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lead me to the mansion


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What is lead me to the mansion

lead me to the mansion is a popular web novel written by the author Glenstonx, covering Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 35.7K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 36 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The last descendants of Arlott have died and left the wife with the family's surname. A mansion passed through generations, yet she was unaware of this mansion's existence. Her husband died in an odd and despicable way as if he knew his doomsday, was it a disease that corrupted him or was it the works of someone? Lilith is to unravel everything by what her husband had left for her. The mansion. Stuck in the forgotten era, she came to a stop before the wooden door. It was loose and the door is barely hinged, the knob rattled open. In her sight, stood a 'person' ? ? her hands waver in fear, her scream is just behind her throat, she felt her knees give up. The clock ticked slowly with every second felt eternity. "It was you two" she exclaimed.

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Masterpiece. Absolutely Hidden Gem. A beautiful and well written Horror and Thriller book by an extremely talented writer. A very good read for you who are into dark and melancholic story with unique and original concept and story. The book is very good, absolutely gem. I could feel the dark atmosphere and main character, Lilith's sadness and loneliness. I was even shedding tears in some of paragraphs because I could really feel her sadness. This is both Horror and Melancholic story I've been looking for. It's very nice reading experience and here's my honest review. Positive: - Beautiful writing style with little to no mistakes in grammar - Very good character's design and background - Rich with description. I was amazed at how good author describing everything in the book. The characters' expression were pictured in great detail and everything such as characters' features, places and etc were described in great detail and rich with description. - I have a very high expectation on this book Negative - Honestly I really want to find some minus points on this book so I can give some constructive critique/criticism. But sadly I hardly found any flaw in the book. - This book really good as I found no flaw on it. Overall. It's very great reading experience and despite being a reader who aren't into Horror genre, I could enjoy, very enjoying reading this book. Please continue writing this masterpiece to the very end. I wish you author good luck. I hope this book could reach many of readers and get a great exposure. this book is absolutely gem among gems.


Gem among Gems! This book is absolutely masterpiece on its genre. Pure class. I just couldn't get enough of this book. Character design and background is very good and detailed, I could feel Lilith's sadness and loneliness. World background and atmosphere is very thrilling and dark. 💕


Keep our heart skipping with this thriller and horror fest. The writing is so good. I'm enjoying myself reading this♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Interesting storyline Why this kind of book hiding deeply. Great Novel Great writing Great concept Great storyline [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The author is very talented in his descriptions! Gotta say it was superb! It was like just playing around with words and it captivates the reader's attention! The descriptions were effective on making the readers visualize the current happenings of the scenes! Good luck author! You have a bright future ahead!


Please give a try and this book wouldn't disappoint you. Well written and the writing is better than most of webnovels. Author is very talented at writing both in general and in Horror&Thriller genre. This is one of my most favourite book.


I don't know why I am ADDICTED to the stories. I was disappointed at first because the remaining chapters are unlocked. I bought some coins just to unlock the remaining chapters! It's worthy!


woah, this is really amazing. the descriptions of the scenes are clear and easy to picture in mind. . honestly i'm not really into horror novels 'cause I easily get afraid and i'm having nightmares but this is such a masterpiece, and I wanna continue reading this. keep writing author..


This story is fabulous! How do you write horror so well? The author has done an excellent job with this story. The descriptions truly elevate this story to greatness. You have done an excellent job with the synopsis. It is the synopsis that draws in the reader and you have truly nailed it! Hats off to you! The way you have written horror. Many a time when people write horror it turns out to be somewhat cliche but that in no way can be said about your story. This is an extremely well-written story. All the best!!!


A story like no other! Its exceptionally well-written, the carefully chosen words bring the scenes to life. The plot is intriguing and tends to reel readers in and force them to dive deep in the story. This has some great potential and I wish to see where it goes. Kudos to you author! Good luck with this story!


I am having chills while reading each chapters. I love mystery and thriller and thus book get my attention. I am really rooting for this book. Though, I am not really fond with horror genre, but the thrill was great. So overall, it was amazing! Great work! Must read! ❤❤


Reveal spoiler


I'm amazed by how even the first paragraph entices you to read. The author and his way of setting up the scene within the moment is truly something to behold. The is indefinitely add to my library!


this book is really fascinating and i really enjoyed reading it...The writer has a very wide imagination when it comes to horror and thriller...its a good book a must read i must say.


I am seeing a trend with the other reviews that this is a hidden gem. Just after reading both the synopsis and first chapter, I was not only hooked by the premise but by the writer's prolific writing style and detail. Horror, to me, is a challenging genre to write. I commend the writer for doing a solid job at captivating the reader to a well-written horror. Can't wait to read more.


The flow of your story and settings were captivating. The use of descriptive words and the transition plot were greatly depicted. Especially the emotional state of your characters I honestly admired how you can put it into words. And the way how you start the story with a gloomy atmosphere and depressing state of your MC can hook readers effectively. Especially those that are like me who's into sad and tragic romance. I'm not a fan of horror stories but your story caught my interest alright. Here's hoping to read more awesome and thrilling substance, you did a great job author! keep up the good work.


Okay this is a masterpiece. It is well written, the characters and their expressions are detailed, the story is interesting it would really give you some vibes. I'm anticipating for this until the end. Good luck on finishing your book!


The details on every moment are perfect, whether it was the character's actions or the surroundings, it was perfect. This was a hidden gem for those mystery maniacs


Hi dear readers! author here! I hope you find my story worth your time, please support this book by voting, contributing, gifts or by simply reviewing. Creation is really hard, so I need your supports to motivate me to keep going :,) Thank you for the reviews, by the way and I am glad you found my story interesting! That's all. Toodles~


Well.. So far.. Its an interesting story. The starting is quite sorrowful. You have to be fully focused while reading.. It feels like seeing the horror movie live.


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