Learning the Ways of a Villainess
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Learning the Ways of a Villainess


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What is Learning the Ways of a Villainess

Read Learning the Ways of a Villainess novel written by the author Miss_Catastrophe on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, adventure, reincarnation, fantasy, isekai. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When Ellen, a hardworking university student had died due to an accident, she was reincarnated to an romance novel! She is now Elaine Castelle the villainess of the story. If she wanted to live, she must prevent the heroine from getting the Prince. Can she do it? Snippet : It was a normal day. A day like any other I suppose. Except I was dying, lying on the ground, bleeding out from the head. As I laid there on the ground bleeding out, I had a thought. People said that your life flashes before your eyes when you're about to die. So I thought of all the things that had happened in mine. Left on the orphanage door at about 6 months old. Grew up in a poor orphanage where we had to fight for scraps. Then I studied hard enough to get a scholarship in a local university that gave me a stipend for cheap housing. Just as my life was improving, I had to get mugged and left alone to die with no one who cared about me by my side. Today is my last day as Ellen Rose.


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Very well designed characters, they have clear personalities and flaws, and a goal is set very early into the story. I look forward to future updates, and hopefully redemption arc comes quick!


Hi author here! Just wanna say hope you guys enjoy this book ><. Something about this book is that I want to make the main character smart and strong hopefully that translates well in my writing. Have fun!


The twists! The humour! The quality of writing! Oh my goodness is this book fabulous, I absolutely would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and magical book to read. Its got a great plot, and the main character is amazing too- beautiful work author!


👌🏻👏I like this book~👏👌🏻


So far I am in love with the story! Female lead is a strong, independent woman who knows her worth. All the characters are very well written, especially Elaine. She has a goal in mind and her thoughts and actions are very logical and dont feel out of place, which I very appreciate! I also like the fact that female lead's actions directly affect the future and change the how things unfold. The writing style the Author uses is very clear and easy to understand, with just small mistakes or typos here and there, which makes the reading even more enjoyable. Definitely waiting for the Author to continue the story ❤


First, this is a reincarnated villainess story which is one of my favorite genres. I love to see how Elaine will escape or handle her fate as the villainess. And since the story has also some goal from the synopsis itself, I know this would grow well. The narratives were also easy to read. I will greatly look forward for more chapters. Overall, this is definitely has an interesting start and would definitely keep this in my collections. Great work author!


The interactions between the characters are amazing. It is well written and the storyline is well crafted. It maintains the suspense and makes you want more. Keep up the good work. :D


This is an amazing story, the characters are so dynamic and it felt great just learning more about them and their motivation. The writing quality is also top notch. Great job author.


Alex and Elaine!!! I hope they develop into something <33, Love the story so far and those cute line inserts are amazing. With more chapters, this villain story will become a more intriguing read. It follows the trendy villain story. love it, keep up the great work!


I love the story so far. It's very interesting to read. I loved reading this it made me very invested to know more. Keep up the good work Author and can't wait to see more!


This nov maintains the mystery without spoiling much. I should say the narration was clear and understandable without chopping of fluency. This needs more exposure and I hope this will become popular in the near future.


When are you going to update author?? Huh? ? I have been waiting for months for the next update but you still haven't updated it. How can you be so cruel? 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😭😰😭


Writing quality was pretty good, only a few grammatical errors and could use a bit more descriptive language. A story is all about explaining your imagination in words. To draw in the reader, detailed and understandable descriptions are a must. Character design and story development so far are great! Truly an intriguing mystery that is slowly unfolding. Can't wait to see more, keep up the good work :)


five stars because this book deserves it. I love the plot and characters. I hope Alex and Elaine fall in love soon. Keep going Author, it's great


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