Legend of Ashura Book

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Legend of Ashura


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Roughly a hundred years ago exist The Shura Tribe, where war is their everyday life, they possess great physical strength and overflowing mana that exceeds even the Elf’s, The Chieftains of the tribe are called “Ashura”, to earn it requires great power as it is difficult to obtain, they fought side by sides with the other races, against the Humans, filled with greed they wanted to destroy and enslave the other races, Elves, Dwarves, Sirens, Dragoids(half-human,half-dragons), Beastmans, Even demons are their target, Shura is a different kind of race which is also their target, But Shuras have low birth rate due to the low numbers of female shuras and Male Shuras have a taboo on having kids with other races, This is The Story of The Last Shura(or is it?)