1 First

I paced around with phone in hand feeling the chill air of the air conditioning pricking my skin.

Gazing at my phone I checked my texts and it showed that my sister had asked me to go out for an errand.

I sighed feeling distraught over the turn of events. All I wanted to do was have a peaceful holiday.

A gentle wind came through the slit of a window bringing in the diluted warmth of the sweltering sun.

Today was one of the hottest days I have ever experienced. No joke, summer vacation was fine and all but not when I had to waste my time lazing around like this.

There was no way I was going to survive such extreme heat. I may as well die from hypothermia peacefully than painfully.

Actually no that still sounds painful. Isn't there a better way to do this? Actually. Yes, there is!

"Maybe if I take a portable fan I could just cool down somewhere in the shade!" Chuckling as if I was some idiot I slapped in some sunscreen and placed extra protection.

After all I did not want to get skin cancer or anything like that. Donning a cap I ran downstairs and made my way to my beloved shoes, excitedly rushing out the door in order to quickly finish my errands.

Hopping down on the shadows of wide objects I childishly counted out how many I had stepped onto.

Narrowing my eyes I pursued my lips into a smile and felt that a hunger pangs was coming up.

"So all I need to do is get some ice cream, mochi, nachos and fried chicken wings. Spicy ones I think? You know what I'll just go to a chicken restaurant and get a bucketful." My nonchalant attitude was a side effect of the heat.

My body became heavy and I felt drowsiness flowing through my veins. I felt the need to procrastinate but even then my sister won't let me.

My only solace is my younger brother. He's such an adorable cinnamon roll who coincidentally loves cinnamon rolls!

I felt my mouth salivate at the idea of eating one. All that sugary glaze and sweet spice. So good!

I hummed along to the rhythm of a song that had just gotten stuck in head for the past few days.

It was so catchy but on other times it was annoying. But I liked it since it made Chris so happy.

Not sure about Clarise but Chris definitely loves it as much as I do. If only he paid more attention to me rather than the song....

As I kept on humming whilst blowing the fan towards my face I saw something in the corner of my eye.

It caught my interest. A group of whom I assumed to be high school students just one year or older than me.

They walked in a very systematic way but they shared not only their uniforms but the fact that they all held something like a jewel in their hands.

And it seemed to be of high quality too. I whistled feeling inquisitive. Curiosity took over me and I was overwhelmed by the want of following them.

It was an abnormally strand desire coming from a lazy person like me. For some peculiar reason I felt a magnetic force calling me over to them.

As if I was supposed to go up and say, "Hi! How are you doing?" To them. But what then?

I had never met any of them before and still I felt an extremely strange sensation. My body inched closer silently as I walked several steps behind them.

During that time I found places to hide myself. It was unbelievable that I had resorted to being a full on stalker.

It seems I'll never get a girlfriend at this rate. Or well maybe boyfriend since I'm feeling curious about that too.

Man, I really have to stop asking questions about everything. It's not bad being inquisitive but asking too many questions without getting answers sucks so much.

I mean am I a bar person just because I seem like a douchebag? Maybe but that's the point. As long as you ask the right questions you'll get your answers in no time.

"Wow, I should really try harder to make some friends." I thought to myself but then I realised that I was probably too late considering that I now had to wait a few more weeks until school starts once more.

Sucks to suck but you'll get used to it. Then they stopped. As I was too far away I could not see everything clearly but I could discern that one of them had gone inside the building while the others waited.

After a few minutes she did not come back. I was worried but I rationalised it as her exploring the other floors.

My conjecture was incorrect. A blinding flash of light burst from the building causing me to look away in a state of confusion.

My ears would not stop ringing and my eyes were still whited out. I blinked forcefully a few times before my vision started to blur and several people came into my line of sight.

Since I was standing between a state of stupor and half consciousness I gazed all over them trying to single out a familiar face.

Which were literally everyone there! I could somehow see them vividly as if it were some sort of painting.

The creases and imperfections, the pores and dimples. I could trace out every single one of their features and still find more unknown ones.

It was not long before I fell asleep and dreamt of things that made me weary. First thing I saw was an hourglass reversing itself, as the sand moved upwards I knew instantly it was a dream.

Flames circled around me, cornering me into a state of madness. Water flooded in drowning me into the depths of its endless abyss.

The earth let me lay beneath the dirt, my sleeping body had different insects feeding on it making me slightly uncomfortable.

Air was stripped from my lungs rendering me unable to breathe, and I died in such a miserable way.

For some reason all I felt was surprise and relief as if it had happened to me before. And then I awoke feeling no difference than before.

Only thing that changed was my location. It was my room clean and tidied. I gazed at the side of the room and saw my little brother standing there with the biggest smile on his face.

"Good morning. Big brother."