion...would you like to see?" Accelerator suddenly spread out his hands and started laughing as Touma ran off in a panic, and the flour all began to blow up in a large fireball.......

The scene dissolved, and Mikoto found herself standing on top of the administrative building in Academy City. Above her flew a magnificent golden dragon...a dragon that had her eyes.

"So you have come little esper....as it was foretold." Said Thundaarixx as she beat her wings ever so slowly and with gradual rythm.

"What I saw." Mikoto said. "That happened before."

"Yes." Thundaarixx said nodding her magnificent head. "It is when the boy who wielded the power that renders all powers useless saved your sisters."

"What do you want with me?"

"To give you my power of course...."

"But espers can't use magic......" Mikoto said as her head was still in a trance. "Birdway said....."

"That magician you speak of, Leivinia Birdway, comes from your world alone and knows nothing of the properties of dragon slayer magic, in time you will discover that even with espers there are some forms of magic that can be found within..."

"I don't understand." said Mikoto drunkenly, her vision was swimming even in this crazy dream.

They dragon dipped it's head low next to Mikoto's ear and whispered as the dream began to dissolve.

"You will.


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