1 1: Enter Cassus Shan

On the Planet Eriadu, a young child is taken from his mother's arms, this young boy is immensely strong in the Force, but he lacks control. Moving things that are supposedly impossible to move while still in his Mother's Woman, this woman was former Jedi Master Meetra Shan who left the Jedi Order in order to raise a family with A Mandalorian, who was also a Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn, and Meetra was the Daughter of a Influential future head of one of Eriadu's Ruling Families

As Meetra watched her baby boy, seeing his steely gray eyes, she reached out and named him; ''Cassus.''

Her old Master didn't show it but he approved of the name.


(Bear Clan Enclave, Jedi Temple, Coruscant)


(Time-Skip: Fifteen Years Later)


Cassus had grown up in the last fifteen years, his Jedi Training had resulted in an increase in musculature, a growth spurt, and a greater degrees of Control.

Cassus had passed his Knighthood Trials, having served as Mace Windu's Padawan and an Informal Student of Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi Mundi, Eeth Koth, Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn, Agen Kolar, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Plo Koon. The reason he was rotated amongst the Master's was because Mace was not a frequently used Jedi Master on Missions, thus in order to give Cassus experience he was rotated amongst various Jedi Master's.

He took something from them all, a partition of their knowledge and earned himself a reputation for Fearlessness and Cheeky Wit.

Like Master Windu, Cassus is able to detect and utilize Shatterpoints, but by comparison Cassus is significantly, one could even say dramatically less skilled than his Master.

Cassus has three true Abilities; Battle Meditation, Doppelgänger, and an advanced variant of Telekinesis, but his true passion is the invention of Lightsaber's, as well as Slicing. Ironically despite using a Cross-Guard Saber, he is a user of Form IV Ataru and Form V Djem So, though he does possess knowledge of Form I Shii-Cho, Form II Makashi, and Form III Soresu.

Currently Cassus is sitting atop the Bear Clan Memorial Fountain, polishing his Force-Imbued Blade, a little thing that he recovered from an illegal collector two years ago.

Cassus Wore robe modeled after those worn by the Ancient Jed'aii. He had long ago forsaken his use of heavy armor, and only wore it when he felt like it or when he needed it.

''Master Shan?'' Asks a voice.

Tearing his focus from his polishing, he notices friend and former fellow Bear Clan Initiate, Ahsoka Tano.

''Yes, Princess?'' Cassus asks, using her childhood nickname.

''Master Yoda has requested our presence, I'm told that Master Windu has asked for you to personally attend.'' Says Ahsoka.

''Ugh, one of these days I'm going to retire from active duty and go home. Force knows My grandfather would be happy.'' Says Cassus.

''Where were you born?'' Ahsoka asks.

''Eriadu, but I spent most of my apprenticeship on Anaxes, The War College there is a favorite of mine.'' Responds Cassus, fondly recalling the year he spent enrolled in the War College of Anaxes.

''Never been to either here's hoping eh Cassy?'' Asks Ahsoka.

''I'd steer clear of Eriadu were I you Soka, the Planet is not particularly fond of aliens, my grandfather among them.'' Says Cassus warningly.

''By the way, think we might get a spar done later?'' Asks Ahsoka.

''Eagerly wanting your twenty first defeat huh Princess?'' Asks Cassus.

''Afraid to risk your record Cassy?'' Teases Ahsoka.

''Only afraid of breaking your heart Princess.'' Responds Cassus.


Cassus and Ahsoka stood before the Jedi High Council.

"Initiate Tano, it is the opinion of this Council that you have passed the Initiate Trials to become a Padawan Learner. Master Shan will escort you to your new Master, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker." Says Windu.

Cassus immediately sees an issue, but shuts up, for now.

"Really!? I mean, thank you Masters." Says Ahsoka, a she bows her head before departing to wait outside.

Once certain she's outside, Cassus turns his attention back to the Council.

"This is a bad idea, Anakin is about as much of a teacher as I am a Sith Lord, but...I do see the goal, and while I don't envy the Headaches Master Kenobi will receive from the Troublesome Duo, I do find the idea of Anakin teaching amusing if nothing else." Says Cassus.

"You know why I asked for you?" Asks Mace Windu.

"Could be you want me to teach too, could be you want me to lead, could be both and neither in all honesty, but why don't you tell me anyway?" Replies Cassus.

"We all know the kind of trouble Skywalker is bound to get up to, so you will lead the Five Hundred and Twenty Second Clone Legion, and support his campaigns and attempt to limit this trouble. You are the best person to help temper Anakin's instincts from something like a renegade to a tolerable maverick." Says Ki-Adi Mundi, causing Cassus to a release a dry and amused chuckle.

"Oh I see, this is the last test? Keep Skywalker from falling? Easier said than done, but alright, I can do this, but I need an assurance that even Kenobi doesn't know, don't forget, they are like brothers, the three of us have a now severed bond to Master Jinn, Force welcome him, and if anything their connection is particularly strong, I can't exactly trust that Obi won't reveal my mission to Anakin." Says Cassus.

"Not in the habit, keeping secrets we are, but the bond between them, strong as you say, it is. Think it best to not inform Master Kenobi, you do? Honor this, we shall." Says Yoda.

"Thank you Master, I normally don't advocate such a thing, but Anakin's destiny is too easily compromised by any number of factors, and I don't wish to lose my brother Jedi to the Darkness of the Sith." Says Cassus as he turns to leave, but stops.

"The Five Twenty Second is an Advanced Reconnaissance and Heavy Assault Legion, which is part of the Four Hundred and Sixty Seventh Mobile Assault Fleet, which if I remember rightly it's commander is Captain Wilhuff Tarkin." Says Cassus.

"Captain Tarkin has since been reassigned to my forces, no need to worry Master Shan." Says Master Evan Piell.

"Thank you for that, it's of some relief I'm sure, to every one involved, but unlikely all in involved. Who leads the Legion now?" Asks Cassus.

"We've discussed it with Captain Tarkin, the Chancellor, and the other Clone Officers, and have chosen to appoint Captain Gilad Pellaeon as your Fleet Commander." Says Master Fisto.

"I remember the man, he taught at Anaxes around my time there, never really taught me though, shame." Says Cassus.

"Cassus, you should know, we received word of a terrorist attack on Eriadu, your Sister has been killed." Says Windu.

"Thank you master." Says Cassus, as he exits the Council Chamber.

"Meet me at my personal landing pad, Republic Fleet Dock 756327." He instructs her, handing her a badge. "Flash this at the gate, you'll get in no trouble, but don't board till I arrive." He tells her. "I'll be a few minutes late." He adds before walking away.


Cassus and his sister Cassandra weren't exactly close, he was raised into the Order, she was not, instead she chose to serve as a Republic Judicial Naval officer, and until now a Republic Grand Army Naval Officer. She had studied at Corulag, and taken several semester's at Raithal Academy and even Carida. If nothing else he'd like to be kept in the loop and see the report. He made his way to the Jedi Temple's Criminal Records division, which was in the Archives.

As he entered, he saw four younglings leaving.

"And what pray tell, are four younglings too young to hold a Lightsaber, doing here?" Cassus asks.

"Master Sinube felt we should be kept up to date with criminal investigation." Says the Tholothan.

"Yeah, like before we left, there was this report of a Naval officer dying in a bombing, that'd never happen to a Jedi." Says the cocky human.

"Really, what planet was this?" Asks Cassus.

"Eriadu, why?" Asks the boy, and Cassus is visibly angry now.

"You better watch that mouth of yours boy." Cassus snarls.

"Master Shan?" Asks the Tholothan.

"That Officer had a brother, and a mother, both of whom were and are Jedi Knights. The mother was trained by the Jedi Master who trained Master Kenobi, while the brother was trained by Master Windu." Says Cassus, kneeling to eye level. "And that Woman's brother, was me." Says Cassus as his eyes flash yellow for a few seconds.

Cassus stands up, and beckons over a temple guard.

"Commander?" Asks the Guard.

"Escort these younglings to Master Sinube, inform him that this one has just earned himself two months moping up the entirety of the Temples Bathrooms." Instructs Cassus.

"And the reason?" Asks the Guard.

"He insulted the child of Meetra Shan, because she couldn't wield the Force." Says Cassus.

"Yes, Sir." Says the Temple Guard.

As he watches them lead away, Cassus feels a tug at the back of his mind, the Force is implying something, and those four are a apart of his larger destiny, particular the silent Human among them. Something was different about the boy.

As The Younglings were lead away, Katooni began to patronize Petro.

"You had to use that argument? You caused trouble and didn't know it." Says Katooni.

"Hey! How was I to know the girl was his sister? They don't exactly look the same." Petro Defends.

"Well Duh Petro! They're brother and sister, of course they'd be different." Ashar says, speaking up for the first time.

Gungi growls something in his Wookie Tongue..

"Hah, no kidding." Agrees Katooni.

"Still, did you guys get the feeling something was pulling us towards him?" Ashar brings up.

"Now that you mention it..."


Cassus felt particularly angry now, and decided to eschew a full on review and approached the droids and gave his instructions before departing. He knows he shouldn't have gone as hard on the boy as he did, but damn it! Cassandra was his sister? Since he couldn't protect her in life, how could he not do so in death?

With a Sigh, Cassus leaves, instead going to the Landing Pad.


(Landing Pad of Cassus Shan, Republic Fleet Dock 756327, Coruscant, Core Worlds)


Cassus arrived to find Ahsoka kicking her heels at the entry door.

"Follow me." Says Cassus as he leads her up to the Landing pad to reveal a refurbished Gunship.

"My Personal Gunship, a CEC Razor Crest-Class Gunship, heavily modified by myself and your new Master. We'll rendezvous with the Four Hundred and Sixty Seventh Fleet, and then rampage through the Separatist lines to the planet." Says Cassus as he and Ahsoka board the Gunship. The Astromech aboard greets him in a whirl and beep. "Hey R-7, meet the Princess, give her the usual treatment and you should be fine." Says Cassus.

They sit in their seats, and begin to go through pre-flight checks.

'Force I thought I had grown out of these feelings.' Ahsoka thinks, as she steals glances at Cassus's body, much as she had in the distant past in the Bear Clan together.

His preflight checks done, Cassus takes off.


(The Indomitable, Four Hundred and Sixty Seventh Mobile Assault Fleet)


Cassus landed his Razor Crest-Class Gunship in the central hanger of the Four Six Sevens Flagship. A Acclamator Capital-Ship named The Indomitable.

Cassus, with R7 and Ahsoka disembarked and were greeted by A man in his early maybe mid twenties but he'd unlikely be in his early thirties at the most.

''General Shan, Captain Gillad Pellaeon, I have been assigned to you as a replacement for Captain Tarkin.'' Says Pellaeon with a Salute, something Cassus returns.

''At ease, Captain, I know full well who you are, you were teaching at Anaxes War College as the Guest Raithal Instructor during my own year there.'' States Cassus.

''Forgive me General, but I must confess that I do not recall meeting you prior to this moment.'' Says Pellaeon with some embarrassment.

Cassus smiles in amusement.

''That would be because I was taught by Commander Gentis. You did however Instruct my sister, Cassandra Shan during her time at Raithal. But let's speak about this later, for now we have to pull Anakin and Obi-Wan's asses out of the fire.'' Says Cassus, as he motions for Pellaeon to lead them from the hanger.

''This Acclamator has undergone numerous retrofits in order to accommodate your specifications. We now boast an unprecedented degree of thrust, shields, and larger fuel reserves.'' Says Pellaeon.

''And the other pet projects of mine? Project: Nova? Star Burst? Or Shadow Rend? Asks Cassus.

''Still in Production, but ahead of schedule. Star Burst has shown particular promise against droids.'' Says Pellaeon.

''Very good, what of my private fleet?'' Asks Cassus.

''Safely secured at it's destination.'' Says Pellaeon.

''Excellent, very well Captain make the jump to Hyperspace when ready.'' Says Cassus.

Cassus sat in his quarters aboard the Indomitable, reviewing the status of his various holdings and properties.

He was a member of the Tarkin family, through his mother Meetra who was fathered by Captain Wilhuff Tarkin.

Cassus never knew who his father was, only that he had previously been a Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn and a Mandalorian who fought at Galidraan.

It hurt a bit, knowing one of his mentors lead the Charge against his father and probably did him in in the end. But ultimately it's an increasingly somewhat irrelevant detail when one considered the full details of the report of that engagement.

With a small sigh Cassus begins to Telekinetically disassemble his Cross-Guard Saber and begins to replace, fine tune, and clean the different parts. His Saber was unique in design as well as color. The Blade color was a hot orange.

Cassus loved the thrill of experimenting with different Hilt Designs and Crystal Combo's. His primary Crystal was an Opila Crystal, which generated an intense blade capable of cutting through most materials quickly, while the Firkrann Crystal he had converted into a Focusing lens, induced an Ionized charge that was devastating to droids. Cassus found this practice deeply relaxing, but he often loved the creation of hybrid Crystal's more, Using a Force Forge to recreate natural geological environments to form new Crystal's. But he so rarely had time for such a thing any more, since it was quite time consuming and Physically and Mentally Taxing.

Cassus power was explosive, not as strong as Anakin's, but still up there with Powerhouses such as Revan, The Third Barsen'Thor, The Hero of Tython, and Verius Kalligg.

Cassus was a Hybrid of Conflicting disciplines, He was equal parts Exotic Weapons Specialist, Archeologist, and Tech Expert/Slicer. Three of the Primary variations the Paths of a Jedi Guardian, Consular, and Sentinel could take.

Cassus also favored a slightly hybridized Lightsaber Combat Form meant to overwhelm enemies quickly by employing the leaps and acrobatics of Form IV Ataru and heavy blows from the saber-to-saber Form V Djem So variant. It was physically taxing, and ultimately superfluous against someone like Master Dooku who was a Form II Makashi Master.

As He switched out the Oscillator with something that didn't drain too much Power or cause too much of a imbalance his comm began to beep.

''Go for Cassus.'' Cassus speaks as he mentally uses the Force to Telekinetically press the comms button.

''Master Shan, it's Padawan Tano, we've received instructions to shuttle down to the surface of Christophsis to meet with Master's Kenobi and Skywalker.'' Says Ahsoka.

''Ahsoka, when it's just us you don't need to be so formal or polite, we were in the same Clan for the love of the Force. Did you forget about the Force Bond we had?'' Asks Cassus.

''Sorry Cassus, I just have no idea what to expect from Master Skywalker.'' Says Ahsoka.

''Expect Shock, Denial, Frustration, and ultimately Acceptance. For now though have The Captain load up the Supplies in three Nu-Class Attack Shuttles and Prepare the Gunships to Land troops and walkers to reinforce the positions Anakin is likely to ignore.'' Cassus instructs as he reassembled his Saber properly.


(Republic Forward Base, Christophsis)


Cassus and Ahsoka flew down to the Surface in Cassus's Razor Crest-Class Gunship while A squadron of V-19's escorted them to the surface.

As they landed Cassus did a two finger Wave-Salute to Obi and Ani. The doors opened and Cassus and Company exited their ships.

''Well, Well, Well, look what the Akk Hound dragged in? Good thing we were nearby, you wouldn't have lasted very long.'' Says Cassus as he drops from the ramp with a flip.

''Yeah, Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Who's the Youngling? New flame?'' Asks Anakin teasingly.

''Excuse me but which one of us was being swarmed by Zeltron Women while the other was being chased by their Gamorrean Bodyguards with no clothes on?'' Retorts Cassus, reminding Anakin of a joint mission they had together that involved them splitting up from their Jedi Master's in order to pursue secondary targets.

''Zeltros or Nar Shaddaa?'' Asks Obi-Wan.

''Both.'' Anakin and Cassus reply.

''In any event who is your companion?'' Asks Obi-Wan.

''This Togruta is Ahsoka Tano, A Form V Shien Prodigy, and my fellow Bear from the Temple Clan's, though she was originally a Clawmouse.'' Says Cassus.

''Greetings Padawan, I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, your new Master.'' Says Kenobi.

''I'm at your service Master Kenobi, but I'm afraid that I've been assigned to Master Skywalker.'' Says Ahsoka and Anakin's shock quickly turns into denial.

Cassus leans in to whisper with Obi-Wan.

''You owe me Fifty Credits.'' Says Cassus, since they had a longstanding bet that Anakin would have a Padawan thrust upon him with no notice.

''Here.'' Says Obi-Wan.

''It was a suckers bet and you did it anyway.'' Says Cassus.

''Speaking of which, when will you be getting your own Padawan? You would have Much to teach them.'' Says Obi-Wan.

''I don't know Master, I don't exactly conform to the Code as well as I should, I mean do we really need another Qui-Gon? Another Anakin? Another Me?'' Asks Cassus.

''You forget all the good you have done, you might be an occasional maverick, but all you need is the right kind of Padawan.'' Says Obi-Wan.

''Well, there was one who has caught my interest; Initiate Valerin.'' Says Cassus. ''I feel a strange connection with the boy, not so much a Force Bond or even the rare Dyad, but something deeper, Much deeper.'' Says Cassus, recalling the strange itch he felt when he neared the boys group.

''Well then, you know what that means, you have to accompany him on an impromptu Gathering to acquire his Crystal.'' Says Obi-Wan.

''Which means that I have to put him through the Gauntlet, to learn his strengths.'' Says Cassus.

''Back to the task at hand, can you have your fleet land more troops?'' Asks Obi-Wan.

''Not with that Shield so close and active, I could have my squadrons conduct a stress bombing run or two, have us make bombing runs to strain it to breaking point, but their cannons would become a problem very fast.'' Says Cassus.

''Anything else we could do to delay the droids?'' Asks Obi-Wan.

''My men and I could mine their approach or we could plant Detonite Charges on the buildings, have them come toppling down as soon as the army passes. Either could work, especially if we plant poppers between the Mines set to a timer set off by nearby Vibrations.'' Suggests Cassus.

''And what of your Battle Meditation?'' Asks Obi-Wan.

''I haven't perfected the Moving variant yet, so I'd probably have to either be in a fortified area or in orbit to make it work. Of Course Doppelgänger is another option, confuse the Droids, make them unable to determine the difference between the true Clones and their duplicates. Ultimately either one is a delaying tactic, so let me know what you decide while I help unload the supplies.'' Says Cassus.


Cassus learned that his fellow Generals wished for him to use Battle Meditation, so that was what he was doing, the shaking of the buildings from the Droids Proton Cannons didn't help, and he couldn't unleash the effects Battle Meditation had on the Droids because they were droids. Cyborgs were another story, but one that was dependent on their percentage and placement of Cybernetics.

To the Clones of the Five Oh First and Two Twelfth, the effects of the Battle Meditation were a welcome boost to their ability to lead. They felt an uplift in morale, increase to squad unity, and a boosted combat efficiency.

But the Separatist General in charge, Whorm Loathsom, was left flabbergasted at the Clones sudden shift in threat level. Where the joint forces of the Five Oh First and Two Twelfth were originally a battle worn, battered, and undermanned group, each Clone now fought with the strength and cunning of ten battle hardened veterans in the prime of their life.

Whorm knew it was a Jedi trick, but such an effective one was likely under the control of the commanding Jedi who broke through their blockade to reinforce the Clone forces. Dooku would likely want to know about such a Jedi.


(Time-Skip: Post Battle)


Cassus felt a rush of dizziness as he exited Battle Meditation, what most people didn't realize was that Battle Meditation was rare for a reason, the user was effectively swapping out Fatigue for increased morale, unity, and combat efficiency, but fewer still realized the user had to draw such Fatigue into themselves when facing droids.

As he stood up shakily, he groggily walked towards the outside, he found Anakin and Ahsoka arriving at Master Yoda and Master Obi-Wan.

"Ugh, I need a bed and energy ration bar." Says Cassus.

"Trouble?" Asks Anakin.

"You'd think Someone like me can shoulder an Armies Fatigue on my own, yet it kicks like a Bantha when you cut the connection." Says Cassus.

"Master Shan, accompany me you will, back to Coruscant we go. Meet your new Padawan we must." Says Yoda.

"Understood, Anakin, Captain Pellaeon is at you disposal until I return from Coruscant." Says Cassus as he limps after Master Yoda. It was going to be a very long trip back to Coruscant, one that Cassus was looking forward to making the use of to sleep his fatigue off...


And that's chapter one of the Three Part Series Legacy of Cassus Shan. This was originally a story that has been in story purgatory for nearly ten years, Starting off as the Story of Revan Shan, but recently I received a story request and after several months consideration decided a transplant was in order. This story has subsequently been reorganized and rewritten as well as remade. Out is Revan Shan, in is Cassus Shan.

I originally centered my Original Character under the Decide Your Destiny Story; Dooku's Secret Army, which ended up mostly being forgotten about, now Off the bat I should inform you that Cassus Will Have Three Padawan's over the course of the Clone Wars, the first One, Ashar Valerin will eventually get his own Story, titled the Chronicles of Ashar Valerin which will revolve around either him or his child if I go that way, being stranded on the World of the Avatar, not James Cameron's Avatar, but the Cartoon, you know with the Bending.

Now that Story has been mapped out in it's basics, but will not be fully explored until The Second Part of the Trilogy of Cassus has been either 90% Completed or 100% Completed. Now, I have created a fanon Wiki article, but until most of the series has been written in, the content written there is considered a non-canon, or at best an unfinished canon.

Furthermore, this story will contain elements of Both the Legends continuity and the totally Fucked Canon. The only things I love about the Force Awakens onwards are Rey, the First Order/Final Order, Knights of Ren, BB-8, everything else can kick the bucket.

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