10 Teammate

The master announced, " Till now you had been fighting individually. From now on you'll be fighting as a team. Team work is most important while you are fighting in a battle. So we decided to give tasks as a team task. There are 60 students here. Each team consists of 5 students. So there will be 12 teams. You can name your team and give it to the instructor."

As most of the students have got along well with others, they soon formed the team and named their team. Zhenzhu stood in the same place thinking where to go. While she was thinking, she looked around as everyone formed group standing lonely, and she heared some gossips like,

" I also want to join handsome group, but "

" why what happened "

"They were not only beautiful, they were full of arrogance "

"They won't need any member as they were the strong and others were weak "

"Even though they are talented, they should not speak like this "

"I want to join because of TuJiang, my world's best handsome man "

"Remember he's the one who said those words "

"what!!! what are you saying?? "

"I you want to be ashamed, you can try it "

"No way, after you have mentioned, will I go???"

"But he's so handsome, what a pity "

" Let's see who unlucky will join his team to get only scolded and bullied by them"

" I wonder who's that unlucky fellow "

Zhenzhu was shocked to hear that. She didn't believe that the calm and kind man will be full of arrogance. But she didn't believe it. Soon everyone noticed that she was the one standing alone and the 4 handsome faces. She decided to give a try. She went to the place where the 4 of them standing and asked, " May I join your team?? "

Disung replied, "Here comes another woman "

Qusheng added, " Only females are willing to join our team, all of them are same falling for the handsome faces"

Zhenzhu became frustrated and asked them, " How can you say that all of them are same, Not everyone is same as you thought"

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On hearing this TuJiang replied coldly, " All of them are using the same dialogue and will try to smitten us and tell us that we are their world and when the time comes they will plot to destroy us for their own benefits. "

Zhenzhu thought, 'What a foolish thinking?? Are they really educated ??'

LiJun asked, "You too seem to like our Jiang a lot.. I have noticed that when we entered the sect gate. Are you interested in him, Don't tell me you are here for that reason to join our team"

Everyone waited for her expression that she will accept that.

She thought, ' Even though I fell in love at first sight, I picked a wrong person. I thought he's the wonderful creature. But he's full of arrogance and their friends too. It's better to give up my first love now than suffering a lot. '

She replied coldly, " Hey!!! what are you saying, Do you think you are the most handsome man than any other men in the world. One's Beauty should reflect their heart not only face, Your heart is full of arrogance.

Don't worry I will never fall for arrogant person. You can assure that. "

TuJiang became angry by hearing those words.

He went to the master to tell him that they don't need anyone

Master replied, " Rules should be followed "

As left with no choice they agreed to her join thinking that she herself will retreat from the sect.

She too unwillingly joined the team. They never paid her attention. They refused everytime She said something. They never considered her as their team member.

The four of them named the team as "High Spirit" thinking that they will act with high spirit.

Zhenzhu as a team member wait for the days to be bullied by them..