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Legacy: Lord Alba


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Read Legacy: Lord Alba novel written by the author Fatty_is_cute on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


There was one person who resigned himself to death, No matter what he would do I knew he would die. So he made an Array, One where he would be immortal, There he lived countless Eons, He made countless Investigations, But even so he could not save himself from death, During his voyage he made several Discoveries that revolutionized the real world and would break the balance in the universe, making it return to the Golden Age an era in which countless Geniuses were Born. A New World Was Created A world in which all the beings in the universe wanted to live. "Congratulations Ninth concubine, It's a Boy. The third prince is born" "If that's so, then I'll give you Alexander my son Alexander Alba." ***Novel formerly known as "The Third Prince."*** IF YOU LIKE THE NOVEL, DON'T FORGET! Add it to your library, you could be the first to read a new chapter! Editor: Asce1993, Leafking900 BEST WEEK IN THE POWER RANKING!! ----WEEK OF 14 January 2019, TOP 47---- Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/fattyiscute SPONSORS: Tom Major! (Find out how you can be one in the Auxiliary Chapters!) 7 chapters per week. Contact: fattyiscutewebnovel@gmail.com


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I juste wanted to say this The sorry isn't bad at all and I'm really waiting for what's coming But please... Be careful with this : for a man, you say He, and then His things for a woman, you say she, and then Her things Then there are other stuff like the use of what, where, who, ... try to learn how to use them correctly ^^ that's all for me


Hello everyone !, Here the Author to give his review. This is the first novel I write, and yes it is a cultivation novel but I want to clarify this is not an oriental fantasy, personally I think it does not have the elements to be considered one. I really do not have much to say, I just hope I can make an interesting story to read and improve during the novel. Hope you like!


The writing quality has shot up quite a notch, rejoice, the author has an editor now! Interesting story, good to see for once an MC who does understands the ramifications behind each step and schemes in the true sense, no t like muscleheaded MC who thinks kill all who come without a care n keep shouting despicable despicable when their death hole is held after kidnapping people around who are weak. I mean, who is foolish enough to not plan any measure for their safety?


Good storyline however the writing quality does take away from it a bit. It's sometimes a bit disjointed and the reader needs to read further than should be necessary to get a feel for what the writer is attempting to say. Other than that, it's progressing nicely.


If you just fixed the grammars mistakes like using he when talking about Alexander's Mother and her servant even though they are female and other mistakes like that it would be a much better story these mistakes almost make it not enjoyable to read this story


A bad copy of a Chinese novel called {"God Emperor"} with a very bad grammar and a degrading story plot . The main character is totally unbalanced a 3000 years old cultivator in a 2 years old baby body which limits his interaction with other characters. The author did not use this in a good way.


The story is great and all but its just sad that the grammar and the writing is trash its even hard to believe that this has an editor because of how much of a headache reading this is and reading this story sometimes confuses me as it not only confuses nouns, verbs, and even adjectives. Also the POV's also has a lot of work that needs to be done for example you show a convo of the MC and a girl as "he took a item out of nowhere " when you are describing the point of view of the girl. Im sorry if some doesnt understand this but im not that good at explaining things in written texts


Interesting plot. A Good Mc who isn't a jerk or narcissistic doughboy who is a power dirtbag. The story has a good flow and the author is getting better at writing and the story is getting more interesting. I highly recommend this as a read.


Before anything Author seriously need to improve your grammatical base...........such fine story is dragged down by grammatical errors........Totally ruins the reading experience. ..........


Ok this is a good story but the grammar is terrible. You really need someone to proofread the chapters before you post them. I get lost myself trying to decipher it and it's more then just using he and her and she. Please find a proofreader. I would volunteer, my spelling is good but my grammar is bad lol. so ya please find a.proofreader.


- Good Character Design - Great writing qualities (thanks to the edits) - Somewhat stable updates (+ 1) - Story development is extremely slow at the start. he remains two for like 30 chapters - Usually babies would say "mama" or "papa" when their half a year old but for some reason he hadn't said one word for 2 years. i would've straight up thought my son was dumb af. But maybe it's just this worlds logic.. - Up till where i've read I couldn't help but notice you keep bringing up his sisters and how he plays with them and all but we don't even know what their names are, what they look like or how they interact. The mc may as well not have a sister. There is no emotional attachment between the readers and his so called sisters. Overall rating 2.8/5.0


This story has a strong intro and a really interesting set up. This is beautifully destroyed by the author in the following chapters when the 3000 year old man who cultivated for 2000 of those years reverts back to being and acting like a child. Author why would you write a character with a background like that and give them no wisdom. The main is 3000 years old mentally and acts like 10-15 year old who reincarnated. The characters also don't act or react realistically at all. Grammar and prose is generally difficult to read and clunky. Its ok to read only if you like extremely ******* cultivation novels. Dropped and better luck next time author.


One of the best novel I read. Story development, Character Design, World Background every thing is very good exept sometimes faty overexcited else every thing outplace . I dont mind stability if story quality does not effected. I sagest must read it if want to see new kind of wuxia novel . It only lacks bloodBath.


Great. For. Xpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxx0pxpxpxpcpzhklnnjaksklxp. Xpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxx0pxpxpxpcpzhklnnjaksklxp


Português. No celular . Sem tempo para traduzir Eu gosto muito da sua história mais ainda sou estudante. E o dinheiro que ganho raramente em bicos. Não dá para virar panteon estável. Em 2 a 5 meses verei se e possível apoiar sua história se naquele tempo ainda estiver lançando. Obg pelos capítulos.


I did not read yet but based off of the synopsis and reviews of others I have a general understanding of what this novel is about. I will update as I read but I will probably drop because I hate reincarnations into babies. Author please change the synopsis as you have stated that the MC has lived for eons when its only been 3000 years (1 EON = 1 Billion Years). Since he died of old age at 3000 we can assume that he never broke through past Heaven stage. Which means he was simply a 3rd rate sect leader of some backwards nation. Simply a frog in a well. Change your synopsis because it misleads people into thinking they are reading a story about an old monster who reached the Apex only to find out he was just a large fish in a pond.


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The story is one of the best out there. so I'm contacting you as a freelance editor, I'm willing to take up your novel without pay... Contact me if your interested @tsunayioshik@gmail.com.


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I can't read this if you don't have someone who can rewrite your work...................…......….....……...............................................................


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